What The Cast Of My Big Fat Greek Wedding Is Doing Today

When Nia Vardalos penned a one-woman play about her chaotic extended Greek family, few could have predicted that it would go on to become a colossal film franchise. But with the help of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, the then-unknown actor and screenwriter's passion project came to life. It's been over 20 years since "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" came out, and since then it's spawned a sequel, with a hotly anticipated third film set for release in September 2023.

The first installment of the movie series saw Vardalos' heroine, Toula Portokalos, make the difficult journey from stifled and deferential waitress to an independent woman following her dreams and, most significantly, her heart. Subsequently, she fell for John Corbett's dashing Ian Miller. Of course, there was just one problem with the pair's adorable romance: Ian was not Greek and thus shunned by Toula's overbearing father. At the time of the film's initial release, Salon argued that Vardalos helped bring the Greek diaspora to the mainstream, something that clearly resonated with movie theater goers as it grossed a staggering $368 million at the box office. As Vardalos told SFGATE, "I'm an ordinary person that something extraordinary happened to."

A lot has changed since 2002, so as we eagerly await the movie's threequel, let's find out what happened to the respective Portokalos and Miller clans. Here's what the cast of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is doing today.

John Corbett has been a staple of the Sex and the City universe

John Corbett was in his element as Ian, Toula's besotted yet baffled husband who has to contend with the eccentricities of his in-laws. "Sex and the City" stans will also know him as fan favorite Aidan Shaw, Carrie's dashing beau who almost stole Mr. Big's spotlight.

In 2023, he reprised the role for "SATC" revival "And Just Like That...," intent on making Carrie swoon all over again in the absence of Big. The return of her hunky ex delighted fans. "Every person I meet is just, 'I was Team Aidan!'" Corbett told The New York Times. Additionally, he was praised for his poignant performance in the hit Netflix film "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" (2018), playing the widowed father of protagonist Lara (Lana Condor). He reprised the role in the two sequels, as well as its 2023 TV spinoff, "XO, Kitty."

Away from acting, Corbett is also the frontman of country music outfit the John Corbett Band. His self-titled album reached number 42 on the Billboard country music chart. Chatting to the San Luis Obispo Tribune, he revealed that his love of movies and music coalesce when he's in the midst of songwriting. "I put these songs... on in my living room at nighttime. I shut my eyes and try to make a movie in my head of what's happening in these songs," Corbett said. "These are just the 10 movies I wanted to make."

Nia Vardalos has been keeping super busy behind the scenes

As the creator of the "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" franchise, it should come as little surprise that Nia Vardalos devotes much of her time to working behind the scenes these days. Two years after starring as the awkward Toula Portokalos in the film's first incarnation in 2002, Vardalos once again put pen to paper and wrote the comedy flick "Connie and Carla," in which she starred alongside Toni Collette. However, the movie did not reach the same level of success as Vardalos' most famous work, and she received lukewarm reviews for her aughts gender-swap update of madcap classic "Some Like it Hot."

In 2009, she reunited with her "Greek Wedding" co-star John Corbett for "I Hate Valentine's Day," which she also wrote and directed. Chatting to the Los Angeles Times, Corbett praised Vardalos for being a pro both on and off camera. "I swear to you, she never, ever let anybody see her sweat... My hat's off to her, man," he enthused.

In 2022, she teamed up with Rob Riggle to create the Audible comedy "Motivated!" Having been renowned for family friendly fare, Vardalos explained that she was keen to branch out into raunchier territory. "I pushed the envelope a little bit with I Hate Valentine's Day... but this was full R and I loved it," she told Audible. "It was very, very fun. And then we approached Audible and asked, 'Hey, do you want to buy our ridiculous musings?'"

Lainie Kazan became an acting teacher

We can't imagine anyone other than the formidable Lainie Kazan as Portokalos matriarch Maria, a somewhat overly dramatic but nonetheless supportive figure in Toula's life. Following the success of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," Kazan went on to star in more comedy films. She showcased her silly side in Adam Sandler's "You Don't Mess with the Zohan," infamously engaging in some risqué scenes with the Sandman. "He's like a CIA operative and a superman; he also has sex with every woman on the beach," she joked to Ability Magazine. Moreover, she's had guest stints in sitcoms such as "Modern Family" and "Fuller House," and also featured as a guest judge on "RuPaul's Drag Race" in 2014.

