The Lavish Life Of John Stamos

John Stamos is a definitive TV legend, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that he lives luxuriously. The California native has been working in Hollywood since 1980, but his first big role came two years later, on the daytime drama "General Hospital." Of course, most fans know Stamos best from "Full House," where he famously played his fan-favorite character, Uncle Jesse, from 1987 to 1995. While Stamos continued to work steadily for years after that, including in TV series like "Grandfathered" and "Scream Queens," fans were thrilled when he returned as Uncle Jesse for the "Fuller House" reboot in 2016. When it came to his beloved character, Stamos said on "Good Morning America," "That kind of hit only happens — if you're lucky — once in a lifetime. All the stars lined up."

Stamos didn't just make his money off of acting, though. He's also released music independently and with The Beach Boys. He even did musical theater, which included a few stints on Broadway. In 2023, Stamos added author to his impressive resume, thanks to his memoir, "If You Would Have Told Me," where he reflected on the career that made him a star. "I wanted to be famous so bad. And once I got it, I loved it. I still do," he told CBS News.

Yet Stamos isn't just famous, he's rich, too, considering he's reportedly worth $25 million. So how does the "You" actor spend all that cash? Let's go inside the lavish life of John Stamos.

John Stamos has had impressive real estate

Like most celebrities, John Stamos knows a thing or two about nice houses, since he's acquired some impressive real estate over the years. One of his most notable homes was his 4,000-square-foot Beverly Hills, California mansion that he bought for $3.57 million in 2005, after his divorce from model Rebecca Romijn. The "Jake in Progress" star then lived there until 2019. "It started out as a party house, and then ... it became a healing house. And then ... Caitlin [his wife] came into my life ... and it took a turn there," Stamos told Architectural Digest.

The three-bedroom home wasn't just meaningful but opulent, too. It not only included a large living room with giant windows and stone fireplace, but a music room for "dance parties," and a pool with scenic views of Los Angeles. It also has history, with Stamos telling People, "This is an old house from the '40s ... [Frank] Sinatra used to have a house next door."

Yet that home wasn't Stamos' first mansion. He bought his grand piano for the Topanga Canyon home that he first lived in during the 1980s. Then after marrying Romijn, he lived in her 7,800-square-foot house on five acres in Malibu, which they sold in 1991 in order to move to a 20-acre ranch close by. In 2008, Stamos also bought a fancy downtown Los Angeles loft in the "Art Deco Eastern Columbia Building," where his neighbor was A-lister Johnny Depp.

A mansion in a private neighborhood is where John Stamos calls home

John Stamos clearly had his fair share of fancy homes, but he seems to be living in his nicest one yet with his wife, Caitlin McHugh, and their son, Billy. The family moved into a 5,750-square-foot home in the super private Hidden Hills neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley of California. The area has become quite the hot spot for big Hollywood stars, like the Kardashians, Drake, and Miley Cyrus.

Stamos purchased the six-bedroom mansion for $5.75 million in August 2019, after putting his Beverly Hills home on the market for $6.75 million three months earlier. However, he ended up lowering the price to $4.24 million before he sold it in 2020.  If you're wondering why Stamos finally wanted to sell that home, it's because he wanted something new for his family. Right before they sold it, McHugh told People, "It's a really beautiful house, but it might be time to move on."

The Stamos Family didn't just move on, they moved up, since their current home is bigger with its own cool features. For instance, it contains a spacious living room with vaulted ceilings, a recording studio, and a school room for Billy. It also boasts 1.5 acres, where there's a basketball court, a separate outdoor dining area, and a lush pool and spa. What might be the most exciting feature, though is that Stamos has the infamous checkered couch and red doors from "Full House" inside.

John Stamos collects expensive vintage Disney memorabilia

If you're a John Stamos fan, then you probably know that the "ER" star has a major affinity for all things Disney. Luckily for him, he can afford to indulge in his obsession. "I collect Disney memorabilia," he shared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," adding, "I have the big 'D' in the backyard." Stamos was referring to the piece of the Disneyland sign that he has. He then showed off Walt Disney's vintage telephone, a pirate head from "The Pirates of the Caribbean" ride, and a doll from "It's Small World" attraction that he has in his home, too. He even has part of the Dumbo ride, which he sat in during "The Disney Family Singalong."

Stamos apparently has plans to buy more Disney artifacts, which he made clear when he shared a TikTok from a Disney-themed auction. In the video, he highlighted the items he wanted and what he already had. However, Stamos admitted on the "Baby, This is Keke Palmer" podcast that he once felt he had to distance himself from being a "Disney adult," before fellow actor Ryan Gosling shared his own obsession. "I go ... 'I'm a Disney guy, too.' So that kind of turned the corner for me," Stamos recalled.

