Everything We Know About Jamie Foxx's Ex, Connie Kline

While he may be an outside-of-the-box personality, Jamie Foxx keeps his personal life notably private. After Jamie's severe medical scare that left fans, family, and other celebs terrified, the comedian has been mostly quiet. This privacy also extended to his two daughters, Corrine Foxx and Anelise Bishop. Jamie embraced fatherhood for the first time in 1994 when he welcomed Corrine with his ex, Connie Kline. Fifteen years later, he welcomed his second daughter, Anelise Bishop, with Kristin Grannis.

The "Ray" star keeps the identities of his daughters' mothers on the down low, most likely to preserve their privacy. While fans know a bit about Grannis, who was spotted on public outings with Jamie and their daughter, the details of Jamie's connection with Kline remain shrouded in mystery. According to reports from Distractify, Jamie and Kline shared a brief romance in 1993 while the comedian was still on the come-up.

Despite the discreet nature of their personal lives, reports suggest that Jamie and Kline have a good relationship to this day. Sources emphasized their good co-parenting relationship, saying, "He looks after her well. They get on together, and they have an agreement. It is a mutual thing, and they get on well," per the Daily Mail. Jamie also reportedly purchased Kline a 5,000-square-foot house a Black Mercedes. The paparazzi managed to get a rare glimpse of Kline in 2016, marking her first-ever appearance in the public eye. The photographs captured her running errands with her younger daughter in Simi Valley.

Corrine calls her mother Connie a hero

Connie Kline deliberately maintains a low-profile life, choosing to reside outside the glare of the public spotlight, despite sharing a child with one of the most renowned actor-musicians in the world. As reported by Distractify, she holds an accountant position at CK Financial, showcasing her dedication to a career that contrasts with the high-profile nature of the entertainment industry.

A small glimpse into her personal life is offered through her Facebook page, which is adorned with pictures capturing precious moments with her two daughters, Corinne and another whose name remains unknown. The trio frequently embarks on outings, whether it's exploring waterfalls in Ireland or cheering on the Dodgers at a baseball game.

Beyond her role as a dedicated mother and professional, Kline is a military veteran who served in the U.S. Air Force for five years. Corinne, in admiration of her mother's military service, expressed her deep appreciation in a touching tribute on Veterans Day in 2016. "Your strength, perseverance, and endurance inspire me every day. You have shown me that women can do anything and everything," Corrine's heartfelt Instagram caption read. "I am who I am because of you. Thank you for your service. I promise to work towards a better, kinder, stronger America for you."

Corrine is following in her dad's footsteps

While Connie Kline stays out of the public eye, her daughter Corinne Foxx has embraced the limelight with her father. A sought-after model, she worked with fashion giants like Yeezy and Dolce & Gabbana. On-screen, Corinne starred in the thriller "47 Meters Down: Uncaged," and in the comedy series "Dollface." She also co-hosts the hit game show "Beat Shazam" alongside none other than her father, Jamie Foxx.

Corrine and Jamie have a very close relationship and even decided to go into business together. In 2021, the father-daughter duo teamed up for Netflix's "Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!" Corrine wrote and executive produced the show, which drew inspiration from the comedian's real-life antics as a dad. "So we had all these moments of just funny tension throughout our life," Corinne told to Backstage. "And we thought: Why don't we take these stories and turn them into episodes of a TV show?" Even though the show only lasted for one season, Corrine had plenty of other projects lined up.

Beyond her screen time, the "Safety" actor lends her voice to important conversations. She served as an executive producer alongside Hillary Clinton and Rosario Dawson for the 2022 documentary "Below the Belt." The doc shed light on the challenges women with endometriosis, such as Corrine, face. Jamie gave his eldest daughter a special shoutout on Instagram upon the film's release. Corrine is also a co-host of the mental health podcast, "Am I Doing This Right?"