Brittany Mahomes' Best And Worst Game Day Looks

When it comes to WAG style, Brittany Mahomes is one of our favorite WAGs to watch. Wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and new bestie of Taylor Swift, Brittany is one of the best known faces in the world of NFL fashion. She frequently appears at her husband's games wearing eye-catching ensembles. And whether it be her red leather trouser look or her smart white coat, she almost always shows team spirit. 

Brittany isn't the only one who benefits from her style game. At the 2023 ESPYs, her husband shared that she coaches him in all things fashion, too. "I have a great stylist. Brittany Mahomes is my stylist. Brittany is the one who makes the final decision," the star athlete told reporters, according to PopSugar

But even though Brittany may be one of the NFL's top fashionistas, not all of her getups are equally successful. In fact, amongst many fire 'fits, there are a few flops. Let's take a look at Brittany Mahomes' best and worst (at least in our opinion!) looks for game day.

Best: This simple sporty look was perfect for game day

What could be more fitting than this sporty 'fit? In September 2023, Brittany Mahomes picked out a game day outfit that screamed all-American football supporter — in other words, the perfect getup for cheering on your football star husband.

To watch her husband's team take on the Jacksonville Jaguars, Mahomes wore a white of bright white sneakers, high-waisted short shorts with a candy cane red and white stripe pattern, and a basic white cropped t-shirt. To finish off the vibe, she popped on a pair of white sunglasses. She posted a few images of the look from the pitch on Instagram, writing simply, "Sunny Sunday."

We love this simple and fun ensemble. The red and white color scheme is the perfect for the occasion — she was rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs, after all — while the short shorts plus t-shirt combo is an all-time classic. And fans agreed. One commented, "Looking fabulous honey!!!" while another wrote, "Love the casual look!!" This one is definitely one of her best so far.

Worst: This yellow puffer skirt was a little corny

Okay, we're all about creative and quirky fashion choices, but some choices are just a little too weird for us to get on board with. And in October 2023, Brittany Mahomes gave us a perfect example of one such look. While supporting her husband as the Kansas City Chiefs played the Denver Broncos, Mahomes wore a tight white bodysuit and what appeared to be a bright yellow puffer skirt. According to Page Six, the top was the Naked Wardrobe NW Sculpt Bodysuit, which is worth $64, while the daring skirt was a Moncler miniskirt worth $550. She accessorized with knee-high white boots and a white bag.

Look, we get it. The Moncler skirt is high fashion. It was a snowy weekend in Denver. On paper, a puffer skirt seems like it would check all the boxes. But unfortunately, the bright yellow skirt looked like a cross between marshmallows and corn on the cob. It didn't help that she was pictured standing next to none other than pop superstar Taylor Swift, who was effortlessly casual in a Chiefs windbreaker and black tank top. It probably also didn't help that she decided to wear her hair in tight '80s ringlets. While some fans were on board, others were less impressed. As one person commented on Instagram, "Girl needs a stylist." Ouch.

Best: This all-denim blocked look was a total win

From Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 American Music Awards to Madonna in the "Don't Tell Me" music video to Rihanna out on the town for a date night, a good denim on denim look is not to be denied. In January 2023, Brittany Mahomes channeled her inner Britney with an all-denim outfit at the Kansas City Chiefs and Las Vegas Raiders matchup. 

While the so-called Canadian tuxedo can be hard to pull off, Mahomes made the getup work by opting for jeans and a jean jacket that both featured jean blocking, giving the outfit a funky patchwork effect. She accessorized with a bright yellow quilted bag and wore a pair of chunky white sneakers that were early '00s in the right way. She highlighted the look on Instagram in a series of photos that also featured her daughter. 

What we love most about this look is how it takes the classic double denim style and puts its own spin on it. This is a major fashion win in our books.

Worst: This red checked flannel coat could've been more festive

One of our least favorite Brittany Mahomes game day looks has to be this red flannel jacket situation. Mahomes wore this outfit on New Year's Eve in 2023 as the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Cincinnati Bengals. You'd think that New Year's would call for a little sparkle and flair, right? Well, think again. Instead, Mahomes dressed in one of her most casual game day looks to date, wearing a red and white checked flannel shirt jacket along with a pair of white jeans. She finished off the getup with a pair of white Prada sneakers and wore her hair in a wavy half-up-half-down style. Mahomes shared the outfit on Instagram in a series of images that showed her enjoying the game with her daughter and her husband.

So, what's so wrong with this one? While there's nothing bad about a cozy flannel jacket, we were kind of hoping that Mahomes would pull out something that's a little more exciting for New Year's Eve. Frankly, this would've been a win on just about any other day. 

