The Hilarious Family Feud Moment That Drove Steve Harvey Off The Stage

Steve Harvey is the longest-serving "Family Feud" host since its launch in 1976. Considering how much Steve Harvey really makes from Family Feud, he's also the highest-earning. Harvey's charisma and humor have undoubtedly led to the show's increase in viewership and rankings. The "Family Feud" game show stands out for its unique format: Two families compete by answering survey questions to win $20,000. It's not about giving the right or logical answers but matching the survey's often surprising results.

Part of the fun of watching the show is seeing Harvey's reactions to the silliest of answers that the contestants give. One of the most memorable "Family Feud" moments occurred in a November 2023 episode. When asked, "What's something people run across their lips?" a contestant amusingly responded with "Gravy." 

Harvey, who was confident the answer was too absurd to be correct, was left in stitches — as was the audience. Yet, to everyone's surprise, it was deemed close enough to "food/juicy cherry," one of the survey responses. In disbelief, Harvey dramatically tossed his cue card and exited the stage, causing the audience to laugh even harder. It wasn't the first time an answer caused Harvey to walk off, either.

Steve Harvey almost lost it on Family Feud

Steve Harvey has been pushed to his limits numerous times on "Family Feud" due to the absurd answers that contestants often give in the heat of the moment. Another hilarious incident occurred in a February 2020 episode when Harvey asked the opposing families to "name an animal that women actually like being compared to." The first contestant quickly answered "a cat," which was correct. Although Harvey found the answer reasonable, the following responses began to get more absurd from there.

The next family member, Sonam, answered "dog," leaving Harvey shocked. When the answer appeared on the board, Harvey bemusedly told the next family member, Neel, to say whatever came to mind. He reasoned that anything could make the list if "dog" was considered correct. Amusingly, Neel's response, "lion," also appeared on the board. A visibly stunned Harvey moved on to the next person, who provided another correct answer with "sparrow."

When the next contestant answered "bunny," Harvey seemed certain that it was correct and was astounded when it turned out wrong. However, the next answer of "horse," pushed Steve Harvey to his limits. He put his cue card down and walked away, but when the answer turned out wrong, he returned to the stage with dramatic visible relief.

Steve Harvey once threatened to quit the show

In a November 2020 episode of "Family Feud," the contestants received arguably one of the most bizarre questions ever asked on the show. The question was to "name something a cheap person might use their earwax for." The first answers from the opposing families were "food" and "lotion," both of which were correct, giving the Kindell family a chance to play. 

Unsurprisingly, Harvey received various ridiculous answers, including "glue," which surprisingly garnered 20 votes. The situation escalated when Nate, a member of the Kindell family, was unable to answer, eliciting a relieved response from Harvey, who said, "That's what I'm waiting on, somebody to think like me."

He thanked Nate before moving on to the next contestant, who answered, "To brush their teeth." At this point, Harvey turned to the audience and humorously threatened to quit the show if that answer was correct. To the relief of "Family Feud" viewers — and Harvey — the answer was incorrect. 

Steve Harvey's success as a host isn't just due to his humorous ability to leave the audience and even the contestants in stitches, but also because of how easily he connects to his viewers wherever he graces the screens. In 2022, Steve Harvey shared an emotional story that left family feud fans in tears and showed just how humble and grateful he is. While Harvey can't remain the show's host forever, he's undoubtedly become one of the greatest TV hosts in history.