The Young And The Restless Long-Ago Love Triangle: Jack, Nikki, And Victor

One of the most compelling storylines in "The Young and the Restless" began after Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) fell in love with Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson), despite being married to Nikki Newman (Melody Scott). Ashley, the sister of Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), Victor's nemesis, felt the same, and an affair began. When Nikki learned about it, she decided to give Victor a taste of his own medicine by having an affair with Jack Abbott. However, her plan didn't work out as intended, and Nikki later tried to find a new partner for Ashley, but by then, it was too late.

Nikki hoped Victor would return to her, but things turned sour when someone wrote an exposé about him, and he wrongly believed she was behind it. This misunderstanding turned their former love into bitter enmity, paving the way for Jack to make his move. Victor discovered the truth about Nikki's innocence and was on the verge of proposing to her when Jack intervened. Jack schemed to win Nikki's heart to get one over Victor but genuinely fell for her.

The couple was married in the same year that Victor tied the knot with Ashley, but seeing Nikki with Jack deeply unsettled Victor. He made a deal to return Jack's stolen company if he agreed to divorce Nikki. Jack reluctantly agreed out of family loyalty, but Victor backed out at the last moment.

Nikki and Victor try again

Just four years after their initial marriages, the Abbott siblings had enough of Nikki and Victor, primarily due to their undying fixation with each other. Nikki still came first despite Victor Newman's marriage to Ashley Abbott, and Nikki had miscarried Jack's baby while arguing with Victor. Soon Victor and Nikki found their way back to each other again, got engaged, and then married.

However, Victor soon ruined everything by kissing his daughter-in-law, Sharon Collins (Sharon Case), ending her marriage to his son, Nicholas Newman (Joshua Morrow). Victor's actions hurt Nicholas and Nikki, and though he took responsibility for the incident, it didn't improve his treatment of Nikki or other family members. His verbal abuse escalated when he discovered Nikki's investment in Jack's business. In 2008, six years after their second attempt, Nikki finally reached her limit and walked out on Victor.

Over the next four years, Victor and Jack engaged in fierce business rivalries, while Nikki and Jack developed a deep friendship. Jack had plans to marry another woman but was shot by Patty Williams (Stacy Haiduk), leaving him paralyzed. Nikki remained faithfully by his side as his life hung in the balance. Fortunately, Jack's determination led him to recover despite being in a wheelchair. After their life-threatening experience, Jack proposed to Nikki. Though initially hesitant, Nikki accepted Jack's offer when she overheard Victor planning a business marriage.

Jack and Nikki try again

During this time, viewers were engrossed in the aftermath of one of the best murder mysteries on "The Young And The Restless." Nikki had confessed to accidentally killing Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters), but was acquitted due to self-defense evidence on video. But just as the dust was settling, Kyle Abbott, Jack and Diane's son, returned to Genoa City and learned that his father was marrying his mother's killer. In response, Kyle sought help from Victor, who gladly employed him. This led Nikki to call off the wedding to avoid causing a rift.

Nevertheless, after Kyle relented, Jack and Nikki's marriage proceeded. Victor, feeling slighted, retaliated by marrying Sharon. This greatly upset Nikki, Nick, and "Y & R" fans, who didn't know the truth about Victor Newman's marriage to Sharon. The couple seemed happy enough until Victor went missing just after their wedding. Sharon's lack of action upset Nikki, who contacted the police herself. Nikki's emotional turmoil peaked when Victor wasn't found, leading her to travel in search of him.

She tried to reconcile with Jack when unsuccessful, but he refused to see her and filed for divorce. Fortunately, Victor returned just as Nikki was grieving at his grave. The turn of events made Victor realize that Nikki was the one who truly mattered to him. Finally, in 2013, Victor and Nikki were remarried, promising that it was for the last time. Despite the naysayers, they made it work and celebrated their 10-year anniversary in 2023.