Meet Ashlee Simpson's 3 Children

Ashlee Simpson is a multi-talented artist as a singer, songwriter, and actress but one role she prides herself on the most is being a mom. Ashlee is a mom to three children — Bronx, Jagger, and Ziggy.

Simpson told Today that when you become a mother, life as you know it changes in an instant. "Your priority becomes your children, and that's something for every woman that becomes a mother," she said, adding, "It's all a change for the better. Life is so good with the kids."

In 2014, Simpson married actor and musician Evan Ross, who is the son of the only and only, Diana Ross. Together Simpson and Ross share a blended family as the singer's oldest son, Bronx, is from her marriage to Fallout Boy band member Pete Wentz. Simpson and Ross appear to have parenthood under control and are happily enjoying the up-and-down journey that comes with raising three children.

Bronx Mowgli Wentz is Ashlee's firstborn son with Pete Wentz

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz had a busy 2008. They not only got married but also welcomed their firstborn son, Bronx Mowgli. By 2011, they divorced but continue to co-parent pretty well according to Wentz, who doesn't believe there is only one way to do it. "Telling somebody what the key to coparenting is would be insane," said the Fall Out Boy bassist (via Us Weekly). "I think it's important to listen and to give people balance."

Now a teenager, Bronx is taller than his parents. "He's so tall, he's like five-nine and a half," she said on "The Jennifer Hudson Show." "He towers over me. He's really chill though so I'm lucky for that. He's like a good kid." She said his voice is deep and he has grown up so quickly.

Bronx had grown up with a blended family on both sides. His dad Pete also has two other children, a son Saint Lazslo and a daughter Marvel Jane with model Meagan Camper. Simpson's husband Evan Ross remains an involved stepparent to Bronx.

Jagger is Ashlee and Evan's first child together

Ashlee Simpson's daughter Jagger Snow has the artistic bug just like her mom and her dad, per InTouch Weekly. "When I'm working [on my art], she's in there," said her dad Evan Ross."I'll have to catch her because she might draw across the whole picture. She's just an artist, and she's got an amazing voice."

Jagger has begun modeling alongside her famous mom. Ashlee has become a fashion designer and created a collection aptly titled the"Pieces of Me" collection after her hit song. She modeled for the collection and so did Jagger (via People).

In one photo, Ashlee and Jagger are wearing light lavender overalls while posing in the back of one another. In another Jagger is dressed in light pink overalls while holding a rotary receiver. Ashlee's Instagram page is often filled with photos of Jagger, whether it's her first day of school or a glimpse of a tea party the mother-and-daughter duo enjoyed.

Ziggy Blu is the baby of the family

Ziggy Blu is the son of Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross born in 2020. Simpson shared his birth announcement online, writing "ZIGGY BLUE ROSS Our sweet boy has arrived! I'm over the MOON we are so Blessed!"

"He was like our pandemic baby," Simpson said when explaining his name (via "The Jennifer Hudson Show"). "We love Ziggy Marley," said Simpson, who explained that throughout her pregnancy she would often listen to Marley. "All I was listening to was reggae music, I was like keep me in my happy place at the beach." She said that big brother Bronx came up with Ziggy's middle name Blu.

Ashlee shared an issue that is so common among mothers. She said she was breastfeeding Ziggy and it "was going so well until I noticed how uncomfortable he was, crying and spitting up after almost every feed," she said (via InTouch Weekly). "Luckily, he was still gaining weight but I was left feeling confused and guilty." Ziggy is past the breastfeeding stage now and as of this publication, remains Ashelee's youngest.