The Ups And Downs Of Miley Cyrus' Relationship With Her Dad, Billy Ray Cyrus

The world was introduced to Miley Cyrus in "Hannah Montana" alongside her real-life dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, who portrayed her on-screen father in the series. Throughout the ups and downs of her career, the father-daughter duo seemed to maintain a strong bond, even throughout Miley's controversial moments in the media. When the world was caught off-guard by the former Disney star's risque solo career, Billy Ray defended his daughter's artistry.

But things turned for the worse after Miley's mother, Tish Cyrus, filed for divorce. Billy Ray and Tish divorced in April 2022, marking the end of 28 years of marriage. Tensions only heightened after the "Flowers" singer and her father unfollowed each other on Instagram in October 2022, following his engagement to artist Firerose. A source spilled the beans, telling The Sun: "Miley is all about peace, but she didn't agree with some things that her father has done. It has really escalated, and they are not on good terms."

While Miley and Billy Ray don't see eye-to-eye as of this writing, her siblings have also reportedly picked sides. Fans noticed that while Miley, Brandi, and Trace Cyrus were all present at Tish's wedding, Noah and Braison Cyrus were nowhere to be found. "Billy Ray was hoping things would get better now that they're married, but if anything Miley's even more upset," reported OK Magazine. "Noah and Braison are still very close to Billy Ray and have accepted Firerose. So if forced to choose, they'll take his side."

Miley Cyrus may have cut off her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, over his new wife, Firerose

In 2022, the Sun reported that Miley Cyrus and her father's disagreement was chalked up to her parents' divorce. After Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus called it quits, they both moved on to new partners in just a little over one year. But complications arose with Billy Ray's new wife, Firerose. "There were words exchanged over what ­happened towards the end of Billy and Tish's marriage," a source said in another article in the Sun. "And since then, they clearly see things very differently."

Contrary to a whirlwind romance, Billy Ray and his new wife have a long history. The country star had previously collaborated with Firerose on music, and she considered him a mentor (per People). The duo took their relationship to the next level with an engagement in late 2022 and a surprise wedding in October 2023. Amidst the drama, the timeline of their connection remains shrouded in mystery. A potentially unsettling revelation surfaced when Firerose, in an interview with Ryan Seacrest in August 2021, shared that she had met Billy Ray while on the set of the "Hannah Montana" movie (via Perez Hilton).

As fans attempt to piece together this puzzle, questions arose about their age gap, considering Firerose is only four years older than Miley. The implications of Billy Ray's longstanding connection with Firerose since her younger years may have fueled the continuing estrangement between Miley and her father.

Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus had different experiences with fame

It's hard to imagine a world where Miley Cyrus isn't an absolute superstar. But despite his successful singing career, Billy Ray Cyrus initially hesitated about his daughter entering the business. Miley had to plead with her father to audition for "Hannah Montana" (per Rolling Stone). His reservations stemmed from a desire to shield her from potential exploitation and disappointment within the industry.

Opening up about her father's distinct experience with fame in her TikTok series, "Used to Be Young," Miley emphasized the contrasting upbringing between them. "My dad grew up different from me," she began, highlighting her upbringing with more financial and emotional security. "I think that's where me and my dad's relationship to fame and success is wildly different. Him feeling loved by a big audience impacted him emotionally more than it ever could me."

While her father had reservations, Miley revealed that her mother, Tish Cyrus, actively supported her acting and music ambitions. Despite his presence in her life while she skyrocketed to stardom, the "Achy Breaky Heart" singer said he wishes "Hannah Montana" — and its aftermath — never happened. "I'll tell you right now — the damn show destroyed my family," Billy Ray told GQ in 2011 after he and Tish split for the first time. "I'd take it back in a second. For my family to be here and just be everybody okay, safe and sound and happy and normal, would have been fantastic."