Inside Selma Blair's On And Off Romance With David Lyons

Selma Blair and David Lyons may be ready to give their relationship another chance, as the two were spotted taking a walk together in Los Angeles at the beginning of 2023. But that's not all. The "Cruel Intentions" star and her ex-boyfriend were also hugging each other and even got mani-pedis at the same time. In 2022, they were seen strolling around a supermarket in L.A. and looking very intimate.

The "Legally Blonde" alum started dating Lyons in 2019, one year after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Back then, Blair told British Vogue that she couldn't eat for days and needed a lot of sleep. Her condition went undiagnosed for four decades, which only made things worse. "I spent my days in bed, crying, sometimes binge drinking, sometimes reading and sleeping, seeing doctors and healers," confessed the actress.

Lyons showed his support, but, unfortunately, their relationship didn't last. "How did I get so lucky? I wanted a special cane for the #vanityfair dinner. So ... @lyon_hearted [David Lyons] went out and found patent leather and @bic_owen, and he stitched it on. Hours of love put in," Blair shared on Instagram in 2019. Over the next few years, they've been dating on and off, leaving fans wondering what's going on. 

Selma Blair's relationship with David Lyons simply wasn't meant to be

"The Sweetest Thing" star was allegedly engaged to actor David Lyons in 2019, but little is known about their relationship. In December of that year, Selma Blair sported a diamond ring while on a date with her then-boyfriend, but she stopped wearing it following the rumors surrounding her engagement. Their relationship ended in January 2020, which led Blair to rekindle her romance with actor Ron Carlson. Two years later, she filed a restraining order against Carlson after he physically assaulted her.

In August 2022, Blair was spotted walking her service dog with Lyons. The two appeared close and were constantly smiling, which sparked rumors about the nature of their relationship. However, an anonymous source told OK! that Blair and Lyons were nothing more than friends, and the "Cruel Intentions" star says she's single, according to Glamour. Blair entered remission from MS in 2021, and now she's ready to find love. "I still believe if I'm just true to myself, that person will come into my life one day," she told the magazine. "It's the first time I have hope. And I could have never said that in my life before."

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The 'Hellboy' actress is trying to rebuild her life

Selma Blair supported Christina Applegate through her MS journey while fighting her own battles. The "Hellboy" actress has been experiencing nerve pain, depression, fatigue, and other odd symptoms since childhood. Over the years, she saw countless doctors who attributed her condition to anything but MS. "One doctor went so far as to tell me I might feel better if I had a boyfriend," Blair confessed to The Guardian.

The disease took a toll on her career and personal life, leaving her feeling hopeless. But everything changed after she entered remission. In 2021, the "Dark Horse" star decided to share her story in the documentary "Introducing, Selma Blair." The same year, she starred in "Far More," a drama about life, family, and loss. In 2022, Blair competed on "Dancing with the Stars" and published her memoir.

The actress also supports several organizations dedicated to helping people with disabilities and MS. Her goal is to raise awareness of the disease and encourage those going through the same struggles as she did. "I find that her visibility has opened up doors for me," Keah Brown, a journalist with cerebral palsy, told Self. "From word of mouth alone, she's really doing that work of people just seeing her and being like, 'If she can do it, I can do it.'"