Sasha And Malia Obama's Most Famous Friends

Sasha and Malia Obama, daughters of former United States President Barack Obama, gained widespread recognition and endured intense media scrutiny during their father's 8-year tenure. Despite their popularity, the girls have led relatively low-profile lives with little to no social media presence. While staying out of the limelight has its challenges, it also comes with certain privileges, including Sasha and Malia Obama's privately lavish lifestyle.

During their time in the White House, the former first daughters had numerous encounters and interactions with celebrities and prominent politicians. Some celebrities they have been pictured with or associated with include Ryan Reynolds, Tom Hanks, pop star Drake, Justin Bieber, and Janelle Monae. Sasha, in particular, made headlines when she featured on Drake's Instagram story — a dream come true for many teenage girls — where he referred to her as a "Style Popper." The girls were also spotted attending one of the rapper's afterparties in 2023. While many of these dreamy encounters were made possible by their father's previous position as the most powerful man in America, some of these interactions evolved into genuine friendships.

President Joe Biden's granddaughters

In a 2021 interview with Jenna Hager (née Bush), the four granddaughters of U.S. President Joe Biden revealed their close friendship with Malia and Sasha Obama. Natalie, Finnegan, Maisy, and Naomi Biden had been acquainted with the Obamas since their grandfather served as Barack's Vice President. The Biden and Obama girls attended the same elementary school, Sidwell Friends School, and even spent parts of their teenage years together. Sasha and Maisy were not just friends but were also teammates. They played on the same basketball team, coached by Barack — one of Barack Obama's sweetest father-daughter moments with Sasha and Malia.

Joe Biden revealed the origin of the girls' friendship during a Democratic National Committee meeting in 2009. The president explained that Finnegan had asked if she and her siblings could have a sleepover with Malia and Sasha, per The Chicago Tribune. Jill Biden contacted Michelle Obama, and the girls' wish was granted. This friendship has strengthened over the years, with pictures from the Daily Mail in 2023 proving that the girls still hang out together.

Skylar Jordan, daughter of Real Housewives of Potomac star Charrisse Jackson Jordan

Despite maintaining a low public profile, Sasha Obama celebrated her sixteenth birthday in style in 2017 and invited friends to join the festivities. Among the many attendees, one familiar face demanded attention: Skylar Victoria Jordan. Skylar is the daughter of "Real Housewives of Potomac" star Charrisse Jackson Jordan and former NBA basketball player Eddie Jordan. The youngest Obama met Skylar in Washington, DC, and, with approval from their parents, cultivated a friendship.

In an interview with Bravo TV in 2017, Charrisse gave a bit of insight into Skylar's friendship with the "beautiful" Sasha Obama. She revealed that the girls, accompanied by the Secret Service, had even gone out for lunch together. Charrisse further shared that the then-teenagers also had several mutual friends. Considering that Skylar understands a thing or two about living in the limelight, her friendship with Sasha seems pretty solid.

Actor Dominique Fishback

Malia Obama relocated to California after completing her studies at Harvard University in 2021. Since then, she has worked with renowned Hollywood actor and producer Donald Glover as a screenwriter for his co-produced series "Swarm." Malia was praised for her conduct and work ethic by Glover and by the show's star, Dominique Fishback. Fishback, known for her roles in various movies including the Transformers franchise, expressed her desire to collaborate with Malia again.

While the two worked together on the series, they got talking in the pilot episode's mall scene. Fishback told People: "We got to talk. We plan on meeting up and chatting and continuing to build our relationship." Fishback was so excited about their interaction that she confessed to looking forward to whatever the former first daughter would work on after "Swarm." With positive reviews and connections like Fishback's, Malia Obama is forging her own career in Hollywood without her family's influence.

Rapper AMINE

Despite leaving the White House in 2017, Malia Obama has continued to be a subject of media attention. In September 2023, she was spotted on a sushi date in Los Angeles with the rapper AMINE (Adam Amine Daniel), Hola reports. Originally from Oregon, Amine shared in an interview with i-D that he first met Malia at his 2017 performance at the Chicago Lollapalooza Festival. As he stepped off the stage, a security guard informed him that Malia wanted to speak with him.

Their meeting might have been fueled by Malia's love for music, which is evident in her 2018 music video debut. The song "Walking on Air" is by the New Dakotas and was one of Malia's first public projects. Malia and Amine's encounter marked the beginning of their friendship. When asked by i-D which was crazier, getting a cosign from the Spice Girls or Malia, Amine replied, "Malia." "She's the President's daughter," he explained. Their initial encounter might have left Amine star-struck, but they have clearly eased into a friendship.