A Broadway veteran, Kazan is now focused on juggling her stage and screen work with imparting her thespian passions as an acting teacher. A professor at UCLA, she discussed her pedagogical process with the Palm Beach ArtsPaper in 2015. "My course is called 'Acting for the Singer,'" she explained. "I teach them to approach a song as I would a scene. I do exercises with the students and we put together a great show that we do at the end of the semester."

In 2020, she joined the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute faculty, teaching the course "Singing for the Actor." She also previously taught an "Acting Comedy" masterclass, which advises students on how to adhere to method acting even while performing comedic material.

Michael Constantine's memory lives on through his illustrious career

With the impending release of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3," it's hard to envisage the successful franchise sans Michael Constantine, aka Gus, Toula's Windex-obsessed father who insists that every name (even "Ian Miller") has a Greek origin.

Constantine was an acting vet with a career spanning almost six decades, having performed alongside the likes of Paul Newman in 1961 classic "The Hustler" and 1969's "The Reivers" with Steve McQueen. "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" was a comeback for the star, and the flick relaunched his career in the 2000s. He reprised his role as Gus in the short-lived sitcom spinoff "My Big Fat Greek Life," which aired a year after the film's release. In 2007, he had a guest appearance on "Cold Case" and also acted in a number of short films. In 2016, he made his final onscreen appearance in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2."

Away from the cameras, he dedicated much of his time to philanthropic endeavors and worked with WiRED International. In his latter years, he enjoyed devoting his free time to his first love: writing. "The nice thing about being famous is that it goes away pretty soon," he told Wired. "I figure that when the movie buzz settles down, I'll get back to writing... I love writing the most." Constantine died in 2021, aged 94. Nia Vardalos confirmed on Instagram that Constantine gave her his blessing to shoot "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3" in his absence.

Joey Fatone went on Dancing with the Stars and The Masked Singer

"My Big Fat Greek Wedding" gave *NSYNC alumnus Joey Fatone the opportunity to showcase his acting chops. Although his character, Toula's cousin Angelo, is initially brash and prone to playing meanspirited pranks on Ian — including tricking him into uttering Greek obscenities — he eventually shows his genuine side and comes out as gay.

Since the film's release, Fatone has been keen to expand his showbiz credentials, making a name for himself in reality TV. After appearing on "Dancing with the Stars" in 2007, he returned to the series in 2012, but was eliminated the second week. He also appeared on "Impractical Jokers" and became the host of "Impractical Jokers: After Party" in 2017. In 2022, Fatone said that he was keen on replacing Joe Gatto as one of the show's titular jokers. Continuing with the reality TV route, he appeared on "The Masked Singer" as Rabbit in 2019, a role that he relished. "I was jumping around like a fool and having a blast doing it!'" he told People.

But Fatone doesn't want to be confined to reality TV. "I think people didn't really know my personality per se [in *NSYNC]... So I've been kind of a Jack of all trades and kinda do different things, whether it be hosting, Broadway, movies, TV, films, singing," he told Fuse. "The beauty about it, for me, is it doesn't get stale."

Ian Gomez has appeared in dozens of TV and movie productions

Since Ian Miller is based on Nia Vardalos' then husband, Ian Gomez, it was a fine bit of meta casting having Gomez play Ian's bestie, Mike, in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." Gomez has a vast and eclectic filmography, having appeared in hit films such as "Larry Crowne" (2011) and "Richard Jewell" (2019).

On the small screen, he starred in "Supergirl," "The Morning Show," and "Single Drunk Female." In the latter, he plays Bob, the boyfriend of Samantha's (Sofia Black-D'Elia) mom. In a 2023 chat with Fangirlish, he shared that "Single Drunk Female," a show about a young woman who is in recovery, was particularly meaningful to him. "My father was also an alcoholic, so it's kind of cool to see it from someone else's perspective," he explained.

Behind the scenes, Gomez and Vardalos divorced in 2018 due to the couple becoming friends, as opposed to lovers, towards the end of their relationship. In an interview with Us Weekly conducted a year after the divorce, Gomez clarified that he and his ex remain the best of pals and he's keen to work with her on "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3." "She asked me, 'So, what are you going to do in the third one?'" he recalled. "I have to think [of] something completely different... like an archeologist or paleontologist or something. Something bizarre, that's not a major part of the movie!"