Best: This black and white look delivered the quiet luxury

Brittany Mahomes certainly knows how to rock a snazzy look when she wants, and the outfit she landed on for the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots game in December 2023 has to be one of her best. She channeled the quiet luxury trend in a black leather mini skirt, a black turtleneck, a pair of knee-high black boots, and a long white wool coat. Of course, Mahomes had to give the outfit a sporty touch, so she added the name Mahomes on the back of the coat to match her husband's jersey. She completed the outfit with a small bright red purse, sprinkling the monochrome look with a pop of color. Mahomes posted images of the look on Instagram writing, "Gamedayyyy."

We adore this graceful but playful outfit, and it seems like the fans agree. "Britt the coat," wrote one in the comments. Another Instagram user gushed, "This look is EVERYTHING."

Worst: Her not-so-mellow yellow ensemble didn't land

As far as we're concerned, this one wasn't a winner. When the Kansas City Chiefs played the Jacksonville Jaguars in January 2023, Brittany Mahomes went for an ultra bold look, wearing pale yellow flared pants, an off-white turtleneck, and a bright yellow coat. For an extra dose of team spirit, she carried a red crossbody bag. To finish off the striking outfit, she wore her hair in two space buns. "Dawg energy," she wrote on Instagram.

While we definitely commend Mahomes for trying something so confident, we don't really think this outfit totally works. The yellow coat is fresh, the silhouette is fab, but the overall color combination? It misses the mark. In our opinion, there isn't enough contrast between the whitish-yellow top with the pale yellow pants, and all of the clashing yellows are a lot to take in. There were some mixed reactions from fans, too. "Her style is horrible," read one comment. "What not to wear to a NFL football game..." wrote another. A third chimed in, "You look like the most beautiful banana." Although some fans did love the outfit, this one is a miss for us. Sorry, Brit.

Best: This stylish red co-ord set was unforgettable

How could you not love this one? On February 12, 2023, Brittany Mahomes gave us one of her most stunning looks to date while watching her husband's team duke it out with the Philadelphia Eagles in the biggest game of the season. "Bought this outfit to wear to the Super Bowl while I was pregnant," she wrote on Instagram. "Glad it fit & Knew we were gonna be here!"

The outfit in question was Mahomes' spicy burnt orange-red co-ord set. "Stunning outfit!! That color is EVERYTHING," wrote one fan in the comments. The satin two piece featured flared high waisted pants with ribbons dangling down the sides and a matching long sleeved v-neck top with voluminous cut-out sleeves and a ribbon tie at the front. The classic silhouette and ultra modern embellishments make it one of favorites. As WWD noted, the look hinted at the pajamas-as-going-out-outfits in the best possible way. 

Mahomes also carried a clear bag by Hammitt, an Australian brand. As they wrote on Instagram, "[Mahomes] needed a roomy clear bag that completed her look for the biggest stage in sports — and held essentials for her littlest fans." 

Worst: We're not sure about these red leather pants

This is one of those outfits that Brittany Mahomes could probably only get away with wearing at one of her husband's games. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that. However, the fire engine red pants with the "Mahomes" branding was a lot of look. 

At the October 29, 2023, matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos, Mahomes donned a cream coat and cream sweater, along with a pair of bright red leather pants that featured her last name printed in large letters down the right leg. Sure, it's a show of support... but it also kind of reminds us of a pair of sweatpants a college kid would've worn to an early morning class in the mid-2000s. She finished off the look with a fluffy white bag and white trainers. "Brrrrrrrrr," she wrote on Instagram alongside a carousel of images.

Although many fans did love this leather ensemble, we would be lying if we said it was not one of our least favorite of her outfits.

Best: This yellow knit co-ord set was ultra classy

We cannot get enough of this ultra chic getup that Brittany Mahomes wore to watch her husband's team play the Arizona Cardinals in September 2022. The look, which Mahomes posted on Instagram with the caption "Football is back," featured a sunshine yellow knit two-piece set. The form-fitting matching co-ord set consisted of a midi length ribbed skirt showing off her pregnant bump and a matching crop top. Over the dress, Mahomes donned a white button-up shirt with her last name and her husband's jersey number printed on the pockets. She also wore suitably sporty white sneakers, but one could argue her intricately braided updo almost stole the show.

We absolutely adore the combo of bright white and yellow in this outfit — plus, we love seeing Mahomes embracing her pregnant body in a knit  set that put her belly front and center. "You look stunning," read one comment, and, "Love the hair style and outfit!" read another. This has to be one of our favorites.

