Meet Hallmark Star Autumn Reeser's Two Sons, Finn And Dash

Autumn Reeser has played a lot of roles during the course of her career. Fans of "The O.C." will forever remember her as Taylor Townsend, while "Entourage" enthusiasts know her as Lizzie Grant. Others will recall the actor as Kylie Sinclair on "Last Resort" or playing Leslie Bellcamp on "The Arrangement." Reeser is also a staple in Hallmark movies, having starred as Emma in all six of "The Wedding Veil" installments, in addition to Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, and Christmas projects for the network.

Her biggest role, though, happens when she steps away from the cameras — she's a mom to two boys. "Motherhood changed me profoundly," she confided to the Orlando Sentinel. "I like to think it 'beautifully broke me' because it forced me to come to the most truthful, intimate version of myself ... My children have truly been my greatest teachers."

Finneus James, aka Finn, was born in May 2011, and Dashiell Ford, aka Dash, came along in November 2013. Their father is Jesse Warren, whom Reeser married in 2009 and divorced in 2014. However, even though her romantic relationship ended, her dedication to her sons is stronger than ever. "Grateful these two little souls chose me to be their mama," she wrote on Instagram. "What an adventure life is with them."

Reeser's sons are complete opposites — and very energetic

As a single, working mom, Autumn Reeser acknowledges the challenges of raising two boys. "It's a lot of energy," she explained on the Motherhood in Hollywood podcast. Reeser keeps both her and the boys active with regular hikes, camping trips, and any activity in the great outdoors. She also revealed in an Instagram post each of her sons has their own distinctive personality. "They couldn't be more different from one another, but they're both my forever sweethearts." 

The actor has taken to social media over the years to celebrate the birthdays of her offspring, giving each a mini tribute. She has praised her eldest son Finn, telling him, "You are curious, kind, artistic, nurturing, fast, and insightful." Youngest child Dash is bolder in his ways, with Reeser writing to him, "Happy, happy birthday to my tiny wildcat, my fierce protector, my spark of life, my warrior of earth."

The kids attend public school in the Los Angeles area, and their mom participates in packing lunches and school drop-offs on a regular basis. She also shares 50/50 custody of her sons with her ex-husband. When she's shooting a movie or TV show, Finn and Dash have been known to accompany or visit Reeser on set. "I love interacting with them — they're so funny, smart, endlessly energetic, infuriating, delight-filled, magnificent, and challenging," she gushed to Green Child magazine.

Reeser sees motherhood as a journey

While motherhood has its challenges, Autumn Reeser is up to meeting them, and is even okay if she sometimes doesn't. "I fail, I succeed, I fail again, but the important thing is the trying," she wrote on Instagram. "There's the trying, there's the apologizing, there's the starting anew."

She believes this is an important lesson for her sons to learn. "I want my children to see all the parts of this process, to let them see me mess up and let them see me take responsibility for my words or actions, and then let them see me return to joy and love with them again and again. Our willingness to be human gives our children permission to do the same." 

Reeser also says motherhood has inspired her to change her outlook and position in life. After she had her first son, she realized how much of a role model she would be to her children, and she set out to make sure she was showing them what was important by example. She takes time to connect and check in with herself, to be creative and brave, and to try new things. The Hallmark star also remembers to enjoy every second of motherhood. "My boys keep me laughing. They keep my feet on the ground," she reflected on social media. "They make me feel lucky to be alive and grateful for every step on the journey that brought them into my life."