Stamos has other expensive collections, since he has also acquired a lot of Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley relics. In terms of the latter, he explained on "Live with Kelly and Mark," "I visited Graceland and I didn't go home empty-handed."

Caitlin McHugh and John Stamos had an extravagant engagement and wedding

John Stamos' engagement and wedding to his now-wife Caitlin McHugh was over-the-top in the best way, beginning with McHugh's pricey engagement ring. The "Fuller House" star reportedly dropped a pretty penny on the 3-4 carat emerald-cut diamond that he purchased from celeb jeweler Neil Lane. That stone even sat on a platinum band, and was surrounded by two smaller diamonds.

Then there was how Stamos popped the question at Disneyland in 2017. He probably had to pull some strings to get his own personal Disney animation that ended with "The Little Mermaid's" Sebastian the crab holding a sign that read "Go on and ask the girl." Of course, McHugh said yes, writing on Instagram, "That's what you do when the sweetest, most romantic Prince Charming treats you like a princess."

The twosome later tied the knot at Stamos' former Beverly Hills home, which was certainly lavish enough to hold a celebrity wedding. McHugh was also able to acquire $165,000 worth of jewelry to wear on the big day. However, that was all unfortunately stolen from her hotel room the night before the ceremony. That didn't take away from their wedding, though, with a source telling People, "It was a very touching ceremony. There were tears, but mostly smiles." The couple later ended their festivities similar to where they began, by going to Disney World for their honeymoon. In an Instagram post of their trip, McHugh gushed, "Perfect way to begin our #happilyeverafter."

John Stamos takes glamorous vacations

John Stamos' honeymoon wasn't the only time he went to Disney World, considering that the "Necessary Roughness" actor has taken quite a few vacations there. Yet, Stamos probably goes to Disneyland more, since it's closer to his home. In February 2023, he shared an Instagram reel of a recent trip he and his wife, Caitlin McHugh, took there, writing in the caption, "With my sweetheart, on #Sweetheartsnite at the sweetest place on earth."

Stamos doesn't just go to the Disney Parks in the U.S., because in September 2023, he took his son to Disneyland Paris. He captioned a photo of them with Mickey, "Some days are just better than others." Stamos seems to have a soft spot for Paris, too, since he's been photographed vacationing there before. In 2016, for example, he took McHugh when they were dating, after beginning their getaway on Italy's Amalfi Coast. In terms of Europe trips, Stamos has apparently traveled to Greece in style too. In 2023, he shared an old photo of him and his late friend and costar Bob Saget, sunning themselves in a resort pool.

It appears that Stamos has spent a lot of time in New York City as well, like in December 2022, when he shared photos from a trip he and his son took at Christmas time. A few months later, Stamos posted a photo of his family in the next state over of Pennsylvania, where they seemingly stayed at a luxurious five-star resort.

Big birthday parties are the only kind John Stamos throws

It seems that John Stamos has a knack for throwing grandiose parties to celebrate his big birthdays. Most recently, in September 2023, he threw a 1960s-themed bash at a music venue to ring in his 60th year. The Beach Boys and a Beatles tribute band performed, and the guest list was full of celebrities, including Glen Powell, Jame Lee Curtis, and Stamos' former "Full House" co-stars like Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber.

Sweetin and Barber even gushed about the party later on their "How Rude Tanneritos" podcast, where they joked about Dave Coulier's toast. "John Stamos' birthday was really fun. Dave gave a speech ... which we can't talk about because it's definitely not PG-13," Sweetin dished. That wasn't the first time Stamos held a bash full of his famous friends either, since in 2013 he held a Rat-Pack themed party for his 50th at the Sunset Tower Hotel. The "Full House" stars had attended, along with Darren Criss and Tom Jones.

Stamos apparently likes to throw parties for his son, Billy Stamos, as well. In 2023, for example, Billy's 5th birthday included Pokeman, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Spiderman decorations. A year before, Stamos recreated a smaller version of Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room in his backyard. However, Billy's first birthday could have been the most over-the-top. That's because Stamos joked to Us Weekly then, "We're going to have a 'Curious George' party. I'm starting a monkey fund now, so I can get a live one."

John Stamos wears high-end fashions

It's safe to say that John Stamos is synonymous with being cool and that includes his upscale fashions. The "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2" actor has been recognized for his good style, like when GQ applauded him in 2015 for a black monochrome suit he was photographed in. "Years later, Stamos is still the coolest uncle you never had," they wrote. Later in 2022, Stamos sported a more unique look, when he was spotted out in New York City in a bright, 1980s-inspired outfit. That seemed to prove that Stamos has no problem experimenting with fashion.

