Inside 90210 Star Tori Spelling's Sibling Bond With Her Brother Randy

They say that anyone who has a sibling also has a lifelong friend. Tori Spelling and her younger brother Randy Spelling are proving the saying true. Growing up, Tori and Randy were among the luckiest kids on the planet. They are the children of author Candy Spelling and producer Aaron Spelling. Aaron, who passed away in 2006, was the genius behind some of the biggest film and TV franchises to date, including "Charlie's Angels," "Summerland," and, of course, "Beverly Hills, 90210," the hit TV series that made Tori a household name. 

The Spellings' status as Hollywood royalty afforded their children a life many of us could only ever dream of. Randy and Tori spent part of their childhood living in "The Manor,"  a sprawling 123-room mansion complete with a bowling alley and ice rink. Their childhood home was also a popular hangout spot for their dad's famous friends. During an appearance on "Oprah: Where Are They Now?," Randy recalled bowling with Burt Reynolds and being enchanted when Sophia Loren visited.

With fame, luxury, and money surrounding their family, you might think Tori and Randy have a tense or superficial relationship with one another. At one point in time, that might have been the case. In 2009, their mother accused Tori of cutting off contact with all her family members, including Randy, for nearly half a decade (via Fox News). But if there did exist any bad blood between the two, they've since squashed it. Today, the brother and sister are an example of how great friendship with your sibling can be.

They take family vacations together

The bond between Randy Spelling and his sister Tori Spelling dates back to their childhood. On the "Allison Interviews" podcast, Randy stated he's always felt a strong sense of admiration for Tori even as he struggled to find his own identity in the shadow of his famous older sibling. Of course, there were also moments during their youth when the siblings felt anything but cordial toward each other. "I wanted to watch cartoons, she wanted to watch the news," Randy joked with People. "I'm sure I annoyed the heck out of her." 

If you grew up with siblings, you know that something magical happens when you hit adulthood. Suddenly, you stop arguing over every little thing (well, most things) and you begin to realize that this is one of the people you're going to be close with for the rest of your life. For Randy and Tori, that moment seemed to hit while the two were on a family vacation together to Universal Studios in 2023. Tori, her children, and her estranged husband Dean McDermott joined Randy's family for a fun-filled day of rides and snapping family photos at the popular vacation destination. 

During a break from the rollercoasters, Randy had a moment to reflect on his close relationship with his sister. "The kids were at the pool and running around. And [Tori and I] just had this moment looking at them saying, 'This is it,'" Randy reminisced. "[H]aving our kids together and watching these beautiful human beings interact and just thinking, 'we did something right' [was] a wonderful thing to witness."

They cherish their time together

Relationships can fizzle away with time, but Tori and Randy Spelling are putting in the effort to make sure their sibling bond stays strong. It isn't always easy. As working parents, both their schedules are usually packed tight. Randy is a life coach and cohosts the podcast "Old-ish" alongside "90210" alum Brian Austin Green and "Dancing with the Stars" pro dancer Sharna Burgess. Tori's career in TV hasn't slowed down. She is currently the host of MTV's mystery dating competition "Love at First Lie" and always seems to pop up in new movies and TV shows. Because of their conflicting schedules, the siblings do their best to find suitable ways to connect.

One way Tori and Randy keep up with each other is through social media. To celebrate Randy's 45th birthday, Tori shared several photos of the two of them together on her Instagram page. The family pictures were accompanied by an equally endearing caption. "I love you genie, blonde pea, fandill. Always!" she wrote. The two also do their best to spend quality time together, as this adorable Instagram snap of the siblings out to dinner with their mother shows. Tori's relationship with her mom has been strained in the past, but the famous family doesn't want to waste precious time on drama. With that mindset, it's easy to see how Tori and Randy's sibling bond has remained intact through the years.