Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles Season 14 - Details We Know So Far

Now in its 13th season, "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" has become one of the more iconic offerings from Bravo TV. For those few poor souls who have never caught an episode of the show, "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" revolves around a handful of the most successful real estate agents in Los Angeles and their most high-profile real estate deals. In the past few seasons of the show, real estate agents Josh Flagg, Josh Altman, James Harris, David Parnes, Tracy Tutor, and, most recently, "Million Dollar Listing New York" transplant Fredrik Eklund have been captivating audiences with their ability to negotiate with some of the most wealthy clientele in the world, per Bravo.

Aside from following the impressive deals negotiated by the realtors, the cameras also follow the realtors when they are off the clock, living luxurious lifestyles that go well with their job titles, per The New York Times. The success of the show has even led to a spin-off series called "Million Dollar Listing New York," which follows the same premise with high-end real estate in The Big Apple.

Despite the fact that new episodes of the 13th season of "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" are still getting ready to air on Bravo, fans are eager to hear about the show's 14th season. 

When will the 14th season of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles premiere on Bravo?

While the 12th season of "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" saw the real estate agents struggling to overcome unique obstacles presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the 13th season of the show has witnessed the reinvigoration of the real estate market. As Bravo reported, the real estate agents on "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" have been challenged to rise to the skyrocketing demand from sellers and buyers.

The 13th season of the show first debuted back in September and new episodes of the season are still airing. At this point, Bravo has yet to announce when and if a 14th season of the show will premiere, but if a similar schedule is followed, it is likely that Season 14 of "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" will air at some point during the late summer or early fall of 2022.

Viewers can marathon-watch new and old episodes of "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" on Bravo TV's website in preparation.

Who will be appearing in the 14th season of the show?

As previously mentioned, real estate agents Josh Flagg, Josh Altman, James Harris, David Parnes, Tracy Tutor, and Fredrik Eklund were featured on the 13th season of "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles." It is likely that all of the real estate agents will be returning for a 14th season, but no details have been revealed. During Season 13, Flagg, a quirky fan-favorite who has been on the show for the longest amount of time, made headlines when he was charged with selling actress Suzanne Somers' $28 million compound, per Bravo. Altman, another popular fixture on the show, balanced the largest real estate deals of his career with the responsibilities that come from being a relatively new parent to his four-year-old daughter, Alexis, and two-year-old son, Ace. Business partners Harris and Parnes continued to dominate the Bel Air market and challenged themselves by expanding into the historic Hancock Park area.

This season, Tutor showcased her new life with boyfriend, Erik, eventually using her knowledge of the real estate market to begin the hunt for her own home. One of the more interesting storylines on the 13th season, though, was Eklund's foray into the Los Angeles real estate market. Formerly a cast member on "Million Dollar Listing New York," Eklund initially struggled to find his place on the west coast.

Here's what we know about Tutor's new life

At the end of her first season in 2018, real estate agent and "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" cast member Tracy Tutor announced she was getting a divorce from her husband, Jason Maltas. From that point on, Tutor stopped showing her family, which includes 15-year-old daughter, Juliet, and 13-year-old daughter, Scarlett, to protect their privacy. However, in the 13th season, Tutor began showing off her family once again — along with a brand new man. 

According to People, Tutor first met her boyfriend, 26-year-old personal trainer Erik Anderson, back in 2019 at the Dogpound gym. "It's been great to have a man in my life that's supportive of my career, which doesn't really ever stop or slow down," she said. "I think ultimately, that was a tough part about my marriage to Jason. Being as successful as I was can interfere a lot with the male ego. It's just nice to have someone in my life that isn't affected by that."

While Tutor has worked hard to have it all (and largely succeeded), fans have been vocal with their criticism about her parenting skills, accusing Tutor of working too much to be a present force in the lives of her teenage daughters. "I hear that I'm too sexy to be a mom, that I work too hard ... I get tons of shame," Tutor told Yahoo! Life. "I had to look at my two daughters and really not let that creep in because I have two fabulous kids."