Where Does Gwendlyn Brown's Relationship Stand With Mom Christine?

Following her separation from controversial reality star Kody Brown, Christine Brown has embarked on a new chapter in her life. She relocated to Utah, found a new partner, and seems to have maintained strong relationships with her six children. In November 2021, she officially ended her spiritual marriage with Kody, concluding over 25 years together.

Christine's decisions caused a chain reaction among the Brown sister wives. Less than a year after Christine's departure, Janelle Brown found the strength to leave Kody, while Meri Brown, after years of attempting reconciliation, gave up on the polygamist in January 2023. As the Brown family underwent significant changes, the children found themselves caught in the midst of the upheaval. Their relationships with Kody, a frequent topic on the show, appeared estranged, while the mothers provided them support.

Gwendlyn Brown, Christine and Kody's daughter, has been open about which side she stands on — firmly supporting her mother. After her parents' divorce, Gwendlyn continues to share a strong connection with Christine, while she and Kody are in the process of mending their strained relationship.

Christine and Gwendlyn share a sweet bond

Gwendlyn Brown isn't one to shy away from voicing her opinions publicly. She runs a YouTube channel where she frequently reviews episodes of "Sister Wives," offering viewers a glimpse into real-life details that may not be shown on the TLC series. Gwendlyn consistently expresses her support for Christine Brown in her videos, especially post-Kody Brown.

When Kody claimed that Christine was influencing their children against him, Gwendlyn defended her mother, revealing that it was actually the kids who were urging Christine to leave the patriarch. During a Season 17 recap on her YouTube channel, Gwendlyn disclosed, "We probably dislike our father more than she does." In response to a scene where Kody suggested he wasn't solely responsible for his failing relationships with his children, Gwendlyn promptly stood by her mom, stating that "[Kody's] the one not showing up." In a different video, she openly commenced Christine's independence after the split.

Both Gwendlyn and Christine frequently share moments they spend together on social media, showcasing their strong mother-daughter bond. When Christine announced her engagement to David Woolley, according to People, Gwendlyn reposted the photo with the caption, "We're literally twinsies." This likely alluded not only to their physical resemblance but also to the fact that Gwendlyn was engaged at the time. When she got married, Christine warmly welcomed her daughter's partner, Beatriz Queiroz, into the family. It's evident that Christine's relationship with her daughter remains strong, unlike Kody's.

Gwendlyn's relationship with Kody isn't as good

On the other hand, Gwendlyn Brown's relationship with Kody Brown seems to be a bit shaky. While Gwendlyn did disclose they were working on being on better terms, she also admitted that his behavior on "Sister Wives" drove her to dislike him.

In a Q&A session of a 2021 recap video, Gwendlyn discussed the dynamics of her relationship with Kody, revealing that she and her father get along better when they spend less time together. "It's very flip-floppy for me," she said of their connection, adding, "In person, my dad's sweet to me now. We had our differences in the past, but we're getting better."

Still, it seems Kody has the innate ability to make people feel bad without doing anything, which is exactly how he upset guests at Gwendlyn's wedding. As reported by Screen Rant, Kody was two hours late to the ceremony, apparently causing a stir among the attendees. Gwendlyn shared the incident on her YouTube live stream, explaining that a lot of people didn't find his tardiness tasteful. While showing up late is better than not showing up at all, Kody's attempts to sustain relationships appear to be rather weak.