Why Bravo Star Josh Flagg And Ex Bobby Boyd Got A Divorce

"Million Dollar Listing" realtor Josh Flagg is a Bravo TV star with nearly 20 years of experience and two billion dollars in property sales. Flagg, a member of the LGBTQ community, also made waves with his marriage to Bobby Boyd and their subsequent divorce. Flagg and Boyd married on September 10, 2017, at the Beverly Hills Hotel in California. However, in March 2022, five years after their union, the couple announced their separation.

In an exclusive interview with ET, Flagg stated that he and Boyd parted ways due to "the two of us growing in different directions and wanting very different things for ourselves." Flagg further said that their decision was not impulsive and was well thought out. To corroborate this, the realtor revealed on "Million Dollar Listing" Los Angeles that they had a "three-month trial separation" before deciding on the divorce (via Bravo TV). Despite Flagg's assertions, an impromptu interview with his ex, Bobby Boyd, hints at a different story.

Bobby Boyd seems less enthusiastic about the divorce than Josh Flagg

Two weeks after Josh Flagg and Bobby Boyd issued a statement about their divorce, Flagg announced a relationship and celebrated buying a new house. He revealed that he'd purchased the $9.2 million mansion in Beverly Hills, California. It was widely believed that Flagg had bought the property independently, but Boyd clarified in an impromptu interview with Star Influx LA that it was a joint purchase.

Boyd's comments about their divorce further hint at mixed feelings. When asked by the reporter if he and Flagg remained friends, Boyd replied, "Well, he's doing just fine." Pushed for details on how he was coping, Boyd replied briefly, "day by day." He courteously added, "I wish him and his new boyfriend very well." Faced with a question about whether the new boyfriend was a factor in the divorce, Boyd offered a cryptic smile and averted his gaze, declining to answer. However, he added, "I still love him very much." Unlike Flagg, Boyd has not entered a public relationship since their divorce.

Josh Flagg says that the divorce was a weight lifted off his shoulders

Josh Flagg gave some insights into his divorce from Bobby Boyd during a chat with the "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" season 14 camera crew and his co-star, Josh Altman. He revealed that the trial separation, which he spent alone at the hotel where they had wed, made it clear that he was happier without Boyd. He shared a piece of advice he'd received which could be interpreted as reflective of his relationship with Boyd: "Somebody told me the other day, the minute they start eye-rolling you — you know, every time you say something, they roll their eyes at you — it's going downhill from there."

Flagg also expressed that he felt he couldn't be himself around Boyd, summing up his decision to divorce as "a total weight lifted off my shoulders." The real estate mogul appears content in his new relationship with Andrew Beyer. He clarified to People that he and Beyer did not start dating "until after Bobby and I left our marriage." Nine months post-divorce, Flagg shared with People that they "have already looked at wedding venues," indicating that he and Beyer may be contemplating marriage. We extend our best wishes to the couple for a long and happy relationship.