Inside Savannah Chrisley's Relationship History

The following article includes references to sexual abuse, suicide, and murder. 

Savannah Chrisley is certainly no stranger to having her love life in the spotlight, considering that she began dating on reality TV. The Georgia native rose to fame when she was just a teenager on her family's reality show, "Chrisley Knows Best," which ran from 2014 to 2023. Savannah has kept busy outside of that, too, thanks to her and her brother Chase's spinoff show, "Growing Up Chrisley," her cosmetics line, Sassy By Savannah, and her podcast, "Unlocked With Savannah Chrisley" – and that's all on top of her job as a realtor. Yet somehow, she's still found time to date a few high-profile men.

Romance did get more difficult in 2023, however, when her equally famous parents, Todd and Julie Chrisley, went to prison on multiple fraud charges. Since they both got multi-year sentences, Savannah gained full custody of her younger brother, Grayson, and her niece, Chloe. Savannah explained to ET, "I'm a single parent dating. I'm like, 'You date me, you date all these other people.'" Savannah apparently hasn't given up hope, though, and has found a way to make it work. 

As a teen, Savannah Chrisley dated Blaire Hanks

It's safe to say that Savannah Chrisley's first high-profile relationship was with country singer Blaire Hanks, whom she started dating back in 2015. At the time, the beauty queen was just 17 and starring in "Chrisley Knows Best." Therefore, it should come as no surprise that their first date was chronicled on the show. And it wasn't a typical outing. That's because Savannah's overprotective dad, Todd Chrisley, followed them during it. Luckily for Savannah, that didn't scare Hanks away — they went on to date for two years.

By January 2017, though, Savannah hinted that all the attention on their relationship had become too much, and they decided to break up. "It was hard to keep the relationship just to ourselves," Savannah revealed in a Facebook Live (via Us Weekly). However, it presumably wasn't just Savannah's fame that made things difficult. Hanks had dropped his debut album the same year that they started dating, thus increasing his popularity too.

Regardless, Savannah made it clear that neither she nor Hanks were to blame for the split. Instead, they parted ways on good terms with their happy memories intact. "It truly was the definition of young love. It's just what he and I were. We had so much fun, and things were amazing," she revealed.

Savannah Chrisley and Chandler Parsons were a thing ... sort of

Savannah Chrisley romance with Chandler Parsons was full of more drama than her relationship with Blaire Hanks. Not long after her split from Hanks, Savannah revealed on Access Hollywood in February 2017 that she and Parsons were newly dating. She played it coy at first, saying, "He's a fun person to hang out with." But she then gave some details about one of their dates, like that he wouldn't let her pay for dinner. "I knew it would be the start of something good," she gushed.

However, Savannah seemed to backtrack later by captioning a cryptic quote, "[Chandler Parsons] who? (via E! News). Around the same time, a source close to Parsons clarified to TMZ that Savannah and Parsons only hung out as friends. What made things even more confusing was that days later, actor Bella Thorne hinted that she was actually dating Parsons. She shared a photo of herself supporting him at a game and referred to him as "babe."

Savannah took to Twitter to seemingly shade Thorne, tweeting, "Nanny always said: 'If you lie down with dogs, you'll get up with fleas.'" She followed that up with another tweet, in which she told her followers, "Girls want attention. Women want RESPECT. Today ... I choose to be a woman. Don't be THAT girl."

Savannah Chrisley and Luke Kennard dated for four months

Savannah Chrisley apparently didn't have luck with NBA players, considering that her next relationship with Luke Kennard ended badly after just four months. In 2017, their relationship started with some flirting on Twitter. Savannah also accompanied Kennard and his family when he went to the NBA draft, which is when she made their relationship Instagram official. "Yep y'all...he's my guy," she wrote (via E! News).

Things seemed to be going so well that Savannah's notoriously disapproving dad, Todd Chrisley, publicly praised their relationship. Yet, it evidently went south, as Savannah soon announced that she and Kennard had broken up. She hinted that Kennard's wandering eye was a factor, telling E! News, "It was best to part as friends rather than deal with the pressures of wondering if you are the only one."

