Virgin River Fans Are Divided On Jack's Worst Moment On The Show

As any fan of Netflix's "Virgin River" can attest, falling in love with leading man Jack Sheridan (played by Martin Henderson) is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the quick-witted former Marine is charming, protective, and hardworking. But on the other hand, no one is perfect, and Jack has had his fair share of less-than-savory moments on the show.

"Virgin River" fans might be clear on who their favorite couple is — ahem, looking at you, Jack and Mel. But watching Jack's storyline unfold isn't always easy, from his clumsy juggling of two women early in the series to his battles with addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder to more than one heart-wrenching plot twist that's largely out of his control. 

In an exclusive survey by The List, fans weighed in on which Jack moment they hated watching the most. And while there were plenty to choose from, most responses seemed to gravitate toward Jack getting shot in the bar; losing his twins and, subsequently, his baby with Mel; and the consequences of his drinking problem.

Fans were torn over which tragic moment could be considered the worst

Unsurprisingly, many fans were quick to cite the "Virgin River" drug cartel leader Calvin's attack on Jack in the bar as the worst moment on the show. But for other fans, watching Jack Sheridan almost die on the floor of his own bar still paled in comparison to the moment Jack found out his twins with Charmaine weren't actually his and, subsequently, him losing his baby with Mel. 

One fan wrote, "When Jack finds out he's not the father of the twin boys ... later on in the series, you watch him. Sitting in his SUV at a crosswalk. Watching a father. With two boys walking from a baseball team. You can see in his eyes. That he was wishing he had boys and was able to be with them. And it was all stripped away from him." Mel later having a miscarriage of her and Jack's baby only exacerbated the tragic fatherhood storyline, making it a top contender for Jack's lowest point.

Other "Virgin River" lovers found Jack's consequences of his drinking problem to be the hardest to watch, from missing out on Mel's sister's wedding to being found wasted by Preacher, his friend and fellow Marine. One fan wrote, "I don't like thinking Jack has a drinking problem. Make it go away, writers!!!" Honorable mentions also include Jack leaving his relationships, whether with Charmaine or Mel, and Jack's struggle to deal with the painful memories of his brother's death.

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