Why General Hospital's Kirsten Storms And Days Of Our Lives' Brandon Barash Divorced

It's been a long time since Kirsten Storms got divorced from her former "General Hospital" co-star Brandon Barash and fans are still interested in the reason why. It's no surprise that daytime television stars often get together off-screen and begin hot romances that heat up just as much as their on-screen characters do on the canvas. After all, being utterly handsome or ridiculously beautiful must be a prerequisite in the soap opera world. 

Barash and Storms married in 2013, and welcomed their daughter Harper in 2014 but then pulled the plug on their marriage by 2016, according to People. The couple released a statement at the time that said, "We went to therapy for a long time, trying to figure out how to communicate better with each other. It's not anything that we dislike about each other," while also adding that their split was a "healthier choice" for not only Barash and Storms but for their daughter as well.

While the ex-couple has managed to stay on good terms as co-parents, it wasn't until well after their divorce did Storms finally opened up about the real reason behind their shocking split.

The magic was gone between Brandon Barash and Kirsten Storms

As far as the reason why Kirsten Storms and Brandon Barash decided to go their separate ways, the reason wasn't as complicated as it might seem. Storms told her "General Hospital" co-star Maurice Benard on his YouTube series "State of Mind" that it was a lack of compatibility that made them go their separate ways. She said, "Once we got married, it was obvious after a certain point that it wasn't going to work on a romantic level and I'm not gonna say that our divorce was great, because it wasn't... But divorce is always hard."

Storms also admitted that before they got together, they were good friends and on some level, they always knew that they would remain friends even though things didn't work out for them as husband and wife. "We have a history with each other of being friends — good friends," she explained. "I always thought he was cute, but it was never [romantic]... Then we kind of had a point in both of our lives where it worked out."

In other words, both Storms and Barash the lack of chemistry between them just wouldn't work out in the long run. But that has never stopped them from being thick as thieves.

Brandon Barash and Kirsten Storms remain great friends and co-parents

Kirsten Storms and Brandon Barash are not your typical ex-couple in the entertainment industry. That's because they spend just as much time together as an ex-couple compared to when they were still together. If they are not sharing a back-to-school adventure with their daughter Harper, then they are having a family-fun time chasing each other with Nerf guns on Instagram. That and Storms is also super proud that her ex-husband is the doting father he is to their daughter.

Then again, Storms also told Maurice Benard that being co-parents with her ex-husband is perhaps one of the easiest things she's ever done in her life. While she does admit that they've argued and have had their ups and downs, Barash still remains one of the most solid figures in her life. Storms shared on Benard's series "State of Mind," "Brandon has been there for me. A lot. In times I've needed support, guidance, help ... he's been there when people I'm close to or related to have not. So I'm thankful to him about a lot of things."