Months after their split, however, Savannah shaded Kennard more blatantly, by telling E!'s "Daily Pop" that she "dodged a bullet." Savannah didn't reveal what had actually transpired between them until 2022, when she said on her podcast, "Unlocked," that she'd found sketchy Snapchat messages between him and another woman while he was on vacation with her and her family. "I just remember being devastated," she recalled, adding, "I took a picture of them from my phone ... and went upstairs and packed up all his stuff." In an interesting turn of events, Savannah and the woman ended up becoming friends.

She went on a date with Colton Underwood

It'll probably come as a shock that Savannah Chrisley once secretly went out with former "Bachelor" star Colton Underwood, years before he cam out as gay. The twosome had gone on a date at the 2017 ACM Awards shortly after Savannah split with Luke Kennard. At the time, Underwood was also fresh off a breakup from Aly Raisman, which is apparently why they both decided to go on the date. Yet, unsurprisingly, it didn't work out. "There was like no connection there whatsoever," Savannah recalled on her podcast, "Unlocked." Underwood, who was interviewed in the episode, added, "No, I mean, for obvious reasons."

Savannah went on to admit to Underwood, "I remember looking at [my friend] Emily, and I was like, 'He's totally gay.' She was like, 'No, he's not, Savannah.'" Four years later, Underwood came out on "Good Morning America."

Savannah Chrisley was engaged to Nic Kerdiles

Savannah Chrisley's most public relationship was with late NHL player Nic Kerdiles, who often appeared on "Chrisley Knows Best." The two met through Instagram back in November 2017, while Savannah was still recovering from her breakup with Luke Kennard. Yet, Savannah seemingly knew that Kerdiles would be worth it from how he treated her and her family. "For the first time in my life, I've dated someone who's gone about things the right way whenever it comes to meeting my family," Savannah told Hollywood Life.

In January 2018, Savannah revealed on Instagram that she was dating Kerdiles in a since-deleted birthday tribute. She not only gushed about what a great person he was but shared that the two were in a long-distance relationship. "Thank you for always putting a smile on my face even when we're thousands of miles away from each other!" she wrote (via People). That didn't seem to be an issue for them at the time, as Savannah said that their careers remained the top priority. 

As was revealed later, Kerdiles had actually proposed to Savannah on Christmas Eve 2018. While Savannah appeared to be excited about their engagement, they postponed their June 2020 nuptials because she felt they were moving too fast. At the time, she told People, "Nic and I are focusing on being the best for ourselves and each other." 

She and Nic Kerdiles tried to make their relationship work again

Although Savannah Chrisley and Nic Kerdiles called off their engagement, they didn't immediately break up. In July 2020, Savannah told ET, "If getting engaged and getting unengaged and going back to dating is what works best for us, then I'm like, let's do it!" That didn't work for too long, though, as they put a final end to their engagement in September. But that doesn't mean they didn't rekindle their relationship again.

By that December, Kerdiles hinted that they'd gotten back together when he called her "babe" in an Instagram comment, adding the kissy face emoji. Savannah later confirmed that they were giving it another go in August 2021, telling E!, "Nic is still in my life. We're still trying to figure things out." However, they decided that they were going to keep their relationship more private.

At some point after that, Savannah and Kerdiles realized they couldn't make it work and ended their romance for good. Savannah was, however, by her ex's side after his 2022 suicide attempt, according to Page Six. Sadly, in September 2023, Kerdiles was killed in a motorcycle crash. Although they were no longer dating at the time, Savannah was naturally devastated. She took to Instagram to express her shock and sadness, writing, "It is impossible to believe that you are really gone." 

