The Bold And The Beautiful Explainer: Brooke And Taylor's Brief And Fleeting Friendship

Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) have a long history of being enemies, frenemies, and even best friends on "The Bold and the Beautiful." 

It might be hard to picture two women who have had nasty catfights over the years becoming the closest of confidants, but that's exactly what happened when they formed a pact between them. After years of fighting over Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye), they made a huge change in their lives. When Ridge asked Brooke and Taylor to choose which one would be the best life partner for him, the two women ultimately decided to leave Ridge in the dust and choose themselves, as detailed by That's when Brooke and Taylor also began their friendship, as they both agreed to never go back to Ridge or repeat the same mistakes of their past. There was even some speculation among "The Bold and the Beautiful" fans that Brooke and Taylor would take things to the next level and begin a romantic relationship, but that never happened, per Soap Hub.

Well, anyone who has been paying attention to Brooke and Taylor's checkered love history over the years knows that both ladies have a hard time staying away from Ridge (just like they can't keep any promises). 

Brooke and Taylor's pact didn't last long

Many "The Bold and the Beautiful" fans were shocked to find out that Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes had decided to let go of all their grudges and become best friends. These are the same women who have been caught having fights with both cake and paint, after all. Brooke and Taylor even got into a nasty fight back in 2010 that landed them both in a pond outside of the Forrester Creations office building. 

Taylor has always insisted that Brooke felt threatened by her because she was once married to Ridge. Meanwhile, Brooke simply thinks Taylor is a woman who can't be trusted. Well, both of them are just as right as they are wrong as their love triangle with Ridge Forrester has been a never-ending storyline on "The Bold and the Beautiful."

But, in June 2023, Brooke and Taylor both finally woke up and realized they weren't the problem. It was Ridge who was the problem instead. According to Soap Hub, they were tired of Ridge and all his waffling between them and realized his games were as old as last season's fashion staples. They made a pact to never go back to dating Ridge again. But when it comes to soaps. no pact remains intact — just like no secret stays hidden for too long. That's because their pact was unrealistic from the very start.

The war isn't over yet between Brooke and Taylor

Many "The Bold and the Beautiful" fans would think someone like Brooke Logan would break her friendship pact with Taylor Hayes first, but that wasn't the case at all. Instead, it was Taylor who was acting very sneaky in hopes that she could win back Ridge Forrester. She even tried to convince Brooke's ex, Deacon Sharpe, to lure her back into his arms simply so she could swoop into Ridge's without having to worry about getting her blonde best friend upset. Well, Taylor and Brooke must have been cut from the same cloth because Brooke shared a secret kiss with Ridge in Italy that she hoped Taylor would never find out about, according to

"The Bold and the Beautiful" fans can debate all day long as to who is at fault here, but one thing is for certain: Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes were not meant to be friends or even frenemies, for that matter. These two will always be love rivals and no friendship pact will ever change that. Brooke might have won this latest battle between them, but their war definitely isn't over yet.