Where Do Shekeb And Emily Stand After Season 3 Of I Love A Mama's Boy?

TLC certainly has its fair share of weird, drama-filled reality TV series. Still, "I Love A Mama's Boy" manages to be one of the network's most outrageous series. If you tuned into Season 3, then you saw quite a few dysfunctional mother-and-son relationships that were getting in the way of these self-proclaimed mama's boys finding true love. Among the most dysfunctional mother-and-son-and-girlfriend trios was the one surrounding Shekeb Sekander. The 30-year-old Shekeb started out the season getting serious with his 24-year-old girlfriend, Emily Chu. Their relationship really only had one glaring problem: Shekeb's mother.

Shekeb's mom, Laila Sekander, hated Emily, and she wasn't shy about showing it. Laila's main reason for despising his son's girlfriend was basically nonexistent, other than the fact that she desperately wanted to be the one to choose Shekeb's partner. She made this desire abundantly clear when she tricked Shekeb and Emily into showing up to a blind date she had arranged for her son without his knowledge. Suffice it to say, Laila spent the season doing everything in her power to keep Emily out of her family. 

Every season, each mama's boy's relationship with his partner is pushed to the limits with the help of their unsupportive moms. Shekeb and Emily were certainly no different, and despite putting up a fight, by the end of Season 3, these two seemed to reach their breaking point. 

Inside Shekeb Sekander and Emily Chu's tumultuous Season 3 ending

If you tuned into the Season 3 finale of "I Love A Mama's Boy," you know that Emily Chu was finally pushed too far in her relationship with Shekeb Sekander. Over the course of Season 3, Shekeb's mother, Laila Sekander, did everything in her power to get Emily out of her son's life. From leveling countless guilt trips at Shekeb to attempting to ruin the couple's Valentine's Day, and even outright kicking Emily out of her birthday party, Laila certainly didn't make things easy for her son and his partner. Even so, for the most part, Emily managed to keep her cool in these situations in ways that most people wouldn't be capable of, and most of the time, she continued to support Shekeb in his repeated attempts to win his mother's approval. This persisted until it all came crashing down in the finale. 

Shekeb had been on the rocks with Emily when he decided to get her together with his mom to tell the ladies in his life about his new idea for making the rocky relationships between the trio work. When Shekeb proposed that he and Emily move in with his mom, Emily was finally pushed too far. She insulted Shekeb's intelligence before insisting, "I don't even like your mom!" Emily threw things in her outburst before storming out. The season ended with Shekeb moving back in with his mom.

Where are Shekeb Sekander and Emily Chu today?

The end of Season 3 of "I Love A Mama's Boy" certainly implied that Shekeb Sekander and Emily Chu were over once and for all. And, while this couple had their fair share of breakups and troubles along the way, this ending to their romance seems like it could be final. Both Shekeb and Emily are active on their respective social media accounts, and neither has posted about the other in quite some time. 

That said, in 2022, the pair did come together via social media, but it wasn't exactly a happy reunion. Emily went live on Instagram to chat with followers when Shekeb joined the session, and Emily welcomed him in. Shekeb mentioned that he'd just returned from the hospital after injuring his finger, to which Emily replied, "It's God giving you karma." She even went as far as to clarify, "You deserve to cut your finger and bleed." They proceeded to argue about various things, each calling the other "stupid." It's clear that these two wouldn't be engaging in a public conversation together if they were entirely out of each other's lives, but the animosity between them was easy to see, and it certainly didn't look like they'd be reconciling any time soon.