A Look At Ryan Reynolds' Friendship With Anna Faris

People really like Ryan Reynolds. He and his wife Blake Lively have plenty of famous friends as proof. Their celebrity crew includes Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, Sandra Bullock, Hugh Jackman, and John Krasinski. Reynolds even co-owns a football club (known as soccer in America) in Wales with pal Rob McElhenney, which is the subject for the docuseries "Welcome to Wrexham." Travis Kelce could also join Lively and Reynolds' celebrity posse if Kelce and Swift's relationship continues to heat up.

Reynolds has a lot of celebrity friends, but one of his most enduring and endearing friendships is with fellow actor Anna Faris. The two became friends after working together in 2005, and nearly two decades later, they still adore each other. In October 2023, Reynolds shared his affection for his former co-star in an Instagram story. The caption read: "A tad late ... One of the funniest people I've ever worked with. Happy birthday, @annafaris" (via People). The message came attached to a photo of the pair from Reynolds' 2016 Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony.

At the ceremony, Faris also said many kind things about him. In particular, his leadership abilities and integrity came to the forefront. "He is also a man of tremendous integrity, and he's a brilliant leader on and off set, but, more importantly, he's an incredible husband, father, and friend," shared the "Scary Movie" actor. 

Anna Faris and Ryan Reynolds appeared together in two films

Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris began their friendship on the set of the black comedy "Waiting...," playing acrimonious exes who work together. Later, they starred opposite each other again in "Just Friends." In that film, Faris plays a self-involved pop star, and Reynolds plays the record producer tasked with watching her. Both films were released in 2005. 

The pair had a lot of fun on the set of "Just Friends." In an interview from the film's promotional campaign, posted on Tribute.Ca, Faris shared how Reynolds dubbed her "The Flicker." She gained the nickname from an unfortunate on-set incident. Faris was supposed to pretend to flick his crotch but accidentally did it for real. The pain caused him to give her the Flicker nickname. The interviewer later asked Reynolds to explain his version of the incident. He eagerly retold the hilarious (and painful) story. "I think she left a mark, which is not easily explainable when you get home," deadpanned the Marvel star.

This transitioned the conversation to Reynolds praising Faris for being "gifted with comedy." He recalled ruining takes from laughing because of her. Reynolds also expressed a willingness and enthusiasm to act opposite her again. This is an offer on which Faris may one day take him up.

Anna Faris wants to work together again

During Ryan Reynolds' Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony, Anna Faris told the actor that she couldn't wait to work together again. While the friends have no immediate plans to reunite on-screen, Faris has shown an interest in a "Just Friends" sequel. In a 2015 interview with Refinery29, the "Mom" star mentioned loving the idea of a sequel but wasn't sure about the plot. "Oh god, I would love to," Faris told Refinery29. "I don't know where [Anna's character] Samantha is now, but she's probably not in a great place."

Reynolds' other "Just Friends" co-star also said she would be on board for a sequel. Amy Smart told The List that she would "definitely be up for a sequel," adding "I hope that would happen someday."

Reynolds also seems to lean into the nostalgia surrounding the film. In 2021, his first TikTok paid homage to the "I Swear" scene from the film. In November, he reunited with Smart for an ad for his alcohol brand, Aviation American Gin. They did the ad as if they were their characters from the movie. All in all, "Just Friends" sequel may be what the world needs to see Faris and Reynolds on-screen together again.