Meet Prince Pavlos And Princess Marie-Chantal Of Greece's 5 Kids

Despite having no throne in Athens to call their own, the Royal House of Greece is still prominent amongst the royal families of Europe. At the head of this glamorous family is Prince Pavlos and Princess Marie-Chantal, who are well-connected and well-liked by aristocrats and celebrities alike. It is common to see this glamorous and charismatic couple at coronations, royal weddings, and galas accompanied by any number of their five equally elegant children.

Though the members of the Greek royal family lead a lavish lifestyle these days, that was not always the case. When the Greek monarchy was abolished in 1973, many were left wondering what the future of the Greek royal family could possibly look like. With Prince Pavlos's father, King Constantine II, living in exile, it was unclear if the once-proud monarchy could ever reclaim its reputation. But as the next generation of royals began with the birth of Princess Maria-Olympia, the future of the Royal House of Greece began to look brighter.

As the Greek royal family further expanded with the births of Prince Constantine Alexios, Prince Achileas-Andreas, Prince Odysseas-Kimon, and Prince Aristides-Stavros, the possibilities for this noble family expanded too. Today, the five children of Prince Pavlos and Princess Marie-Chantal have truly grown up into five unique individuals who are each exploring their unique passions with confidence and style.

Princess Maria-Olympia is an established herself model and socialite

It didn't take long for Princess Olympia, who was born in July 1996, to discover and fall in love with the fashion industry. At just 11 years old, Princess Olympia attended her very first couture fashion show in Rome. She told British Vogue, "I remember sitting on my father's lap and thinking this is unbelievable." While attending boarding school in Switzerland, Princess Olympia prepared to pursue her passion for fashion by studying art history, theater, photography, and graphic design.

The effortless chicness of being a princess has always seemed to come rather naturally for Princess Olympia — and the world began to take notice. At 17 years old, she was living in Paris as an intern at Christian Dior Couture, and in 2019, she graduated from NYU with a degree in Fashion Business and Marketing. Paired with her knowledge of the fashion industry, Princess Olympia's laidback charm and sharp style helped her launch a successful career as a model.

Representing iconic brands such as Michael Kors and Dolce & Gabbana on the runway, Princess Olympia became the fashion industry's new "it" girl. The fashionable royal has become a regular at the Fashion Awards, a royal attendee of Wimbledon, and a consistent stunner in the front row of fashion weeks. Whether she is serving as the face of Louis Vuitton's Capucine bag campaign or sharing fashion content with her 297,000 Instagram followers, Princess Olympia's modeling talent has helped her attain impressive success. 

Princess Olympia is very close with her mother

As the only daughter of Crown Princess Marie-Chantal, Princess Olympia undoubtedly holds a special place in her mother's heart. Not only do they share a physical resemblance, but this mother-daughter duo share a love for fashion. The creator of her own luxury childrenswear collaboration, Princess Marie-Chantal has passed her impeccable style, celebrity connections, and affinity for designer brands onto her daughter. In addition, Princess Marie-Chantal is able to give her daughter one of the best gifts Princess Olympia could ask for: items from her glamorous closet. Princess Olympia told Harper's Bazaar that her favorite of Princess Marie-Chantal's pieces is a black dress that was custom-made by Valentino that "felt really special" when she wore it in 2012. 

But the tight-knit bond between Princess Marie-Chantal and Princess Olympia is deeper than their shared love of fashion. To Hello, Princess Olympia describes her mother as her "best friend and an incredible role model." Their close bond started early. Princess Marie-Chantal was committed to raising her five children to be polite, well-mannered individuals (she even wrote a book entitled "Manners Begin at Breakfast"). Princess Olympia listened to the advice her mother gave her, describing to The Telegraph how she "was brought up by my mother to behave myself at all times ... be nice to everyone and always be polite." The two remain close — obvious in the fact that even though Princess Olympia lives in her own apartment, she FaceTimes her mother every day.

Princess Olympia is inspired by her family's work ethic

It's clear that Princess Olympia grew up to be a hard-working individual. But she didn't establish her disciplined work ethic on her own — she could look up to the inspiring role models of her parents and her grandparents. As daughter to the current Crown Prince of Greece and granddaughter to King Constantine II of Greece, who was known as the "Last King of Greece," Princess Olympia grew up with large shoes to fill. 

Looking beyond the royalty of her paternal side, Princess Olympia has no shortage of role models on her mother's side either. Not only is her mother a successful businesswoman who has her own fashion line of luxury children's clothes, but her grandfather is the wealthy businessman Robert Warren Miller, who made his billions by co-founding Duty Free Shoppers in Hong Kong. With the examples of her family to inspire her, it's not a surprise that Princess Olympia grew up to be a highly motivated individual. "I really want to work and I'm trying to now. I've learnt a lot from my mother and grandfather" (per Telegraph).

