Maria Shriver's Son Christopher Is Turning Heads After His Dramatic Weight Loss Transformation

Christopher Schwarzenegger, the youngest son of Maria Shriver and the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger, is garnering quite a bit of buzz online. Unlike his family, who is always in the spotlight, Christopher has shied away from the public eye. However, you can always trust the internet police to deny his explicit request for privacy. 

Recent photos of Christopher looking trim and fit have stirred up an internet frenzy, even overshadowing the finalizing of the 10-year divorce between his parents and Arnold's Netflix documentary, the aptly-titled "Arnold." The Schwarzenegger name often evokes stereotypical images of sculpted bodies, large muscles, and huge smiles. It's no wonder, then, that this is such a huge topic of conversation among fans.

The high body expectations were obviously a sore spot for Christopher, whose weight was often criticized online, with some sites going as far as body-shaming him. However, Christopher survived this media onslaught thanks to support from his family. Not only that, but he changed his diet and fitness regimen to build a body he's proud of. The best part is that he didn't do it to please the public — he did it for himself.

Christopher's weight loss journey began in 2020

Christopher Schwarzenegger's weight-loss journey started back in 2020. An insider told Hollywood Life that his goal was to get in shape in time for his college graduation that year. After all, who doesn't want to look their best in their cap and gown? He began his weight loss transformation by cutting down on junk food and incorporating regular workouts into his daily routine. Just a year later, a photo of him shirtless outside his home in Los Angeles revealed how quickly his efforts were bearing fruit, the Daily Mail revealed. 

Even Arnold expressed his admiration for Christopher's diligence in a Facebook post to his son for his birthday. He conveyed his deep affection and pride for Christopher, remarking on his dedication to boxing, weightlifting, stretching, cycling, and more, jokingly adding that he could hardly keep pace with all his son's activities. In 2022, Christopher made an equally surprising appearance at his elder brother Patrick's birthday in Malibu, with a slimmer face and frame, making him almost unrecognizable to the paparazzi, per The Mirror.

What next for Christopher Schwarzenegger?

Recent photos of the youngest Schwarzenegger's weight loss transformation reveal that he has added some muscle, with bulging biceps and a mature beard cut, completing his transformation. Although it is undoubtedly hard to have millions of people curious about your life, Christopher is an expert at filtering out the noise. He's made his Instagram account private and only accepts follow requests from people he knows.

Christopher graduated from the University of Michigan during the pandemic in 2020 and has been rather private about his life ever since. His older brother, Patrick Schwarzenegger, has taken up acting, while his sisters, Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt and Christina Schwarzenegger, have taken to writing and editing like mom Maria Shriver. Even his half-brother Joseph Baena has a public but shockingly normal new career.

On the other hand, Christopher has managed to keep his post-graduation life private. However, a post from Patrick's Instagram in 2021 revealed that Christopher has a new job. While we are unsure if it is related to psychology, which he majored in, he undoubtedly has his pick of career opportunities considering his parents' wealth and fame. We look forward to seeing Christopher Schwarzenegger make his mark.