Andrea Martin is a Broadway star

Andrea Martin stole the show as Voula, Toula's glamorous and carnivorous aunt who famously thought lamb would be an appropriate dish for vegetarian Ian. These days, she continues to utilize her skillful comedic timing. In 2022, she appeared in "Only Murders in the Building," which stars her former brother-in-law Martin Short (Andrea Martin was married to Bob Dolman, whose sister, Nancy, was Martin Short's late wife). The series saw her sharing a smooch with long-time pal Steve Martin, with fans loving the age-appropriate romance. "We got to have a relationship, which is a beautiful thing for two people of our age to — first of all, for writers wanting to write that and also people wanting to see it," she enthused in a chat with The Wrap.

But Broadway is where Andrea Martin's heart is. The actor has appeared in numerous Broadway shows since "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," including "Young Frankenstein" (2007), "Noises Off" (2015), and "A Christmas Carol" (2019). When preparing to star in "Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus" in 2019, she suffered an injury during rehearsals, breaking four ribs. She was devastated that she had to withdraw from the play as a result.

That hasn't deterred the actor from getting back on stage, however. Speaking to The Daily Beast in 2023, the Tony winner said she was keen to return to Broadway. "I really want to get back on stage," she said. "There's nothing I love more than being in the theater."

Louis Mandylor has mostly acted in action movies

Aussie actor Louis Mandylor played Toula's mischievous and ever so menacing brother, Nick, who can turn on the charm as quickly as he hurls the death threats at Ian. The light-hearted romcom is an anomaly in Mandylor's vast, fast-paced filmography.

He has acted in over 140 productions, consisting predominantly of action and thriller films such as Mickey Rourke vehicle "Night Walk" (2019), "Rambo: Last Blood" (2019), and British crime flick "Renegades" (2023) alongside Danny Trejo. On the small screen, he most recently appeared in "The Offer," about the making of "The Godfather," playing notorious gangster Mickey Cohen.

Although he isn't the biggest or most acclaimed "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" star, Mandylor is undoubtedly one of the busiest. He often has multiple projects released the same year; in 2017 alone, for instance, he acted in a whopping nine movies, and he currently has thirteen upcoming movie and TV projects waiting for release. Subsequently, having appeared in so many action-packed films, Mandylor is the first to admit that he struggles to maintain a work-life balance. "You're not busy for a long time and then all of a sudden, you've got things that are overlapping," he told ScreenRant. "It's a good thing to happen, but it's rough when you try and squeeze them all in. So I was just back to back on a few — it was rough."

Gia Carides appeared in Big Little Lies

Cousin Nikki (not to be confused with Nick, though he has many namesakes in the Portokalos clan) was the antithesis of meek Toula. Unafraid of voicing her opinions, no matter how at odds they may be with the traditionalist sensibilities of her conservative family, Nikki was the feisty cousin fighting against patriarchal views of womanhood. She was portrayed by Gia Carides, another Australian star in the "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" cinematic universe.

In the years that followed, Carides rekindled her love of theater by appearing in the play "Beached" at Sydney's Griffin Theatre Company in 2013. Griffin was significant for Carides, who has a long history with the company. "It was amazing to be on stage again," she told Jo Litson. "But this is a full play and I'm very excited that it's Griffin. I did my first play there when I was 14... So I did a bunch of work there in the late 80s and very early 90s, so it's a lovely to be back." In an otherwise tepid review, The Guardian pinpointed Carides as the shining star of the play, portraying an overbearing mother not unlike the matriarchs in the "Greek Wedding" franchise.

The actor has also appeared in myriad TV shows and movies, including Aussie dramedy "Wonderland" (2013), the 2017 reboot of "Twin Peaks," and Kim Cattrall vehicle "Filthy Rich" (2020). She also joined the main cast of "Big Little Lies" in 2017, playing Melissa.

Gerry Mendicino has been active on stage in his native Canada

Uncle Taki was a lovable, albeit socially inept, force in Toula's life. For instance, the traditional Greek elder thinks nothing of telling his niece that he never thought she would ever find a man to marry her, much to Toula's understandable chagrin. Away from the cameras, Gerry Mendicino, who depicted Taki, couldn't be further from that stuffy old persona. The Canadian actor has a vast and eclectic body of work, both on screen and stage.