Princess Olympia is already planning to expand her career into further entrepreneurial pursuits. She told Harper's Bazaar that "I'd love to one day have something of my own, but I'm not sure what that would be because there's just so much out there right now." Whatever she ends up doing, fashion-related or otherwise, Princess Olympia won't be doing it alone. 

Prince Constantine-Alexios has a well-known godfather

Prince Constantine-Alexios, also known as "Tino," is the second child and oldest son of Prince Pavlos and Princess Marie-Chantal. Soon after he was born in October 1998, Prince Constantine played a role in upholding the bond between the Royal House of Greece and the House of Windsor — two monarchies whose already strong connection was strengthened further when Prince Philip, who came from the royal family of Greece, married the late Queen Elizabeth II in 1947. To honor this relationship between monarchies, Prince William was chosen as one of Prince Constanatine's godfathers alongside other royals such as King Felipe of Spain and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.

In 1999, Prince Constantine was christened during a Greek Orthodox service held in London's St. Sophia's Cathedral. Although the attention of most attendees was fixed upon the new Greek royal, the 16-year-old Prince William nearly stole the show as he stood behind his new godson with his arm in a sling. The Prince of Wales had injured his finger during a rugby match and had to undergo surgery. In spite of his injury, Prince William cradled his newborn godson Prince Constantine — who would later attend the wedding of his godfather to Kate Middleton in 2011.

Prince Constantine-Alexios and Poppy Delevingne are a power couple

The oldest son of Prince Pavlos and Princess Marie-Chantal is quite the catch. With a degree from Georgetown, a royal title, musical and artistic talent, as well as an enjoyment of horseback riding and diving, Prince Constantine has established himself as one of the most eligible royal bachelors. But admirers might be disappointed to learn that this Prince Charming is no longer single, as he has entered a fairytale romance with fashion model and sister to Cara Delevingne, Poppy Delevingne.

After Prince Constantine and Poppy Delevingne were spotted holding hands in West London in February 2023, it was confirmed that there was a budding romance between the model and the handsome prince. Poppy Delevingne, who is 12 years older than her boyfriend, joined Prince Constantine in the summer of 2023 for quite the Summer of Love. As the new couple enjoyed lavish vacations together, they weren't shy about displaying PDA. In July, they canoodled on a yacht in Ibiza, shared one or two kisses, and swam in the sea. In September, Delevingne joined her boyfriend's royal family as they vacationed in Greece. 

Not only does the new couple appear to be smitten with each other, but Poppy Delevingne seems to fit right in with the family, posting photos of Prince Constantine and Princess Marie-Chantal, and even posing in a matching bikini with her boyfriend's older sister, Princess Olympia.

Prince Achileas-Andreas graduated from NYU in 2023

The third child of Prince Pavlos and Princess Marie-Chantal is Prince Achileas-Andreas. Although he was born in New York City in August 2000, Prince Achileas, whose nickname is "Achi," grew up with his family in London. However, when his family moved back to New York City, he found himself back in the Big Apple — a city that continued to serve as his home even after he graduated high school.

Like his sister Princess Olympia, Prince Achileas chose to pursue his higher education at New York University. During his studies at NYU Gallatin, Prince Achileas studied Shakespeare and other dramatic works. When he graduated in May 2023, he did so with honors and a concentration in theatre studies. On a sunny graduation day, Prince Achileas shared the joy of his accomplishment with his family as well as his girlfriend, Isabella Massenet. Massenet is the daughter of Net-a-Porter founder Natalie Massenet, who also happens to be a close friend of Princess Marie-Chantal's. Wearing NYU's signature purple cap and gowns, Prince Achileas and Isabella Massenet walked across the graduation stage one right after the other. The adorable "it" couple were supported by their well-connected families, who reportedly sat together in the same row, undoubtedly beaming with pride.

Prince Achileas-Andreas is an up-and-coming actor

Like the rest of his siblings, Prince Achileas-Andreas has been given the opportunity to pursue what he is passionate about. For this prince, that passion is acting. Although Prince Achileas had been a part of multiple plays in the past, it wasn't until he performed a self-written monologue at Wellington College in London that he realized he wanted to pursue acting.  

Under the stage name "Achi Miller," Prince Achileas secured his first acting gig on "The Bold and the Beautiful" in 2017. Portraying the character of Simon, Prince Achileas appeared in four more episodes of the soap opera over the next two years. It was a great learning experience for him, especially as he navigated the transition from stage to screen. Prince Achileas told Paper that "it was so inspiring to watch what actually goes on behind the camera. I'd always been wanting to know. I was lucky enough to figure it out and it was great."

