Naomie Olindo's Stunning Transformation Is Causing A Stir

If you're a fan of the reality TV show "Southern Charm," you know who Naomie Olindo is. She first joined the show during its season 3 run when she started dating one of its cast members, Craig Conover, in 2015. She soon became a fan favorite — even after her relationship with Conover ended, she remained on the show. Sadly, Olindo didn't return for the show's ninth season, but that does not mean fans suddenly lost interest in her life. In fact, it might be safe to say that they're more invested than ever.

Olindo underwent a stunning transformation during her time on "Southern Charm," and unlike some other reality TV stars out there, she hasn't been shy about admitting that she's had some work done to look the way she does. In fact, she's spoken openly about her plastic surgery. Olindo is an advocate for doing what makes you feel good and not feeling bad about it, and during an interview with Decider, she made it clear that she supports people doing what they want to feel their best. "Isn't the goal of everybody to be happy with themselves and be comfortable in their own skin? ... You'd think people would be happy, but instead, everyone had their own opinions," she said. But Olindo doesn't let other people's judgment get under her skin. "I didn't do it for them, I did it for me, so I feel really good about it," she said.

Naomie got her nose done when she was 25

Naomie Olindo has wanted to change the appearance of her nose since she was eight years old. During a Q&A with her plastic surgeon, Joshua Zimm, M.D., P.C., Olindo spoke candidly about her decision to undergo rhinoplasty surgery. She didn't necessarily intend to wait until 25 to get the procedure; it just happened that she woke up one day and decided it was time. "One day, I looked in the mirror, and I really didn't like my old nose, and so I just called my mom, and I said, 'I really want to do this now. I'm 25, I think it's time,'" she recalled. 

When Olindo told her friends about her upcoming surgery, they had plenty of questions. "Somebody was like, 'Are you gonna announce it? Are you gonna tell people?' And I said, 'What do you mean announce it?' And they were like, 'Are you gonna admit that you got it?' And I said, 'What? Why wouldn't I? What is the big deal?' I guess I had no idea that it would be such a big deal. I thought it was gonna be just a non-issue, you know?" she told Decider. During an interview with Bravo, Olindo said that she thinks it's crazy that plastic surgery is still seen as a taboo. She also opened up about the surgery on her Instagram Stories, giving fans an inside look at what the procedure was like.

Naomie wished that she'd gotten her nose job sooner

Despite the criticism and less-than-kind comments, Naomie Olindo has never regretted getting rhinoplasty surgery. "I always say I would do it again a million times over. The only regret I have is not doing it sooner," she told her plastic surgeon, Joshua Zimm, M.D., P.C., during a Q&A. She later added that, even though she's happy with the results, people should keep in mind that getting plastic surgery can take quite a psychological toll on you — you have to be sure that you're ready and that you're getting the procedure done because it's something you really want. "It is a big change, and so if you're not ready, I think it could be a little psychologically weird. So you definitely have to be ready," she said.

After her surgery, Olindo posted a now-deleted image to Instagram showing off her new profile. Fans immediately noticed the change, and she was happy to admit to the procedure. As for the haters in the comment section, Olindo said she tried to handle them the way she would the kind comments. "None of it really means much to me unless it's from somebody that I know. But I'm very glad that I did [the surgery]," she told Decider. "I love it. My surgeon would text me like, 'Are you okay with all this?' Yes, absolutely. I didn't do it for them, I did it for me, so I feel really good about it."

Naomie got Botox fillers shortly after her nose job

It might be safe to say that, once you get plastic surgery, it's easy to get other procedures done because you're no longer as nervous as you were the first time around. Naomie Olindo was so happy with her rhinoplasty surgery that she opted for some more alterations once her nose had healed.

In December 2018, a couple of months after her rhinoplasty, Olindo got Botox and filler injections in her face. The best part? She casually announced it on Instagram, along with a picture she took after the procedure. In the caption, she thanked her doctor for "the greatest filler/Botox service in Charleston," commending him for a job well done. "This is my after, I'm not showing my before because it's u-g-l-y," she continued in the caption. We think Olindo looked stunning before and after the procedure, and sharing her experience likely helped many others feel less afraid to take the leap. She told People that many fans had reached out to her saying they wished they had her bravery to get plastic surgery but that they were too afraid of what the people around them would say if they altered their appearance. "I'm like, 'Why are you scared? Just do what you want to do. It's not for anyone else but yourself,'" Olindo said.

Naomie also had some work done on her jaw, cheeks, and chin in 2021

While 2018 was a year of change for Naomie Olindo, she opted to have some more work done on her face in 2021. This time around, she had changes made to her jaw, cheeks, and chin, but it was nothing as drastic as her rhinoplasty surgery — there were no scalpels involved, for one. Again, Olindo was very open about the procedure and shared her experience with her fans on Instagram, posting some stunning before and after pictures in her Stories (via Bravo). "Y'all know I hate it when people try to judge about Botox/fillers. It is absolutely okay to do exactly what you want to do and not be ashamed about it," Olindo captioned the Story that showed off a before and after of her jawline enhancement.

Olindo's physician, Cameron Moskos, also took to Instagram to showcase Olindo's stunning jawline transformation, captioning the post, "Oh hey, gorgeous! This beauty came to see me a few weeks ago for a little rejuvenation!" Moskos then explained the work she'd done on Olindo. "[We] decided on a plan that included using dermal filler to enhance her cheeks, chin, and jawline. Oh, and of course, a little Botox sprinkle!" Moskos added, saying that Olindo was "a dream to inject."

In her Instagram Story, Olindo praised Moskos for her work, saying that she loved the small but noticeable difference in her jawline. We have to agree — it looks great.

Naomie managed to lose a lot of weight with intermittent fasting

Aside from getting some work done on her face, Noamie Olindo has also managed to shed a few pounds while she was appearing on "Southern Charm." Fans seemed to notice it suddenly, even though Olindo said that by then, she had been on her weight loss journey for a while. Speaking to "The Skinny Confidential Him and Her" podcast in 2021, Olindo revealed that she used intermittent fasting to lose weight. "It took me almost a year to lose weight, but people noticed all of a sudden. But it was a long build-up and a long maintenance also," she explained.

In a 2018 Instagram post, Olindo explained that intermittent fasting worked very well for her. "I started IF and substituted my first meal of the day with a blender bomb smoothie...and body fat MELTED off in a few months," she explained in the post, adding that she still enjoyed things like candy, junk food, and alcohol, but balanced it out by eating healthy foods most of the time. In a series of Instagram Stories, Olindo explained her weight loss plan to her followers. First, she started slowly incorporating a fitness routine into her schedule alongside intermittent fasting (Olindo's fasting lasts from 8 p.m. to 12 p.m., and she does this five days a week). It took Olindo three months to see results from this regimen, but she ended up losing more than 20 pounds.