Meet The Baeumlers' 4 Kids

When Sarah and Bryan Baeumler decided to leave Canada and take on a project on an island in the Bahamas, they invited fans into their lives. "Renovation Island" was a unique experience for the family of six, and their time will leave them with lasting memories. What's more, fans of the show watched the four Baeumler children — Quintyn, Charlotte, Lincoln, and Josephine — grow up on television and embrace their family's new life.

Moving away from home could have been difficult for the Baeumler kids, but they were given a unique opportunity to discover more about the world and, in turn, about themselves. "I think a lot of people's friends and parents say, 'I don't think you should go'. In this case, we trusted our gut and we included our children," Sarah told City Parent in a 2020 interview. "Seeing it through their eyes now, we see how much they have taken away from it. Nothing can prepare you for that, seeing it through your children's eyes, for them to see how incredible it is to travel and how small the world really is. We would do it again in a heartbeat."

Without further ado, let's meet the four kids of "Renovation Island" stars Sarah and Bryan Baeumler.

They help their dad 'keep things in perspective'

In 2017, Canadian reality TV personalities Sarah and Bryan Baeumler decided to uproot their family and tackle a restoration project on Andros Island in the Bahamas. Their family's big move was featured on their television show "Renovation Island." As far as Bryan is concerned, Quintyn, Charlotte, Lincoln, and Josephine Baeumler played an essential role in the process.

"Having the kids here has been really great just to keep things in perspective," Bryan said in a clip for HGTV Canada in 2020 for the show's second season. "You know I see five loads of sand, and I think I have to get the machine here and spread it out, then we have to rake it, make it look good; the kids see a place to explore and somewhere to have fun, so that kind of helps ground everything and just remind us not what we're doing but why we're doing it." Unfortunately for fans of the show, this chapter in their lives may be finished.

Judging by a 2023 casting call for a forthcoming HGTV Canada show, it looks like the Baeumler patriarch is ready for his next endeavor. "We are now casting for a brand-new series where Bryan Baeumler travels off-the-beaten-path to help people who have left their old lives behind to start a unique business in a rural or remote location," the post reads. We imagine the kids will continue to help their dad "keep things in perspective."

The Baeumler kids switched up their school plan

While the Sarah and Bryan Baeumler initially planned on homeschooling their kids when they got to the Bahamas, they quickly changed course. Per House Beautiful, the Baeumler parents put their three youngest kids in a traditional school, while the eldest, Quintyn Baeumler, headed to boarding school. "The kids keep up with school either by attending local school and supplementing with tutors to keep them on track back home, and of course, we help out with homework and projects in the evenings," Bryan said in a 2019 interview with Kari Skelton.

Things changed once again when the global pandemic hit. In 2020, Bryan shared a photo of his daughter Josephine Baeumler in the middle of an online lesson. "If your kids are doing online school like ours, it's important to provide them with a learning environment free of distractions," he captioned the Instagram post. In the pic, she's at a desk with a laptop, accompanied by a baby duck.

He discussed his kids' education again in a chat with HGTV Canada in 2021. "When we arrived on the island, we wanted the kids to embrace the culture and the lifestyle, so we put them in the local school. People said to us, 'How are they going to be, perhaps ahead or behind? Or they won't be at the same position where they are academically," Bryan recalled. Their decision was the right one for the family, and their children have thrived.

The Baeumler children have hands-on parents

From the glimpse that fans have gotten into the Baeumler children's lives, it appears they have a great relationship with their parents, Sarah and Bryan Baeumler. Sarah and Bryan have found a balance between giving them enough freedom to grow and ensuring they have a sense of security. "As a parent, you want to make sure your kids are safe. You almost kind of go in first and make sure there's no booby traps or holes to fall in, and then you let them go," Bryan told HGTV Canada in a 2021 interview.

It is also clear there's no shortage of love in this household. "The most important part of being a Dad is telling them and showing them you love them until they're sick of hearing it, and by setting a good example by the way you talk to and treat the people and situations around you," Bryan shared in an Instagram post in June 2023.

Sarah and Bryan are the parents and ultimately make the decisions, but they respect their children enough to include them in life-changing moments. For example, when they were first noodling with the idea of moving to the Bahamas, they were sure to run it by their kids. "Our children were part of the whole process from day one," Sarah told City Parent in a 2020 interview. "If we were committing to doing something like this, it was going to be a family decision."

Quintyn Baeumler is an accomplished equestrian

Quintyn Baeumler is a horse rider and has shared many highlights on his Instagram account. When he moved to the Bahamas, he took a break from the activity. In a June 2018 Facebook post, his mom, Sarah Baeumler, shared a picture of her son in his riding gear and announced his return to the sport. "Quintyn is loving life on the island, but he missed his horse riding," she wrote. "Today was a chance to get back on the saddle."

