Times Kody Brown Refused To Take Accountability During His Split From Christine

Kody Brown has done a lot of finger-pointing since his wife Christine left him, but he's yet to take any of the blame for the demise of his marriage. In multiple instances, he has attempted to paint himself as the victim, and even at times appeared to be astounded and surprised by Christine's decision to divorce him.

When a couple breaks up, many do a relationship audit, whether together or alone, and try to suss out what they did to contribute to the demise, if only to avoid it in the future. While Kody initially didn't accept the split from Christine, when he did, never seemed to hold himself accountable for any of it.

The patriarch often deflected and blamed Christine, saying that she never wanted a marriage with him and wanted the family more than the man. Even more confusing, he also claimed that she didn't care to try to get along with her sister wives.

He blames Christine entirely for the divorce

When Christine sat down to inform her sister wives that she was leaving Kody, it didn't go well, largely because of Kody's reluctance to take any responsibility for what was going on. It was supposed to be a calm meeting for Christine to explain what was happening, but turned into a very angry outburst from Kody in which he refused to acknowledge his part in the problems in his marriage.

"I feel like for the last 14 years I've been sucking it up with her. Just trying to be a loving husband and now that she's leaving I just felt like giving her a piece of my mind with that leaving," said Kody.

He momentarily acknowledged that maybe what he was saying wasn't entirely accurate, but it didn't bother him enough not to say it. "This ain't my fault. You did this is what I feel like, I don't care if that's not fair," he admitted. "That's how I feel. She did this." By placing all the blame on Christine, he essentially relieves himself from having any.

Kody deflected cutting off his intimacy with Christine

For years before the divorce, Christine Brown told her husband Kody how she felt neglected and unseen in their marriage. She begged him to go to counseling and communicated how she wanted him to go to their daughter Ysabel's surgery, which he would not attend since he said the risk of getting Covid was too high (although he officiated a friend's wedding soon after). This not only broke Ysabel's heart, but really exacerbated the existing issues between Kody and Christine.

When he told Christine that they would no longer have an intimate marriage unless she behaved better, Christine was distraught and said she could not be in a marriage where there was no loving relationship or intimacy, and that's when she knew she had to leave. Instead of Kody taking responsibility for ending their romantic relationship, he instead turned around things on Christine and said she gave up fighting for their marriage because she decided to bail out.

He also brutally admitted that he was never attracted to her and felt pressured into his marriage with Christine because of his ego, but his willingness to be open with his harshest feelings and thoughts seemed to help Christine end the relationship for good. "If you really haven't been attracted to me, and if you really didn't really want a relationship with me, and you didn't really want to spend time with me ... it was almost like this burden got lifted," said Christine, as per US Weekly. "And I was like, 'Alright, then it's time to move on.'"