Benjamin Hollingsworth Vs. Martin Henderson: Fans Weigh In On The Hunkiest Virgin River Star

Beauty is subjective but for "Virgin River" fans, there's a clear winner between which of the show's leading men is the dreamiest. On October 3, 2023, the "Virgin River" Fans Facebook page posed the question: "Benjamin Hollingsworth vs. Martin Henderson: Who is your favorite 'Virgin River' hunk?" They shared glamor shots of the actors side-by-side, and the post received over 750 comments.

Most of the responses leaned in favor of Henderson (or Jack, as his character in the show is known). One fan remarked simply, "Martin Henderson all the way," while a few wrote "Martin Henderson" with the heart-eyes emoji to express their love. Henderson/Jack pulling ahead is not surprising since "Virgin River" fans were also clear on their favorite couple being Jack and Mel.

However, there was plenty of appreciation for Hollingsworth in the comments section too. A handful of fans named Hollingsworth or his character, Brady, as their favorite, and one even quipped, "I can multitask, I love them both!" The hunk who plays Doc Mullins on "Virgin River" was mentioned by one commenter: "Tim Matheson. I'm showing my age. It's nice to have choices."

Hollingsworth and Henderson shared the love on social media

In the "Virgin River" universe, Brady and Jack's relationship has changed considerably over time. Onscreen tensions have put the men at odds in the past, but in Season 5, Jack went with Mike (played by Marco Grazzini) to save Brady's life. Martin Henderson and Benjamin Hollingsworth seem to get along just fine IRL too. Henderson shared a behind-the-scenes selfie of the two actors in September 2022. 

The Instagram post was captioned, "What on earth would these two be up to? Big day shooting in the Canadian woods," with hashtags for the show and their characters. The "Virgin River" stars were also featured in a selfie on Hollingsworth's Instagram account in December 2022. The shot of Hollingsworth, Henderson, and Tim Matheson was captioned, "#VirginRiver landed in the Top 10 most watched shows of 2022 and these two are a big reason why." 

The actor continued, "They also happen to be equal parts class and superb talent." One fan, who definitely would've had trouble choosing between them in the Facebook poll, expressed their admiration for all three stars by commenting, "It doesn't hurt that you all are so handsome either," with a cheeky winking emoticon.