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Savannah Chrisley dated Matt Stell years after starring in his music video

In 2018, Savannah Chrisley and her then-fiancé, Nic Kerdiles, starred in Matt Stell's "Prayed For You" music video. While sparks didn't fly between Savannah and Stell then, Savannah revealed on SiriusXM's "The Highway" in 2022 that their friendship briefly blossomed into something more after she and Kerdiles split. "He's just an awesome person," Savannah said of Stell. She added, "The waters were definitely tested. You got to date to know where you got to land."

While things between Savannah and Stell didn't turn romantic until years after they worked together, they seemed to really hit it off during the music video shoot. Savannah even gushed to People about how much she loved Stell's song and how much she enjoyed the experience on set. "It was so much fun and everyone was so great to work with," she said.

In the end, though, Savannah shared that she and Stell were meant to be just friends. That's probably a good thing because, in 2022, Stell suggested in another interview with People that he wasn't into the kind of spotlight that he got when dating his ex, former "Bachelor" star Victoria Fuller.  He explained, "I've never really been super public about my dating life."

Savannah Chrisley once 'connected' with Armie Hammer

It's certainly surprising that Savannah Chrisley went on a date with actor Armie Hammer who, in 2021, was accused of sexual assault by multiple women. In September 2023, Savannah revealed on "The Viall Files" that she had a brief fling with the "Call Me By Your Name" star. "He and I connected and, like, went out to dinner one time. But that was the extent of it," she said. She didn't clarify when exactly she and Hammer got together. 

However, Savannah did hint that she was the one who pursued him. When asked by host Nick Viall about who slid into whose direct messages, she playfully replied, "I don't know. Maybe it was [me], maybe it wasn't." She was also sure to acknowledge that Hammer said some "freaky s**t" to women, but she was reluctant to label him as guilty, citing that the district attorney declined to press charges.

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She kept her romance with Nate Smith private

Armie Hammer wasn't the only man who Savannah Chrisley kept secret; she kept her relationship with country singer Nate Smith under the radar too. While it's unclear how they met, they were already in the beginning stage of their romance when Smith appeared on Savannah's podcast, "Unlocked," in January 2023. Their chemistry was apparent when they discussed their past relationships and overcoming dark times. Yet, rumors didn't swirl that they were an item until a photo of them posing closely together at a bar appeared on Reddit.

Savannah eventually confirmed the relationship on another episode of "Unlocked," but only after she and Smith had broken up. However, they left things on a positive note. She dished, "It was such a great experience. I have literally nothing to say about him other than having so much respect for him." She continued, saying, "It was just a tough situation." That situation apparently included Savannah's trauma from her parents' imprisonment, as well as her becoming a single parent to her brother and niece. Smith was also becoming increasingly busy with his music career, so seeing each other had to be challenging. 

If you're wondering why Savannah kept their romance a secret, she explained that it was because she wanted to keep it "sacred" and didn't want to deal with the trolling of her dating another country singer. Savannah doesn't seem to regret it though, saying, "Maybe it was the right person but terrible timing."

Savannah Chrisley started dating Robert Shiver ... after his wife tried to kill him

As of September 2023, Savannah Chrisley is dating Robert Shiver, the former Auburn University football player who survived a murder-for-hire attempt orchestrated by his wife. On "The Viall Files," Savannah explained, "This guy that, like, I'm talking to, his wife just tried to kill him. It's fine." That wife Savannah was referring to is Shiver's now-ex, Lindsay Shiver, a former beauty queen and the mother of his three children. She was arrested in July 2023 for allegedly plotting with her boyfriend and another man to kill Shiver in the Bahamas, according to People.

Savannah insinuated that she DMed Shiver on Instagram after hearing about the wild story, telling Viall, "Dude, he was too hot to die." She didn't, however, want to divulge too much about the murder plot out of respect for his children. Although Savannah spilled the beans on their relationship, she went on to say that she had previously been trying to keep him out of the spotlight. They were, however, photographed together at LAX around that same time.

Regardless of whether or not Shiver is Savannah's forever, the "Special Forces" star is apparently smitten. It also seems she's finally in a happy place after all that she's been through with her own family drama. 

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