The Bold And The Beautiful's Most Fantastic Fashion Shows Ranked

Fashion has always been the foundation upon which "The Bold and the Beautiful" was built, thanks to the stunningly magnificent designs created by the likes of Eric Forrester (John McCook), Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye), and the rest of the design team at Forrester Creations. The sartorial looks of the Forresters (and others) have been at the center of plenty of big moments on the show over the years. In fact, in 2023, a significant plot point was Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) working closely with Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) for designs on her line, Hope For The Future. Without this element of the storyline, the pair wouldn't have been as closely placed together, and the juicy drama that followed wouldn't have occurred.  

Through the more than three decades that "Bold" has been on the air, the show has produced a slew of memorably fantastic fashion shows showcasing these designs. While the clothing itself is always a marvel to look at, it's the drama that encapsulates each event that keeps viewers wanting more. It's rare for a fashion event at Forrester (or elsewhere) to go off without a hitch, and that's what makes it must-watch television. 

The clothing draws in the viewers, but the complicated cast of characters and their ongoing conflicts is what helps them stick around for more. Typically, "Bold" hits a home run with each of these events, but there are some that raise the bar to the next level. 

1. Brooke's Bedroom

The matriarch of the Forrester family, Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery), frequently referred to Brooke Logan as the "sl-t from the valley." Of course, seeing Brooke develop a lingerie line for the company didn't do much to change that opinion. Brooke has always been one to push the envelope and stick it to those who spout negative opinions of her. There was no better way to do that than to debut a line that differed far from the couture culture crafted by Forrester Creations. Brooke's Bedroom was pretty brazen, but it was the deviation from the norm that the company needed at the time. 

Seeing Brooke fully clad in revealing lingerie was a shock to the system, and it furthered her war with Stephanie, and Ridge Forrester's other ex, Taylor Hayes (then Hunter Tylo). The reactions from Stephanie and Taylor alone make this a top-notch fashion show in the history of the soap. The sheer horror and disgust emanating from them made for a hilarious watch, but Brooke was relatively unphased. 

It was also a fun difference from the usual stuffy presentation of the fashion shows. Brooke wasn't simply walking out on stage and strutting around in these designs on a traditional runway. Instead, she was front and center in the middle of a bed on stage in front of everyone. Brooke's bedroom will possibly never be topped because of the jaw-dropping way it went against the grain at the time of its airing. 

2. Zoe Buckingham steals the show(stopper)

Zoe Buckingham's (Kiara Barnes) arrival on "The Bold and the Beautiful" was one that not only provided much-needed intrigue at the time, but it also created buzz for Forrester Creations. At first, she appeared to only be a jilted ex-lover of Xander Avant's (Adain Bradley), but she became so much more. While it was clear she wanted Xander back and away from his fledgling relationship with Emma Barner (Nia Sioux), she was also making a statement. 

At the end of every Forrester fashion show is the "show stopper" which is considered the highlight piece of the collection. In a move that floored everyone in the room, Zoe, who didn't work for Forrester at the time, appeared on stage wearing the showstopper dress. The breath was taken out of the room. and not in a bad way. She was the moment, and she was clearly on the verge of being the next big thing in modeling. She was a case of right place and right time, and it was the first of many iconic moments featuring the character. 

That moment cannot be replicated again. The shock of Zoe going from a relatively unknown to Forrester's crowning achievement made the fashion show a special moment in time. Plus, making it more fantastic is what Zoe would go on to do after that moment. She began with such grandeur, and she went out the same way after an affair storyline with Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) and Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer).

3. Sally Spectra uses stolen Forrester designs

Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) had all of the promises in the world, but her drive to succeed too easily crossed the line into greedy ambition. Getting Spectra Fashions up and running again was Sally's number one goal, but she faced adversity at every turn. From lacking the capital to keep the lights on to Bill Spencer's (Don Diamont) desperate desire for her property location, the odds were stacked quite high against her. However, eventually, she saw an opportunity to make a splash in the fashion world, and it was a move straight out of her great-aunt's playbook. 

Sally was reluctant at first to commit the act, but ultimately she gave into temptation and stole designs from Forrester Creations and made minor tweaks to make them hers. She hosted a small fashion show to display the designs to the media and potential buyers, and people watching along were stunned. Her sister, Coco immediately recognized the treachery committed by Sally, and they were incensed. Sally had gone too far that time, but it was a must-see TV spectacle. She was the scrappy underdog and it was fantastic watching her have her moment basking in the spotlight. 

Even though Sally's tactics were ethically ambiguous, it was difficult not to root for her. She was lovable and only trying to make a name for herself in a crowded field of highbrow competitors. Stolen designs or not, Sally made the most of the moment, and we were cheering. 

4. Bold delivers first fashion event in several years

Following the COVID-19 global pandemic, "The Bold and the Beautiful" trademark fashion shows were nowhere to be found. Several years went by without the one thing that was ingrained in the fabric of the series, and it was becoming a problem. After all, what is a show about fashion without any actual fashions? It was getting weird. Thankfully, in late 2022, the show returned to its roots and delivered a glamorous runway event for Hope Logan's Hope For The Future line, designed by Thomas Forrester. 

Every single design not only nailed Hope's core message, but it was a return to form for the level of fashion expected after 30 years in the game. Everything fell perfectly into place, creating the perfect event for the line. In addition to the designs, the drama was also present because of Liam Spencer's (Scott Clifton) looming issues with Thomas. He hated the idea of Hope working closely with the man who allowed them to believe their daughter was dead, but Hope kept him on. Hope and Thomas were an undeniable team, and Liam couldn't even bring himself to show up to openly support his wife. 

This was one of the first real cracks in their marriage involving Thomas, and while it might not have seemed like a big deal then, it foreshadowed a deeper problem. Hope and Thomas' working relationship eventually became a real issue, causing Hope to eventually kiss (and then sleep with) Thomas. 

5. Quinn fights back against Ridge

Quinn Fuller was never going to be respected as Eric Forrester's wife — let's get that straight. Despite making genuine strides to change and become a better human, the Forrester family wanted nothing to do with her from the beginning of their marriage. Their lack of attendance at their nuptials was a sign of that. As a jewelry designer, it was an easy fit for Quinn to integrate into Forrester Creations. Pairing her pieces with the designs was always going to be a surefire hit. As much as everyone wanted Qunn to fall flat on her face and fail, it wasn't in the cards. 

The idea at the fashion show was for nobody to don the showstopper piece that ties together the entire collection. If nobody modeled the signature garment, the entire show would be a disaster. However, Ridge Forrester's plan to humiliate Quinn didn't account for her cunning nature and ability to adapt on the fly. Despite being a designer and not a model, Quinn shut down everyone by wearing the showstopper dress herself. 

Quinn's defiance was an unprecedented move, but it was a sign that Quinn wasn't going anywhere. Finally, she wasn't going to allow the family to bully her and run her out of the company and Eric's life. While it wasn't as long-term impactful as the other moments listed, it was fantastic in its own right. It was an example of standing up to "the man," and coming out on top.