Why Barack Obama Got Jealous Of His Daughter Sasha At Home

Nowadays, Malia and Sasha Obama are enjoying an insanely lavish lifestyle. When their parents, Former President Barack Obama and Former First Lady Michelle Obama, moved out of the White House, the sisters found themselves living in a swanky new place in Washington. Like any ordinary family, each Obama picked their own bedroom in their new home. Initially, everything seemed well-balanced, and harmony prevailed. But then Sasha somehow ended up with the biggest room in the house, which made her father quite jealous. 

It's no wonder that Sasha jumped at the opportunity for some extra comfort because her White House stay wasn't as luxurious as it seemed. In her documentary "Becoming," Michelle recalled the time she had tea with Lara Bush at The White House before moving in herself, admitting she felt odd that most of the support staff were people of color immaculately dressed in tuxedos. As Michelle explained, "I didn't want [my daughters] growing up thinking that grown African American men served them in tuxedos," (via the Evening Standard).

So, she got rid of the dress codes. The former first lady also argued that she didn't want Malia and Sasha to be overly reliant on the support staff in general, so she instructed them to let the girls make their own beds. Michelle told the staff that one day, the girls would move out, and she wanted them to be self-sufficient in the real world. In addition to fulfilling their personal duties, the former first daughters also had to pick up chores around the house. 

Sasha Obama lucked out in their new home

When Michelle Obama appeared on "The Ellen Show," in 2018, she acknowledged that Barack Obama's luck had failed him when he picked his office in their post-White House home. Worse still, while the former commander-in-chief was restricted to a tiny working space, Sasha was thriving. As the best-selling author detailed, "[Sasha] has, like, this two-room suite. It's all decked out. She's got a living room area and a bedroom." Michelle continued, "She designed it. So he's really hating on her." 

Host Ellen DeGeneres joked that the hate was warranted because Sasha got the most despite being the youngest. As for Malia, she also got a small room in the attic because Barack and Michelle didn't want to give her a large room since she'd be away at college. Michelle was entrusted with the responsibility of planning their new home, and as a result, she would probably never hear the end of Barack's complaints regarding his office (as well as his limited closet space).

Eventually, Malia and Sasha moved out, and the Obamas became empty-nesters. Despite the extra space, Michelle informed ABC News' Robin Roberts that certain days were so slow that she and Barack held off on having conversations until dinner because they feared they would have nothing to talk about otherwise. But Michelle also listed some positives, like recreating their honeymoon for their 30th anniversary. While they enjoyed their alone time, Malia and Sasha lived it up.

Malia and Sasha Obama are living life to the fullest

After Malia and Sasha Obama obtained their degrees, they moved in together in Los Angeles, and their mother, Michelle Obama, hid how she truly felt about the decision to encourage them to go ahead with it. The sisters lived a relatively sheltered life while their father, Barack Obama, was president, so they naturally used their newfound freedom to explore the world, make some famous friends, and even find love. When Michelle spoke to Robin Roberts, she opened up about how she felt about her daughters stepping into the world of dating. 

"I think it's wonderful. I want them to know what they want, and who they are in a relationship and that takes trying on some people," the former first lady confirmed. She also revealed how Barack was handling it: "He's good with it, too. He's managing. He's learned how to be a concerned Black father, but not crazy." Sasha has reportedly been in a relationship with Clifton Powell since early 2022 and Malia is rumored to have found love with record producer Dawit Eklund.

The sisters also love going out. In August 2023, they attended a star-studded event hosted by Drake and 21 Savage. Malia and Sasha also took a trip to New York to attend Emma Stone's "SNL" afterparty in December. While they play hard, they also work hard. Malia used her gap-year experience interning for TV shows to act as a writer for the 2023 TV show "Swarm." They've also followed in their parents' footsteps and become actively involved in fighting injustice.