How Many People Has Adam Newman Killed On The Young And The Restless?

Adam Victor Newman (Mark Grossman), the black sheep of Genoa City's most influential clan, is one of those "Young and the Restless" villains you can't help but love. When Adam was first introduced, it was as the infant son of Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) and Hope Wilson (Signy Coleman), born in 1995. Yet, Adam's history shows that his age has not followed a realistic timeline, thanks to "Y&R's" frequent use of Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome (aka SORAS).

During his lengthy tenure on the beloved show, Adam has evolved into a man who is both charming and shrewd in business, constantly walking the fine line between a knight and a monster. Since the character's first appearance, Adam has been nothing but trouble. He's cheated, lied, and manipulated for his gains, leaving a trail of bitter victims in his wake.

While such behavior is not unusual in Genoa City, where nearly every character has resorted to deceitful tactics at some point or another, Adam has taken his schemes to new heights. In fact, he has committed the most heinous of crimes — murder — on five separate occasions! Let's delve into the lives claimed by the youngest, and most dangerous, Newman son.

A.J. Montalvo

Adam didn't have the kind of childhood that you'd expect to create a murderer. He grew up away from Genoa City's bad influences, albeit with a blind mother and a mostly absent father. However, he's ended up far worse than his siblings. In 2020, "Y&R" viewers got a revealing look into a dark corner of Adam's past that even he had forgotten.

When Adam encountered his childhood friend, Alyssa Montalvo (María DiDomenico), during a visit back to Kansas, the topic of her father's death resurfaced. Alyssa's narration led Adam to conclude that Victor was behind A.J. Montalvo's (Marcus DeAnda) death and, being Adam, he used this to blackmail his father and demand the position of CEO of Newman Enterprises. However, when Adam confronted him, Victor was forced to reveal the unsettling truth. Viewers, like Adam, were initially skeptical of Victor's story. Did Adam really kill a man when he was a child?

The pieces of the puzzle ultimately fell into place for Adam when he returned to the scene of the crime, where his flashbacks supported Victor's claims. A.J. Montalvo, Alyssa's father, had threatened his mother about the debts linked to her late husband, Cliff Wilson (David Cowgill), and a young Adam attacked the loan shark in self-defense. Mark Grossman, the actor portraying Adam at the time, suggested in an interview with TV Insider that Montalvo's murder might be the reason for Adam's dark evolution even though Grossman felt it was justified to protect his mom.

Dr. Charles Taylor

While Adam Newman has the brains, innovation, and strength to commit his many crimes, he often relies on the assistance of others. However, many of his allies end up suffering as a result. Dr. Charles Taylor (John Rubinstein) is one such individual who was coerced into working with Adam (then played by Michael Muhney) multiple times. 

When Adam targeted a pregnant Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson), he manipulated her to the brink of insanity, necessitating psychiatric intervention. After his initial plot fell through, Adam doubled down, causing Ashley to fall down the stairs, tragically losing her baby. In an attempt to hide his crime, Adam forced Dr. Taylor to deceive Ashley into believing she was still pregnant. The ruse continued until the anticipated birth date of Ashley's baby which, by coincidence, aligned with Sharon Collins' (Sharon Case). Adam gave Sharon's newborn to Ashley and instructed Dr. Taylor to falsely inform Sharon of her own child's death.

Adam's manipulation appeared flawless until a remorseful Dr. Taylor threatened to expose the truth. In a desperate move to conceal his secret, Adam pushed Dr. Taylor into the path of an oncoming vehicle. Despite his actions, Sharon and Adam still went on to become lovers. It goes to show that he can really get away with anything.

Richard Hightower

In 2010, fans of "The Young and the Restless" were shocked to watch Adam Newman's apparent death. The fugitive, who was on the run from the law for kidnapping Sharon Collins' and Nick Newman's (Joshua Morrow) child, Faith Newman (then played by Jonah Lutsky), had met his end, trapped in a basement during a gas explosion at the Genoa City Athletic Club. While his exit might have been a relief to some, the storyline took a twist when Nick was arrested for Adam's murder, casting doubt on the reality of his death. 

However, when a bone marrow test was run to identify the body as it was too badly burnt otherwise, the results showed it was indeed Adam. The search for answers led viewers to a man in Minneapolis named Richard Hightower (Jay Huguley). Diagnosed with leukemia, Richard needed a bone marrow transplant, and his "kind" donor was none other than the presumed dead Adam. This act of generosity was uncharacteristic, raising suspicions.

As doubts about the convenience of Adam's seeming death mounted, the characters exhumed the supposed gravesite and conducted a dental examination. This new test revealed a grim reality: The corpse was, in fact, Richard Hightower's. Adam had orchestrated Hightower's murder to fake his death, evade justice for his crimes, and attempt to incriminate Nick. But Adam was never proven to be the murderer, nor did he ever face any charges.

Cordelia Delia Abbott

"The Young and the Restless" regularly focuses on the unending rivalry between the Abbotts and the Newmans, frequently marked by hostile company takeovers and even murder. Yet, Adam Newman's (portrayed then by Michael Muhney) addition to the long list of grievances shared between the two families was by accident.

On a fateful night in 2013, Billy Abbott (then played by Billy Miller) left his daughter, Cordelia "Delia" Abbott (Sophie Pollono), in the car to get her some ice cream. Delia remained in the vehicle as instructed, but when her dog darted out in need of a bathroom break, she chased after it right into the road. As the wicked twist of fate that often plagues Genoa would have it, Adam was driving along the road that night. He saw the dog running in front of his car and swerved to avoid it. However, he collided with Delia instead before driving off, oblivious that he'd hit a human.

Poor Delia later died in the hospital from her injuries. When Billy found out that Adam was the murderer, he sought revenge, which eventually resulted in the two flying off a cliff. The story of Delia's heartbreaking death on "Y&R" really shook fans and hardcore supporters of Adam alike, especially because his victim was an innocent child.

A Las Vegas gangster

In 2016, viewers were led to believe that Adam Newman (portrayed at the time by Justin Hartley) had met his end in yet another explosion. However, Adam resurfaced three years later in Las Vegas, going by "Spider" (Mark Grossman), with no memory of his past. Despite hints from locals about his striking resemblance to Victor Newman's youngest son, Adam rejected his former identity. He was now a professional gambler and wanted to stay that way.

But Genoa City soon caught up with him in Vegas, when he crossed paths with undercover cop Chance Chancellor (played by Donny Boaz). Chance recognized Adam but kept his secret, choosing to build a friendship with him instead. Due to their close relationship, Adam stepped in to defend Chance when a gangster attacked him. The confrontation ended fatally for the unnamed gangster, who died in the scuffle with Adam. 

Adam and Chance then had to hide the murder from the man's widow and nosy people like Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford). Still, with or without his memories, Adam is inarguably one of the most dangerous characters in the "Young and the Restless." Further, considering the number of close run-ins with death he's faced, Adam may very well be immortal.