After his second acting project, the short film "Just Noise," came out in 2022, Prince Achileas took yet another step in his acting career as he joined the cast of the 2023 film, "No Hard Feelings" — a comedy starring Jennifer Lawrence. A week after it premiered, Prince Achileas promoted the film in an Instagram post in which he was pictured posing with the movie poster. The caption read, "Proud of playing a small role (my first film feature!) in something so special."

Prince Odysseas-Kimon is a new student at NYU

The fourth child of Crown Prince Pavlos and Princess Marie-Chantal is Prince Odysseas-Kimon, who was born on his mother's birthday in September 2004. Although he was born in London, Prince Odysseas-Kimon moved to New York City with his parents where they began living in a mansion on the Upper East Side. He attended the Dwight School, located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. When he graduated from Dwight in June 2023, Princess Marie-Chantal shared her support for her second youngest son in an Instagram Story with the words, "Go Odysseas" overlapping a photo of Prince Odysseas smiling in his cap and gown.

Following in the footsteps of his older siblings Princess Olympia and Prince Achileas, Prince Odysseas will continue his studies at NYU. It was announced that Prince Odysseas was accepted into his dream school in an Instagram post made by his mother Princess Marie-Chantal in December 2022. However, this post did not name the school, leaving many to wonder where the young prince would end up in the fall. However, upon his graduation from high school, it was revealed that he would be attending NYU in September 2023. Though it is unclear what Prince Odysseas will be studying, he will surely find success at the institution just as his siblings have done before him.

Prince Odysseas-Kimon is popular on Instagram

Because Crown Prince Pavlos, Princess Marie-Chantal, and their five children are non-reigning royals, they are not inhibited by the many rules that most other royals have to face. One of these freedoms includes being active on social media — something that Prince Odysseas-Kimon and his siblings take full advantage of. Prince Odysseas shares content of his family and friends with more than 15,000 followers on Instagram. Though he may not post as regularly as some of his other siblings, the young prince enjoys curating content that documents moments of his life such as attending a high-society hunt in Yorkshire with his family, watching the sunset while sitting on top of a roof with his siblings, and even enjoying the neon lights of the 2023 Glastonbury Festival with his friends and siblings.

Besides sharing snippets of his glamorous life on Instagram, Prince Odysseas also uses the platform to promote his own fashion brand, Gallows Humour. Gallows Humour features clean and crisply-styled sweatshirts and sweatshirts that have been modeled by Prince Odysseas himself. Perhaps one day the brand will reach the success of his mother, Princess Marie-Chantal's own fashion line. With Prince Odysseas' ventures into fashion, it is all the more obvious that style just runs in the family. 

Prince Aristides-Stavros is quite the world traveler

The youngest child of Prince Pavlos and Princess Chantal-Marie is Prince Aristides-Stavros, who was born in June 2008. From the beginning, Prince Aristides already seemed to naturally take to the jet-set lifestyle that his family has become known for. Although he was born in Los Angeles, the youngest Greek prince spent part of his childhood in London, where his family owns a 2.4 million euro home in Chelsea. When he and his parents were not in London, Prince Aristides spent time in their Manhattan apartment on the Upper East Side. In addition to growing up in his family's main residencies in New York and London, Prince Aristides can also call three other family-owned properties his home — including in the Cotswolds, Yorkshire, and the Bahamas. 

If having homes around the world isn't enough to classify Prince Aristides as a proper world traveler, he also gets the opportunity to embark on some pretty incredible international vacations. From admiring the skyline of Tokyo to relaxing on a yacht and enjoying the warm summer night in Greece, this young prince has already had the opportunity to experience many one-in-a-lifetime adventures around the globe. In July 2021, Prince Aristides and the rest of his family went on a memorable holiday to Greece, where they spent time with the late King Constantine II in the small seaside town of Porto Heli. 

Prince Aristides-Stavros began boarding school in September 2023

At the beginning of Fall 2023, big changes came to the royal household of Greece when Prince Aristides became the last of his siblings to move out of their Upper East Side apartment. After raising five children, Princess Marie–Chantal was going to become an empty nester. She took to Instagram in a post documenting their last night of summer together by sharing a picture of Prince Aristides embracing his parents in a picturesque setting by a pond. Two days later, Princess Marie-Chantal shared a picture of her, her husband, and Prince Aristides at the gates of the boarding school he will be attending in Somerset, the Wellington School. In the caption of her post, Princess Marie-Chantal wrote, "A new chapter begins for Aristides and for Pavlos and me ... Bittersweet but change is always good and looking forward to our new chapter!"

Although they have experienced some major changes in their lives, the Royal House of Greece is ultimately a family that will surely stay tight-knit and supportive wherever they each end up in life. Together, Princess Olympia, Prince Constantine, Prince Achileas, Prince Odysseas, and Prince Aristides will have to navigate how to be royals without a throne to claim.