The Top 5 Worst Bold And The Beautiful Couples Of All Time

"The Bold and the Beautiful" has graced our screens since 1987, artfully weaving high fashion, business dealings, and intricate relationships into a compelling soap opera. We've been captivated by the show's ability to blend glamour with love and lust, resulting in some dynamic pairings.

Our favorite "B&B" couples have sizzling chemistry, great storylines, and relatable character arcs that make us invest ourselves in their journeys. While we've accepted that soap opera characters barely ever stay together, good pairings weave narratives that remain dear to us and influence their futures even after they move on to their next conquests.

Unfortunately, some "B&B" couples have the opposite effect. They leave viewers unsettled with storylines that range from lackluster to downright nauseating. This can be due to unsavory plot twists such as ill-timed infidelities or bewildering love triangles that are far-fetched, even for soaps. In some cases, the couples lack an organic connection, and their supposed spark feels more like a script mandate rather than a natural progression. Let's explore five couples on "The Bold and the Beautiful" that missed the mark.

1. Brooke Logan and Deacon Sharpe

If there was ever a couple on "The Bold and the Beautiful" that should not have happened, it was Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang). Their story began when Deacon married Brooke's daughter Bridget Forrester (then played by Jennifer Finnigan) in 2001. However, Bridget was clearly more invested in the relationship than Deacon, who was still in love with Amber Moore (Adrienne Frantz). When Brooke decided to intervene and ask Deacon to leave her daughter, the conversation somehow turned into them making love. 

A smarter pair of people would have turned things off right then, but Brooke and Deacon continued their affair in secret until she became pregnant. Besides the anticipation of Bridget's inevitable discovery of the betrayal, there was little substance to Brooke and Deacon as a couple. The relationship seldom showed any sparks, and their chemistry was scarce. 

Their pairing seemed like a deliberate move by the writers to add more layers to Deacon Sharpe's complicated love life on "B&B," and who better to entangle than the marriage-loving Brooke? Brooke had Deacon's child, Hope Logan (then played by twins Keath and Sheyne Sahagun), and then severed ties with him. The best part of this relationship was when Bridget found out and made a bonfire with his clothes as fuel. 

2. Ridge Forrester and Bridget Forrester

Ridge Forrester (then played by Ronn Moss) and Bridget Forrester might have made a good couple if not for their history, which made any whisper of a love story seem nauseating. Bridget was born when her mother, Brooke Logan, had simultaneous relationships with Eric Forrester (John McCook) and his son, Ridge Forrester. Brooke's double-dating led to confusion about Bridget's paternity, so a DNA test was done. However, the results were tampered with by Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown), leading everyone to believe Ridge was Bridget's father.

Years later, we discovered that Eric, whom Bridget had grown up thinking was her grandfather, was in fact her biological father — making Ridge her half-brother, not her father. The twists didn't stop there: Eric was revealed not to be Ridge's father either. Instead, Ridge was Massimo Marone's (Joseph Mascolo) son, which made Ridge and Bridget not related by blood at all.

Despite this storyline being a stretch, even for a soap opera, the show introduced another twist: a romantic attraction between Ridge and Bridget in 2003, while he was in a relationship with Brooke. Bridget developed feelings for Ridge and couldn't stop thinking about him sexually. Ridge soon reciprocated her feelings and kissed her. They shared another kiss a few months later, and Ridge even later told Bridget that they did nothing wrong by declaring their feelings. This made Ridge seem like a groomer, and fans quickly voiced clear disapproval. We assume that the loud dislike was the reason the storyline was abruptly halted.

3. Eric Forrester and Donna Logan

What really happened between Donna and Eric on "The Bold and the Beautiful" was a repetitive and forced storyline. To begin with, they started dating in 2008 after Eric's third attempt at reconciling with Stephanie Forrester. And who was behind the collapse of Eric and Stephanie's second marriage? None other than Donna Logan's (Jennifer Gareis) sister, Brooke. It's also worth noting that Eric had long harbored feelings for Donna and Brooke's mother, Beth Logan (Robin Riker). 

Worse still, Eric and Donna's relationship, supposedly rooted in sexual chemistry, appeared to lack any genuine spark. They often talked about sex and made plans to meet up, yet there seemed to be no real connection beyond that. Fans also highlighted how their relationship seemed more like a sugar-daddy relationship in response to the pairing on social media.

The writers attempted to portray their relationship as strong, but it was far from it. It seemed that Eric and Donna's real characters were changed severely to make them work. Donna was unfaithful and kissed Owen Knight (Brandon Beemer), yet Eric forgave her without any of the harshness present when Quinn Fuller was unfaithful to him. Moreover, Eric adopted Donna's son, Marcus Walton Forrester (Texas Battle), without displaying any special bond with them, making the situation seem unrealistic. 

4. Hope Logan and Liam Spencer

Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) was introduced as a love interest for Hope Logan (then played by Kimberly Matula) in 2010, but their pairing lacked the on-screen chemistry that makes a compelling soap opera romance. In addition, their relationship suffered from an overuse of usually engaging soap tropes. Ideally, a love story is enjoyable when characters are fueled by genuine passion and overcome obstacles.

In contrast, Hope and Liam's connection was a series of toxicity and inconsistencies, preventing us from truly understanding them as individuals and as a couple. In truth, many fans have lost track of all the times "The Bold and the Beautiful's" Liam cheated on Hope. Liam never seemed to really love Hope and constantly went back to Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Hope, on her part, was impulsive, depicted by her spur-of-the-moment decision to marry Liam's brother Wyatt Fuller (Darin Brooks) in 2014. Such indecisiveness is common in soap operas, but constantly forcing these characters together for so long seemed at odds with their actions.

Additionally, their reunions often stemmed from trauma, like the revelation of Liam not being the father of Amber's child or his love-child with Steffy, rather than positive shared experiences. Then, when they finally faced the biggest pain of all, supposedly losing a baby, it didn't take long for them to fall apart like a deck of cards in the wind. While adversity can enrich a storyline, for Hope and Liam, each episode reminded us of their incompatibility.

5. Florence Fulton and Wyatt Spencer

"The Bold and Beautiful" fans may never forgive the writers for ruining the relationship between Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) and Wyatt Spencer to give Florence "Flo" Fulton (Katrina Bowden) a chance. It would have been forgivable if what happened to Wyatt and Flo on "The Bold and the Beautiful" was engaging, but that was not the case. Flo and Wyatt lacked the unmistakable chemistry he'd had with Sally, not to mention the familiar history in which fans had grown invested.

Worse still, after Wyatt discovered that Flo had been part of a scheme to steal Hope's baby at birth, he had no problems forgiving her. This was hypocritical, considering that he'd left Sally, whose only crime was planning with Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) to get Hope into a relationship that would have given her a baby to love.

To even the playing field, Sally's next storyline was kidnapping Flo so Wyatt would have a good reason to stay with Flo. However, Sally's exit from their lives also marked the exit of any intriguing storylines. Flo and Wyatt never made any soul-touching connection, and his most intriguing storylines stopped including romance but had to do with his brother instead.