Why Christine Brown Still Celebrates Her Old Anniversary With Kody

After more than 25 years of marriage, Kody and Christine Brown called it quits in November 2021. The choice to separate wasn't an easy one for Christine, and according to a source from Us Weekly, Kody's favoritism towards another wife is what tipped the scale for her. "She has been in the process of leaving him for a while. The big reason why [Christine] split from him is because Kody has been completely devoted to Robyn [Brown] for the past five or six years," the anonymous person revealed.

Kody initially didn't accept the split, finding it challenging to cope with the dissolution of his plural family. However, as time went by, he changed his tune to a more angry one, pointing fingers at Christine any chance he could.

Despite Kody's bursts of guilt-tripping, Christine appears unfazed and has moved on to a completely new life. However, she hasn't completely severed ties with her past, as she continues to mark her old anniversary with Kody. Nonetheless, the celebration is not an expression of missing him; on her journey of self-discovery, Christine now celebrates herself on this occasion, with Kody not included in the festivities.

It's Christine's way of celebrating her new identity

Christine Brown may have moved on, but she still found a way to transform her old anniversary with Kody Brown into something worth commemorating. In a Season 18 episode of "Sister Wives," as reported by People, the mother of six gathered a group of friends, including her ex-sister wife, Janelle Brown, to honor the day she once shared with her ex-husband.

"Celebrating the day of our divorce isn't enough," Christine remarked in her confessional interview, adding, "I also need to celebrate our old anniversary, our ex-anniversary." The chosen group for the occasion consisted of women who, like Christine, had experienced divorce, which Christine thought would create a supportive environment based on their shared experiences.

Despite reveling in her ex-anniversary celebration and previously expressing satisfaction in identifying as a divorced woman, Christine once again tied the knot. In 2023, Christine married David Wooley in an autumnal ceremony in Utah after less than a year of dating, according to People. Among their 330 guests, which included extended family, Kody was nowhere to be seen, which confirms Kody and Christine have no plans to be friends after their split. Since moving away from polygamy, Christine is now happier than ever, and Wooley shares in her joy. "I'm really very lucky and very happy that someone let her go, because she's a unicorn," he revealed.

Kody and Christine seem to have been destined for a breakup

During the aforementioned "Sister Wives" episode, Kody Brown once again touched upon his marriage with Christine Brown, claiming that he wasn't really invested in getting with her. "Christine forced herself into my life; she basically just insisted that we be married," the patriarch stated in his solo segment, Insider reported. This revelation wasn't entirely new, as in a previous installment of "Sister Wives: One on One" sit-down for Season 17, Kody admitted that his marriage to Christine was based on ego and that he struck up a relationship with her to better his image within their church community.

Other than the tension and marital challenges they experienced, Kody and Christine once shared that their wedding day wasn't as joyful as one might expect, largely due to Kody's struggle to be fully present with his two other wives at the ceremony. "I wasn't engaged in the experience. It was hard," Kody explained in the episode.

Reflecting on their history, they revealed that they were friends for about three years before becoming romantically involved. Kody asserted that Christine was the one who made more advances, while Christine admitted to always wanting to be the third wife in a plural family, thinking it would be a more manageable role. In hindsight, with all of the information shedding a new light on Kody and Christine's relationship, it becomes apparent that the couple's breakup was perhaps inevitable.