Quintyn has progressed as a horse jumper, even competing with Team Canada for their Young Rider Team. "Still over the moon!" Quintyn shared on Instagram after his win in August 2023. He gave his teammates a shoutout, thanked his parents for being his biggest cheerleaders, and praised his beloved horse, Haydn.

Sarah posted a photo of her son on Instagram in May 2023 to share how "incredibly proud" of Quintyn she was. Bryan Baeumler has also celebrated his son's achievements, and in August 2023, he posted on Instagram about Team Canada's win. "Congratulations to the entire Young Riders Show Jumping Team — 1st Place at the North American Youth Championships in Traverse City, Michigan!!!" he wrote in the caption of a photo of the team on the winner's podium.

Quintyn Baeumler approaches everything with passion

Quintyn Baeumler's parents are clearly proud of the person he has become. When Quintyn turned 18 in January 2023, his mom, Sarah Baeumler, took to Instagram to not only celebrate this milestone, but share a bunch of photos of him throughout the years. These sweet memories were accompanied by a sweet caption, which gives a glimpse into Sarah's relationship with her son.

"Dear Q: I feel like I closed my eyes for a moment, and suddenly a man now stands before me," she wrote. "The years have gone by all too quickly, and today marks another milestone in your life. As we celebrate your 18th birthday, I want you to know that you have given us so many reasons to be proud of the person you have become. I hope that you continue to do the things that ignite passion into your heart and fill your soul." She also praised his kindness and loving nature.

His dad, Bryan Baeumler, also posted a loving birthday note on Instagram. Sharing a collection of pictures of Quintyn, Bryan got emotional in his caption. "Happy Birthday Q! We have had so many adventures together, and I'm looking forward to so many more," he wrote. "That sweet little bald, giggly baby has grown into a smart, handsome, talented and most importantly, kind young Man. No words will ever adequately describe how much I love you, or how proud of you I am."

Quintyn Baeumler is learning to be a pilot

Like his dad, Bryan Baeumler, Quintyn Baeumler has also shown an interest in becoming a licensed pilot. "It's a big, big step for me," Bryan told HGTV Canada in a 2021 interview after achieving the milestone of flying solo. "It's something I've been had my eyes on for years." Bryan has documented many of his flights on Instagram, and it's clear that he is thrilled his son is following in his footsteps.

"As a Dad, there's nothing quite like watching your firstborn Baby Bird fly away," Bryan captioned a photo of Quintyn with his flight instructor. Sarah Baeumler is likely a little more cautious about her son's passion but just as supportive — at least, that's what it seemed like when she shared a photo of her younger son, Lincoln Baeumler (who shares his brother's interest in flying), taking flight. "Pilot in training," she wrote in the caption of a photo of Lincoln in the cockpit, which she posted on Instagram in October 2023. "And yes, this does make me nervous from time to time, but for now, I'm going to take a back seat and watch this young man chase his dreams!"

Charlotte Anne Baeumler makes her parents proud

Charlotte Anne Baeumler is Sarah and Bryan Baeumler's eldest daughter and second-born child. On more than one occasion, her parents have taken to social media to share their love for who their daughter has become. In celebration of her 16th birthday on April 30, 2023, Bryan posted many throwback pictures of his daughter. "Put on your seatbelts and check your blind spots ... our first Baby Girl is 16 today!!!" he captioned the Instagram post. "Happy Birthday to a strong, smart, driven, kind, compassionate, and beautiful young Lady. Daddy loves you, Charlotte, and I'm so proud of you every day."

This statement was echoed by Sarah, who also posted on Instagram to let Charlotte and the rest of the world know just how special she is. "Happy Sweet Sixteen to our baby girl. You fill our lives with warmth, humor, and even some sass!" she wrote in the caption. "You continue to make us proud as you mature into the young woman we see here today. Thank you for your smile that lights up a room."

Charlotte Baeumler learned how to dive

Island life boasts a lot of incredible outdoor activities, including diving. When Charlotte Baeumler was old enough to start diving below the ocean's surface, as she enrolled in lessons. Her dad, Bryan Baeumler, shared a photo on Instagram showing Charlotte and her brother Lincoln Baeumler in a swimming pool, accompanied by a diving instructor. "Linc and Charlotte took the plunge to get certified," he wrote. "That's 5/6 certified divers on the B-Team ... next it's JoJo's turn!" he added, referring to his youngest daughter, Josephine Baeumler.

"It's great because we have passed our love for being outside and active to the kids," Sarah Baeumler told Streets of Toronto in a 2022 interview. "Now we are able to enjoy these activities with the entire family. We [herself and Bryan] are both also certified scuba divers and love to travel to find the best scuba diving spots."

While the whole family may share an interest in diving, but that's not to say the four Baeumler children are exactly alike. Keeping that in mind, Sarah and Bryan approach each of their four youngsters as individuals. As Sarah said in 2021 interview with HGTV Canada, "Charlotte likes her independence, and we reinforce it. It's very different for each kid, how we show our affection to them and what they need from us."

