Why The Internet Was Once Convinced Ivanka Trump Had A Crush On Justin Trudeau

Ivanka Trump has been involved in numerous controversies and internet rumors since the start of Donald Trump's campaign and office run, and in many instances, we could argue that Ivanka's only "mistake" was being the daughter of former President Trump. However, the speculation about her alleged infatuation with the then-married Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wasn't tied to her father. This buzz started when they sat beside each other during meetings at the White House on February 13, 2017.

The rumor mill went into overdrive when photos of the pair emerged, showing Ivanka seemingly gazing at the Canadian leader with goo-goo eyes. This rumor added another layer to the list of Ivanka Trump's most controversial moments. A Twitter user humorously captioned the images, "Get you someone that looks at you the way Ivanka Trump looks at Justin Trudeau."

Even former "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah couldn't resist commenting. In an episode of "The Daily Show" (via ET Canada) he remarked, "Can you zoom into her eyes? Look at that. You can feel it. Damn. She looks like she's ready to risk it all. She looks like she's considering dressing up as a Syrian refugee just so Canada will take her in, like, 'Let me in, Justin.'" However, like many fleeting internet rumors, this one about a potential crush on Trudeau soon lost steam, with little else to keep the fire burning.

Twitter dubs Prime Minister Justin Trudeau PM Steal Yo Girl

The general sentiment regarding Ivanka Trump's reaction to Justin Trudeau was unmistakable: she seemed quite taken by him. And really, who could blame her? She is joined by a notable list of influential women who appeared to be charmed by Trudeau. This list includes the British Royal favorite, Kate Middleton; Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina; Hollywood actor Emma Watson; and even Ivanka's stepmother, Melania Trump, who shared another viral moment when she air kissed Trudeau.

With his ability to elicit smiles from women and his frequent mentions on various "Top 10 Most Handsome World Politicians" lists, it's hardly surprising that Trudeau's captivating smile and piercing blue eyes have garnered so much attention. It's evident that many believe he possesses a certain charm, and it's hard to disagree.

A Twitter user, Daniel Holland, dubbed the Canadian Prime Minister "PM Steal Yo Girl" in a viral post with over 250,000 likes. The post featured photos showcasing Ivanka Trump's smitten look, Kate Middleton's blush, Emma Watson's gaze of admiration, and an amusingly strained smile from former President Donald Trump. Given the effect Trudeau seems to have on members of the Trump family, one can only imagine that the former President isn't too pleased.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is back on the market

In August 2023, the global community received shocking news: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie, announced they were calling it quits. The couple, who had been married since May 2005 and share three children, surprised many with this revelation. The Prime Minister posted a public address on Instagram announcing their separation (in both English and French). While signs had indicated strains in the relationship, few anticipated this development.

Over the years, Trudeau faced rumors of infidelity and even allegations of sexual misconduct, though he consistently refuted such claims. As early as 2014, in an interview with CBC News, Trudeau acknowledged that his marriage had its highs and lows. However, he emphasized that this did not imply any extramarital affairs on his part.

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau's response to inquiries about these allegations was less direct. In an interview with Global News, when asked about her husband's response to cheating, she replied ambiguously, "Ask if whatever happened in our lives — I'm not saying it did or didn't — as if we would answer that." Her non-committal response left many puzzled and suspicious. Almost a decade after that interview, their marital journey has come to an end. While the world will undoubtedly miss their joint public appearances, we expect buzz about the handsome Prime Minister's return to bachelorhood.