In terms of high–end designers, Stamos has been known to wear sharp Dolce & Gabbana suits when doing press. He also name-dropped Tom Ford when sharing that his pants had ripped on stage when he was performing with The Beach Boys in 2019. He tweeted, "First time @TOMFORD has ever let me down. Ripped pants five minutes in." Stamos has been disappointed with his fashion choices before, though, considering that he told InStyle that he now regrets some of the clothes that he wore on "Full House." "I don't know why Uncle Jesse went through a suspender phase," he said.

Despite Stamos' expensive taste, he apparently can still have fun with his style, too. That's because in 2019, he was often seen wearing Jonas Brothers merchandise to different Hollywood events, which was apparently part of a prank war he had with Nick Jonas.

John Stamos loves to give opulent gifts

John Stamos doesn't just spend his money on himself, because he apparently gives sumptuous gifts to his friends, too. In 2023, for example, he gave his "Scream Queens" co-star Jamie Lee Curtis a drum set. She took to Instagram to express her gratitude writing, "My loving, funny, generous friend @johnstamos has heard me talk about wanting to learn how to play the drums ... So, John snuck into my office and left these beauties!" Another one of Stamos' pricey presents went to another one of his former co-stars, Darren Criss. In 2020, Stamos shared photos of him with Criss and his wife on Instagram, writing, "@darrencriss & @miavoncriss cashing in on their wedding present Disney Day from me and @caitlinskybound."

Stamos' gifts are just as thoughtful as they are fancy. For instance in 2014, he gave Jimmy Kimmel's daughter a vintage Uncle Jesse doll from the '90s, after learning that she was a fan of "Full House." That next year, when Stamos' former "Full House" co-star Candace Cameron Bure got a gig on "The View," he congratulated her with another '90s-themed gift of her own, by leaving a vintage poster of himself in her dressing room.

Stamos isn't only giving gifts to his famous friends, considering that he once helped non-famous people buy nice presents for their loved ones during the holidays. In December 2014, Stamos went undercover at a JCPenney, where he surprised customers by paying for all of their items.

John Stamos doesn't just live in luxury, he gives back

John Stamos may live the good life, but he does make a point to give back to others less fortunate than him. According to Look To The Stars, he's been involved with several charities over the years, including Give Kids The World, Operation Smile, Special Olympics, GLAAD, and Vanguard Cancer Foundation. Stamos seemingly donates money to these causes, but he's used his talents to help others, too. In 2022, he joined The Beach Boys in Oklahoma City to play a concert in order to raise money for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

Before that in 2018, Stamos even launched a bracelet collection with his wife, Caitlin McHugh, with the sole purpose of giving back, since all their proceeds went to charity. They worked with the brand "My Saint My Hero" to create their "Share the Love St. Amos bracelet," which supported the non-profit, ChildHelp. "This is just sort of a way for someone to grab a bracelet, wear one and then share one, and all our money goes to fighting child abuse," Stamos told People.

It seems that helping the community is super important to both Stamos and McHugh, especially considering that McHugh has a whole podcast dedicated to philanthropy. They're also teaching their son their charitable ways, with Stamos telling E!, "[My wife] ... takes him down to feed the homeless." He added, "We try to show him it's about service and giving back."

John Stamos would rather be famous than rich

John Stamos is obviously living a life of luxury, but money has apparently never been that big of a deal to him. It's probably at least partly due to how he grew up. Stamos told The LA Times, "My parents weren't showy at all; they were very humble." He also revealed that his dad insisted that he continue to work in the family restaurant, even after he landed his first major TV gig. "There's 30 million people watching and I got pulled into this teen idol stuff. But I'm still working at the restaurant," Stamos said.

Yet for Stamos, becoming an actor was never about making tons of money. When talking about being "rich and famous" on the "Good Guys" podcast in 2023, Stamos admitted, "I wanted to be famous. I didn't care about money." Stamos went on to say it's because he just loves people and that he "feeds off" the energy of meeting his fans. The one downside to Stamos' mindset is that despite all of his success, he always wants to do more. "To be content is the challenge," he admitted to Shondaland, but added that it's something he's working on.

All in all, Stamos clearly has the means to live lavishly and has seemingly done so ever since he got famous. Yet, he's never let his fame and fortune get to his head, which is why he'll seemingly always be the perfect TV crush, on screen and off.