18 Times Princess Charlotte Got Caught Showing Off Her Sassy Attitude

In the enchanting world of the British royal family, Princess Charlotte has captured the hearts of millions with her adorable antics and undeniable charm. Charlotte, born on May 2, 2015, has brought joy and excitement to the lives of her parents, Prince William and Princess Catherine, and the entire realm. From her earliest days, Charlotte's presence has been felt far and wide. Ever since she was a young girl, the world has been captivated by the young princess' spirited personality. Now a little older, she's become a radiant presence in public, often stealing the show alongside her siblings, Prince George and Prince Louis.

Charlotte's journey thus far is a vibrant tapestry of unforgettable moments, many of which reflect her infectious sass and lively spirit. Whether it was her memorable snow-filled holiday in the French Alps or her exciting first overseas tour in Canada, she has navigated these experiences with poise and spunk that few others her age can fathom.

Princess Charlotte showed off several sassy expressions at the 2017 Trooping the Colour

During the 2017 Trooping the Colour event, the balcony of Buckingham Palace became a stage for Princess Charlotte's enchanting antics. Her delightful expressions stole the show, captivating the hearts of the crowds down below. 

In a few magical moments, Princess Charlotte gazed up at the planes in awe, peered over the balcony to get a good look at the fans lining the famous Mall, and made the cutest facial expressions as the loud aircrafts flew overhead. 

She stuck out her tongue at Pippa Middleton's wedding

Princess Charlotte stole the spotlight at Pippa Middleton's wedding, showcasing her charming antics as one of the honored bridesmaids. As Princess Catherine arranged the procession of page boys and bridesmaids leading the bride down the aisle, she tried to maintain order among the young participants. However, Charlotte had other ideas. Flashing a mischievous smirk, she playfully stuck out her tongue, much to the delight of the crowd.

Dressed in an adorable outfit adorned with a floral crown, Charlotte's playful nature shone through. With her basket held upside down beneath her chin, she fearlessly displayed her cheeky side for the cameras.

She ordered photographers to stay out of her brother's christening

Princess Charlotte, with her playful side in full display, offered a cheeky comment to royal photographers during Prince Louis' christening. As she confidently walked beside her father, Prince William, after the ceremony at the Royal Chapel of St. James' Palace, she cheekily informed the paparazzi: "You're not coming" (via The Sun).

Keeping a watchful eye on the press, she, along with the rest of her family, made her way to an exclusive afternoon tea at Clarence House. This intimate gathering included esteemed attendees like King Charles III and Camilla, Queen Consort.

She showed her exasperation at Princess Eugenie's wedding

After waving to the delighted crowd, Princess Charlotte momentarily placed her hand on her face during Princess Eugenie's wedding. The move showcased Charlotte's playful nature and immediately became an iconic moment from the ceremony. 

As the entire wedding party stepped outside to greet the assembled crowd, Charlotte took a whimsical break from her enthusiastic waving to facepalm herself. This endearing moment added a touch of innocence and spontaneity to the occasion, capturing hearts in the process.

She wasn't impressed by the noises at the 2019 Trooping the Colour

Princess Charlotte stole the show at Trooping the Colour in 2019, capturing hearts as she joined her family for the grand royal celebration. Amid the festivities, cameras caught a delightful moment when the 4-year-old princess covered her ears, showcasing her playful side.

Charlotte appeared on Buckingham Palace's balcony alongside Queen Elizabeth II and other esteemed members of the royal family. Despite being known for her tomboyish nature, she effortlessly embodied elegance, looking every bit like the little lady in her adorable blue dress.

She showed off her soccer skills at a charity event

Princess Charlotte surprised onlookers at the special polo day held at The King Power Royal Charity Polo Day in Surrey by showcasing an unexpected talent.

During the event, Charlotte, aged 4, confidently displayed her impressive soccer skills. Dressed in a charming dress and comfortable sandals, she attempted to channel the prowess of England's Lionesses as she engaged in a spirited and impromptu football match. Charlotte's enthusiasm and talent on the field left a lasting impression on all who witnessed her impressive display. 

She refused to listen to her mother at a sailing race

During the King's Cup royal sailing regatta in 2019, Princess Catherine urged Princess Charlotte to wave graciously at the crowd. Instead of playing the part, the mischievous princess playfully stuck out her tongue.

Observing the thrilling race, Prince George and Charlotte were joined by their grandparents, Carole and Michael Middleton, as they cheered on the competitors from the comfort of a nearby boat. Their presence added an extra touch of excitement to the event.

But it was Charlotte's sassy antics that won over the crowd, especially considering how hard Catherine tried to get her to behave in public.

The young princess wasn't shy when posing for her official birthday portrait

Ahead of her fifth birthday, Princess Charlotte graced the world with an endearing official portrait that captured hearts worldwide. Princess Catherine and Prince William proudly shared the photos of Charlotte on Instagram, taken by Catherine herself while at the scenic Sandringham estate.

Fondly known as Lottie, People reported that Charlotte received heartfelt birthday wishes from her grandfather, King Charles III, and his wife, Camilla, Queen Consort, along with Queen Elizabeth II. In the delightful snapshot, Charlotte radiated charm, dressed in a black-and-white checkered dress adorned with ruffled details around the collar.

The young princess was overwhelmed at the 2022 Trooping the Colour

Stationed on the Buckingham Palace balcony after the 2022 Trooping the Colour, Princess Charlotte found herself flanked by Prince Louis and Prince George. The siblings watched a stunning flyby, which resulted in an unexpected response from Charlotte.