Worst: Fans didn't love this all-white look

When the Kansas City Chiefs went up against the Chicago Bears in September 2023, Brittany Mahomes opted for an all-white outfit for game day, which she posted on Instagram. Dressing in white can sometimes be super chic, on this occasion, but we think that Mahomes slightly missed the mark here. The outfit featured high waisted white jeans and a tight white t-shirt with the word "Mahomes" and the number "15" printed across the chest. While both items might have worked well with something else, together, the look didn't exactly inspire. In fact, the all-white outfit was a boring miss. 

Mahomes' new BFF Taylor Swift was also in the box supporting her boyfriend, Travis Kelce. Swift wore a white tank top covered by a red sweater pulled over her shoulders; Mahomes maybe should've taken some inspiration from her friend and added a pop of color to her outfit. Many fans took to the comments of Mahomes' post to express a similar sentiment. "Taylor looked so casually dressed and comfortable at the game," wrote one. "Girl where is the red?! Looking hot though!!" wrote another. 

Best: She meant business in this blazer

There's nothing like a good structured blazer to elevate an outfit. In October 2022, Mahomes appeared at the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wearing a truly excellent bright red blazer in support of her husband's team. Her outfit featured a black top, black shorts, and knee-high black boots. But, the star of the show was her long, red blazer, buttoned over the baby bump. 

What we love most about this outfit are all of the clever details. Her husband's jersey number was on the right leg of her shorts, and it peeked out perfectly below the blazer. She also carried a sparkly silver bag and wore boots with silver sparkles on the heels. Plus, her hairstyle — two high pigtails — helped to bring some fun vibes to the business-y outfit. As she wrote on Instagram, "Showed up to my Husbands business trip today." One fan wrote, "Love your outfit!! red looks super good on you girl!!" We are seriously impressed with all of the thought that went into this one.

Worst: This white puffer jacket look was a tad much

Okay, there is a lot going on here. When her husband's team went head-to-head with the Philadelphia Eagles in November 2023, Brittany Mahomes wore an outfit that certainly was hard to miss. The ensemble had so many different details going on, we think it kind of got away from her. 

The look featured an off-white cropped puffer jacket that screamed marshmallow. She paired this with baggy white sweatpants adorned with various nods to the Chiefs: a red patch reading "Mahomes 15," a red and yellow pocket with the number 15 and the Kansas City Chiefs' yellow stripe, and another patch with a Chiefs graphic. In other words, it kind of looked like the team shop exploded all over her. The pants were designed by Kristin Juszczyk, wife of San Francisco 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk, who took to Instagram to explain all of the details she had added. Mahomes carried a yellow quilted bag to finish the whole outfit off. "Gamedays with the crew," she wrote alongside images of the outfit on Instagram. Although we admire the creativity of this look, in the end, we have to admit it was a bit too busy.

Best: This Chiefs jacket is a classic for a reason

Sometimes, classic really is the way to go. Brittany Mahomes nailed her game day fashion wearing a Kansas City Chiefs jacket when her husband's team faced off with the Green Bay Packers in December 2023; it wasn't too fancy or overdone, and that's what made it so great. The black and red jacket featured silver stars on the sleeves, and yellow stripes gave the collar a pop of color. On the back of the jacket, Mahomes' husband's number was on full display.  Underneath the jacket, Mahomes kept things simple, wearing a red shirt, black pants, and knee-high black leather boots.

Mahomes coordinated with Taylor Swift, who also wore all red and black to the game, opting for a long red coat, a tight black dress, and, like Mahomes, knee-high black leather boots. They were twinning in the best way possible.

Fans were quick to compliment Mahomes on her outfit on Instagram. "Beautiful, love the Red!" wrote one fan; "This jacket is next level!" wrote Anna Marie Kupp, wife of L.A. Rams receiver Cooper Kupp. Clearly, this outfit was a touchdown.

Worst: This game day look gave bumblebee vibes

We get it, yellow is one of the Kansas City Chiefs' team colors. And yes, Brittany Mahomes has certainly made the bright and sunny hue work at other games. Alas, this goldenrod and black outfit did not have us buzzing. When the Chiefs went up against the Buffalo Bills in October 2022, Mahomes donned a bright yellow shirt along with black leather pants and a pair of red and white Nikes. She dressed her daughter in a matching look; "My twin girl," she wrote on Instagram. While the ensemble was definitely a nice nod to her husband's team, as an outfit it wasn't exactly her best. In fact, we couldn't help but be reminded of a bumblebee or a big sunflower.

Fans seemed to agree. "Cute picture not crazy about the color," one commented. Another fan noted that the outfit didn't feature any mention of the Chiefs: "While nothing they wear says Chiefs," the fan wrote. Mahomes and her daughter certainly looked adorable, but let's face it: This probably won't end up in the Brittany Mahomes Style Hall of Fame.