Charlotte Baeumler is 'an amazing sister'

When it comes to singing their kids' praises on social media, the Baeumlers don't hold back. In a 2022 birthday post on Instagram, Bryan Baeumler called Charlotte Baeumler his "incredibly smart, powerful, beautiful and loving baby girl." He continued, "You are a Force!" Two years before that, Bryan posted another heartfelt birthday message on Instagram to his daughter. "#TBT 13 years ago today, the most beautiful, smart, and caring Little firecracker arrived to take over the World," he captioned the post.

Kindness is a quality that her parents have mentioned multiple times. In 2022, Sarah Baeumler posted a photo of Charlotte in celebration of her 15th birthday. In the caption, she discussed her pride in who she had become. "Nothing makes me prouder than watching you grow into a caring, beautiful woman," she wrote. "Your contagious laugh and genuine soul fill our days with so much love. Thank you for being an amazing sister to Q, Linc, and Jojo."

Charlotte also appears to have a close bond with her mom, and the mother-and-daughter duo often enjoys quality time. This includes a weekend away and a driving trip.

Lincoln Baeumler is an artist

Lincoln Baeumler is Sarah and Bryan Baeumler's third child and second son. Only time will tell what career path he will follow when he's all grown up, but he's already shown his passion for art. Lincoln has an Instagram account filled with his artwork and is proud to show off his skills. His bio also reveals drawing is something he would like to do professionally. "Artist, scuba diver, and young pilot Son of @bryanbaeumler and @sarahbaeumler (My dream would be to draw for @disney)," the bio reads.

As for the type of stuff Lincoln draws? His account dates back to March 2022, and features over 40 drawings. The first was a sunset created with colored pencils. Some of his other art includes abstract drawings with pen, pencil sketches of Disney characters like Pluto and Mickey Mouse, and pencil art of a man riding a horse (which may be inspired by his brother, Quintyn Baeumler).

Lincoln Baeumler has grown up with sunshine and fresh air

The family's "Renovation Island" journey sure seems to suit Lincoln Baeumler, too. Sarah and Bryan Baeumler's third-born appears to love being outdoors, whether fishing, learning to fly, or taking a trip in a recreational vehicle with his family.

In August 2023, Sarah posted a photo of herself and Lincoln from their RV trip across Canada. "Spent the weekend on the East Coast with the kids and Bryan," Sarah captioned the Instagram post. "A mix of family time, productive filming, and a nice reminder of just how beautiful our country really is ... coast to coast."

Lincoln also adapted to the island lifestyle very quickly. In a 2021 interview with HGTV Canada, Bryan recalled how his two youngest children, Lincoln and Josephine, ran to the beach to play with the local kids on their first day on Andros Island in the Bahamas. "And it was so, so pure and innocent, and amazing for us to watch," he said of the moment.

Josephine Baeumler loves animals

The youngest child in the Baeumler household is Josephine Baeumler. Like her older siblings, she has also grown up spending much time outdoors. In March 2023, her mom, Sarah Baeumler, posted a picture of Josephine (affectionately referred to as JoJo) holding a python and smiling for the camera. "My little adventurer! Nothing stops Jojo from exploring the wonders of nature," Sarah wrote in the Instagram caption. "She's always eager to discover new things, even if it means making friends with a slithery creature like this one!"

JoJo sure seems to love animals, whether she's posing with a cute puppy or a fluffy duck. There are also snaps of her with horses, including one of her petting them. "One thing about our Jojo ... you'll find her near the wildlife," Sarah captioned her Instagram post. Like her older brother, she has also shown an interest in horse riding.

Josephine Baeumler has a close bond with her dad

The Baeumler family enjoys being together. "We spend most of our time outside, and it's made the Family very close, which is nice... most of the time," Sarah Baeumler told People in a 2020 interview. But Josephine Baeumler shares a special bond with her dad, Bryan Baeumler, which has been highlighted on social media. Some of their sweet memories include flying together, enjoying a "daddy-daughter weekend," and taking a trip in their Mirada Class A motorhome.

For her 9th birthday on November 9, 2021, Bryan got emotional in an Instagram tribute. "Josephine is 9 today ... There is no light that shines brighter than JoJo," he wrote. "Lover of animals, asker of questions, teller of tales, dancer of dances, and singer of songs. The World became a better place the minute you arrived, and it's all yours ... Daddy loves you."

In 2022, Bryan shared on Instagram how proud he is of his two youngest children and celebrated some of their best qualities. "If there's mischief in the air ... there's a 99.9% chance these two little creatures are involved ..." he captioned a bunch of photos of Josephine and Lincoln. "These two 'Littles' are so full of adventure and mischief ... and they're also both so independent, inquisitive, funny, caring, loving and empathetic," he added.