The delightful scene was so loud that it had Charlotte covering her ears while the planes flew overhead. Charlotte's adorable moment stole the show in what was the historic Platinum Jubilee celebration of Queen Elizabeth II.

This landmark occasion was the last Trooping the Colour during Elizabeth's reign and a memorable one for Charlotte.

She took over as the new conductor in the royal family

During a visit to Cardiff Castle in Wales, Princess Charlotte showcased her musical talents by trying her hand at conducting a band. The 7-year-old royal eagerly took the baton under the watchful eyes of her parents and older brother.

With a joyful smile on her face, Charlotte confidently led the orchestra through a rendition of "We Don't Talk About Bruno" from Disney's "Encanto," per People. As Charlotte wielded the baton, her confidence grew with each note, evident in her infectious laughter and even a playful tilt of her head.

She appeared bored at Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee

During Queen Elizabeth II's platinum jubilee celebrations, Princess Charlotte was captured looking a bit bored. Fans quickly defended her on Twitter (per the Daily Star), highlighting that Charlotte and her brother, Prince George, had a busy day.

"Everyone saying Prince George and Princess Charlotte are 'bored.' They were in Cardiff mere hours ago — they've had a busy day! At their age I'd have been zonked out my seat!" one fan wrote. The young princess appeared tired from the festivities, though she clearly had a good reason for being bored.

She nudged her brother to correct his posture on the royal balcony

Prince George received a valuable lesson in royal etiquette from his younger sister, Princess Charlotte. The correction came during Queen Elizabeth II's platinum jubilee celebrations.

As the siblings enjoyed the spectacle of the parade from the iconic Buckingham Palace balcony, the observant princess noticed her older brother's hand casually resting on the ledge. Recognizing the need for proper posture, Charlotte promptly nudged George and instructed him to rectify his stance (via Entertainment Tonight).

Responding to his sister's guidance, the heir adjusted his posture, dutifully placing his hands by his side in accordance with royal protocol.

She put her younger brother in his place in front of spectators

Princess Charlotte helped her mother, Princess Catherine, keep Prince Louis in line during Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee celebration in London. Given how Louis was only 4 at the time, this wasn't an easy task. Charlotte was spotted correcting Louis several times at the event, but one moment stood above the rest.

At one point, Charlotte was caught pulling her little brother's fist out of his mouth, cautioning him not to revert to his finger-sucking habit. When told off by her mother who caught the act in her peripheral view, Charlotte was seen quickly explaining to her mom what Louis was doing by mimicking him, to which Catherine seemed to accept (via the Daily Mail). Later, Charlotte was seen nudging Louis with her elbow, making sure he didn't revert to his old habits.

She showed a range of emotions at a sporting event

Princess Charlotte couldn't contain her excitement while attending the swimming competition at the Sandwell Aquatics Centre during the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England.

Dressed in a stylish black-and-white striped dress, Charlotte's face displayed a range of emotions as she immersed herself in the thrilling event.

During the event, Charlotte couldn't help but roll her eyes in response to a comment from her father, according to Vanity Fair. However, her mood quickly shifted as British swimmer Luke Turley completed a remarkable 1500-meter heat, securing a spot in the finals.

She didn't hide her reaction when her brother seemingly pinched her

The state funeral procession of Queen Elizabeth II witnessed an unexpected twist when Prince George, aged 9, and Princess Charlotte, aged 7, participated in the solemn event. As the children marched through Westminster's Wellington Arch, a playful interaction between the siblings unfolded.

George, perhaps seized by a mischievous impulse, appeared to playfully pinch his younger sister, MyLondon reported. Caught off guard, the princess let out a surprised yelp, which reverberated through the surrounding crowd of onlookers. The yell added a moment of unexpected levity to an otherwise somber occasion.

She told Prince George to bow at Queen Elizabeth II's funeral

Princess Charlotte has truly mastered the intricacies of royal etiquette. During Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, Charlotte and Prince George positioned themselves at Wellington Arch, awaiting with anticipation the procession carrying Her Majesty's casket. In this poignant moment, Charlotte assumed a guiding role, instructing her brother on the duties he was to perform.

A brief clip captured the interaction beautifully (via People). At just 7 years old, Charlotte was spotted guiding her elder sibling, advising him: "You need to bow." With Charlotte's direction, the throne's second heir paid rapt attention, ready to execute the required gesture.

Her pursed lips during King Charles III's coronation

Princess Charlotte treated onlookers to another unforgettable moment as she headed toward the highly anticipated coronation of King Charles III. Sporting pursed lips and a powerful side-eye, she exuded a captivating aura that left everyone wondering about the cause behind her formidable expression. Charlotte's fiercely expressive face spoke volumes, and the collective intrigue surrounding her gaze reached new heights.

The intensity of Charlotte's pursed lips and piercing side-eye was quite the mystery. The world may never know the reason behind it, but one thing was certain: Charlotte's fierce gaze added an air of mystique and fascination to the grand event.

Her epic side-eye at King Charles III's coronation

Just before King Charles III's coronation, Princess Charlotte treated us to a memorable side-eye moment. As her grandfather's coronation unfolded, Charlotte graced the Buckingham Palace balcony, charming the crowd with her perfect princess wave. However, it was her captivating "Don't cross me" expression that truly caught everyone's attention.

Dressed in an elegant white gown, the young princess' fierce gaze seemed to convey a warning to anyone who dared to challenge her royal presence. Her enigmatic expression has since become an iconic symbol, inspiring admiration and intrigue.