He has appeared in over 130 TV and movie productions, including "Saw VI" (2009), "Dr. Cabbie" (2014) with Kunal Nayyar, and Anton Corbijn's James Dean flick "Life" (2015). He has also lent his voice to games such as "Assassin's Creed: Origins" and "Far Cry 6."

But it's on stage where Mendicino has truly been able to shine. In 2022, he directed and acted in the musical "Five-The Dionnes," about the famous Dionne Quintuplets who were exploited as a novelty act and have been dubbed the original child influencers. It was a passion project for the star, who had long wanted to bring the quintuplets' story to life. "We tell the whole story through the eyes of the young Dionnes," he told the Small Town Times, "and it's tragic what happened to them but this is an historic event that happened in the 30s, one of the most important events of that era." The musical had a cozy run at the North Bay Capitol Center.

Bruce Gray left behind an expansive filmography

Much of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding's" hilarity lay in the dissonance between Toula's melodramatic family and Ian's reserved stiff-upper-lip parents. His perpetually perplexed father was played by veteran actor Bruce Gray, whose career spanned five decades.

In 2011, the Canadian star played a survivor of an alien attack in the series "Falling Skies," alongside Noah Wyle. Initially, he was supposed to have a bit part in the show, but was soon promoted to the main cast. "So often you hear actors say they won't go (to an audition) for just a few lines," he told the Toronto Star. "I worked three projects every day in a row in two different countries, all from parts that originated from just a few lines." On the big screen, he played Congressman Hughes in "Evan Almighty" (2007) and, a decade later, portrayed a retirement home resident who helps uplift a high school outcast in the Canadian indie dramedy "Don't Talk to Irene." The latter would be his big screen swan song.

After being diagnosed with brain cancer, Gray entered hospice care in 2017, dying two weeks later at 81. Following his death, friends opened up about the altruistic side of the deeply private actor, who volunteered for a local theater. "They weren't paying him a lot but he would donate the money back so that the artistic director and some of the stage crew would get a little more income," his long-time friend Mike Pashak said, per CBC.

Fiona Reid starred in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Sharing the same discomfort as her husband when interacting with Toula's family, Ian's stoic mom was portrayed by yet another Canadian actor: Fiona Reid. Eagle-eyed fans may have spotted Reid in films such as "The Time Traveler's Wife" (2009) and the Canadian drama "Trouble in the Garden" (2018).

Also that year, she joined the ensemble cast of "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" on Broadway. However, her stint was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Chatting to The Globe and Mail in 2020, she discussed how she was adjusting to life during lockdown, sans the theater work she loves so much. "Every day of my life was tethered to being on a Broadway stage... It was a very strict regimen and it was suddenly gone," she explained. "I felt this sense of loss but then I'd think, 'How dare you feel this way,' there is a global realignment going on." She said she hoped the pandemic would change folks for the better, paving the way for a fairer and safer world for younger generations.

When theaters reopened, she resumed her run in the hit play, and also appeared in its Canadian run in 2022. She relished being able to return to the production. "It's so exciting," she told Mirvish. "The challenges are numerous, so it's an acting challenge. It's sort of a math challenge in terms of being very precise about where you are on stage at any one time."

Jayne Eastwood found online success

Mrs. White was the Portokalos family's cranky neighbor, who had to contend with Toula's grandmother hurling random xenophobic insults her way. Jayne Eastwood played White with disgruntled, crinkled-nose aplomb. An acting veteran, Eastwood has nearly 300 credits to her name. Stephen King devotees will recognize her from the supernatural series "Haven," in which she starred as Gloria from 2013 to 2015. She's also a voice actor, having lent her cadence to "Inspector Gadget" and "Hotel Transylvania," both in 2018, and more recently, 2023's "Heroes of the Golden Mask."

Always one keen to change with the times, she recently found herself enjoying online success thanks to the 2020 expletive-laden web series "Hey Lady!" She starred as the titular Lady, an elderly woman who wakes up everyday and chooses chaos. It marked the first time that Eastwood, then aged 73, had ever landed a starring role. Subsequently, she was living for her newfound main character energy. "I've never been number one on the call sheet in the 50 years I've been in the business," she told CBC. "And it was really fun, I must say."

In an interview with YouAreUNLTD, she revealed that the age-positive role resonated with her as a septuagenarian. "Actors don't retire, right? We just don't," she said, adding, "I don't think artists get old. I've never met an artist who acted old. I think we're pretty useful... I think we're all maybe old on the outside, but not on the inside."