How Kody Brown Upset Guests At Daughter Gwendlyn's Wedding

Kody Brown, the controversial reality personality promoting polygamy on TLC's "Sister Wives," is the father of 18 children. One he shares with his estranged wife, Meri Brown, six with each of his ex-wives, Christine and Janelle Brown, and five with his only remaining wife, Robyn Brown. On his family's social media, Kody can be seen attending all kinds of ceremonies as the patriarch of the tribe, from graduations to birthday parties.

Some of his children, though, claim that he wasn't always the ideal parent. With the huge responsibility, it's no wonder Kody's no stranger to a parenting fail or two. He's been accused of an array of questionable behaviors, such as treating his sons better than his daughters and not splitting time evenly with his kids.

The polygamist's newest parenting blunder occurred at his daughter's wedding, where he arrived more than a little late. Gwendlyn Brown, whom Kody shares with Christine, got married to her partner Beatriz Queiroz in July 2023. Not only was Kody's tardy entrance disrespectful to Gwendlyn, but he also upset some of the other guests with his presence.

Kody wasn't in any of the wedding pictures posted online

Kody Brown has stepped on Gwendlyn Brown's toes once again. She has previously stated that Kody's behavior on "Sister Wives" has caused her to dislike him, and he's not doing much to change that, so it seems.

Following a seven-month engagement, Gwendlyn tied the knot with girlfriend Beatriz Queiroz. Apparently, that wasn't enough time for Kody to fit the event into his calendar and make it on time. In a live stream on her YouTube channel, Gwendlyn revealed that her dad and his wife, Robyn Brown, were two hours late to the ceremony, In Touch Weekly reported. However, as Gwendlyn decided to walk down the aisle by herself, that may have prompted Kody to show up later in the hopes of avoiding awkward stares.

After arriving, the spouses didn't really mingle with the other guests. "My dad and Robyn were just kind of there. [They] just kind of hung out," Gwendlyn detailed. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that neither Kody nor Robyn were intentionally present in the family photos posted by the Browns. "I don't think there was a moment for my dad to take a picture with me," Gwendlyn said when she was asked about the situation in the live stream. While they weren't invited to the photo op, they can be seen in the background of a video that Gwendlyn herself shared on Instagram. Despite keeping a low profile, Kody's presence ruffled some feathers along the way.

The night was filled with awkward moments for the patriarch

Not everyone was pleased to see Kody Brown at Gwendlyn Brown's wedding. "A few people were like, 'How dare [Kody] show up?'" Gwendlyn revealed in her YouTube stream, as reported by Screen Rant. She noted that nobody said anything to the patriarch directly but that there was some badmouthing behind his back.

As for Robyn, her presence wasn't all that low-key either. At one point, Gwendlyn hugged her as a peace offering, leaving the fourth sister wife and some of the present attendees in shock. "I felt like I should extend an olive branch, especially since I haven't been the nicest to her on camera," she explained, adding that Robyn seemed like she wasn't expecting the embrace.

Another potential source for drama arose because Christine Brown attended the ceremony alongside her fiancé, David Woolley. Although nothing about the interaction has been reported, Kody allegedly shared that he thinks the duo got engaged for publicity, The U.S. Sun previously reported. While it's unclear whether the two men met before, the entire situation must've been quite awkward for everyone involved.