What We Know About The House HGTV's Jasmine Roth Gifted Her Mom

Watching your child grow up to be so successful that they can buy you a home in your golden years is a dream in and of itself. But if you're the mother of Jasmine Roth, star and renovator-extraordinaire of HGTV's "Help! I Wrecked My House," you get the added bonus of your new home looking straight out of an "Architectural Digest" magazine. 

That was the case for the stunning beach condo that Roth gifted her mom in 2022, complete with coastal color palettes, clever storage hacks, and, of course, artwork provided by Roth's daughter, Hazel. Talking about her mom in an HGTV TikTok, Roth said, "She is a wonderful granddaughter to my little girl, Hazel, and when this condo came up for sale right up the street from our house, we jumped on it." 

And they didn't just jump on it — they completely transformed it from a run-of-the-mill apartment to a chic, surfy oasis. Here's everything we know about Roth's surprise beach condo.

It's full of custom, vintage, and kid-made touches

Although Jasmine Roth designed the condo with her mom in mind, she included some of the home reno trends she's been loving, including a dreamy sage green accent wall in the bedroom, seen on another installment of the HGTV TikTok series. Roth also added a custom "Pray for Surf" wall art piece to the bedroom, referencing her mom's passion for surfing and the beach. 

Several rooms feature vintage furniture, including a wooden cabinet with glass-paned doors (and tons of storage for Hazel's toys) in the living room and a gorgeous secretary desk in the bedroom. "Something vintage can really add something unique to your space [and] helps the room feel like it has a story," Roth explained.

Even granddaughter Hazel got to join in the fun. Roth showed off Hazel's artwork on TikTok, revealing a hidden hinge that swings open to extra art storage space for easy swap-outs (because we all know little kids rarely ever make one drawing for their family to proudly share on their wall). Roth added several of these hidden compartments, including a picture frame that doubles as a medicine cabinet in the bathroom and a bed that lifts for extra storage space (via TikTok).

Jasmine Roth utilized every inch of space in this sophisticated surf condo

While the wall decor and vintage pieces make this sophisticated surf condo feel like a home, Jasmine Roth didn't skimp on utilizing every inch of the space to increase functionality. Roth previewed the condo's kitchen in the HGTV video series, including a calming, neutral color palette, wide basin sink, and sleek cabinets to hide the trash, fridge, and freezer. 

Roth and her crew also completely revamped the cramped patio, used for storage during the renovation process, into a breezy, sun-soaked living area complete with vintage surfboard, succulent wall decorations, and comfy patio furniture. She also highlighted the patio's eye-catching parquet tiles, adorable hanging lights, and a doormat that aptly reads, "Home is where your mom is." 

Roth shared the final reveal on TikTok in May 2022, and it's clear that her mom loved the gorgeous renovation. "This was way more beautiful than I could have imagined," she said, holding back tears as she hugged her daughter. The sophisticated surf condo came to be one year after Roth sat down with us to reveal her favorite renovation of all time, but we think it's safe to say her mom's new beachy oasis has earned a spot on the list since then.