11 Facts About Patrick Mahomes' Wife, Brittany Matthews

To a lot of people, Brittany Mahomes, née Matthews, is known for being the wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes as well as the mother of the pair's two children, Sterling Skye and Patrick Lavon Mahomes III. But Brittany is also a force all on her own. 

Brittany and Patrick grew up together, and when the latter's NFL career took off, their entire world changed. "I was not prepared for this," Brittany told "CBS Mornings" host Nate Burleson. "At such a young age, we were in love and I loved him with all my heart but you know I didn't expect it to skyrocket this soon and us, kind of just be thrown into the fire like this." Even so, she's proven time and time again that she can handle said fire. 

While her husband certainly gets a lot of attention, there's a lot that makes Brittany fascinating, too. Here are some facts about Patrick Mahomes' wife, Brittany Mahomes.

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes met in high school

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes have known each other for quite some time. The two met in high school when they both attended Whitehouse High School in Texas. They first connected when she was a junior and he was a sophomore.

Patrick looked back on the early months of the pair's relationship in a 2020 interview with Today. He told the outlet that since they were teenagers who had only been together for a relatively short while, their first Christmas together was pretty uneventful. "I think at that point we had been dating for a couple months," he recalled. "Just a normal teenage kid showing up at the family dinner type stuff and being nervous and everything."

Brittany was also a strong presence on Patrick's Instagram account at the time. In 2013 — the year before he graduated from high school — he shared photos of the pair getting ready to head out for their prom and wrote, "Best prom date a guy could ask for!! #prom2013 #bestfriend #greatnight."

Brittany Mahomes was a professional athlete

Patrick Mahomes isn't the only member of the family who has worked as a professional athlete. Brittany Mahomes played soccer in high school and then went on to play for The University of Texas at Tyler. After that, she even enjoyed her own career as a professional soccer player all the way in Iceland. 

After Brittany inked her contract with UMF Afturelding/Fram, she dished in an interview with The University of Texas at Tyler that she didn't actually plan to play soccer in college. She only had a change of heart after other people on the team convinced her to give it a shot. It turned out to be the right choice, and she went on to credit her teammates with helping her fall back in love with the game. She also attributed her love for the sport to her head coach Stefani Webb.

"We were constantly learning and doing new things on this team to better ourselves and our team," Brittany said. "We grew every day in practice and constantly had to be on our toes and ready to learn. But we worked on the mental aspect of our game and grew in that tremendously throughout each season as well."

Brittany Mahomes is a fitness professional

Between her own career as an athlete and her husband's, it's not a surprise that Brittany Mahomes is invested in fitness. In fact, she's so invested that she's even started her own fitness company, aptly named Brittany Lynne Fitness. After earning her college degree in kinesiology, Mahomes started the company to offer guided workouts that can be done remotely at a gym or in the comfort of the user's own home.

As she made abundantly clear on the Brittany Lynne Fitness website, Mahomes has a deep relationship with the gym, even describing it as her "safe" place. "It's the place where I can let go of everything around me and just focus on myself and making myself better," she stated. As such, she hopes everyone who uses her workouts will be inspired and feel good about themselves and about embarking on their own health and fitness journey.

Brittany Mahomes is co-owner of a professional soccer team

Brittany Mahomes no longer plays professional soccer, but she is still very invested in the sport. And we mean literally: She is a co-owner of the Kansas City Current, the women's professional soccer team in the city where she and her husband Patrick Mahomes live. Brittany went in on the team with her friends Angie and Chris Long, and the trio has made it their mission to privately fund the needs of the team for years.

After first announcing plans to build a $70 million stadium for the team, the trio announced the opening of its new $18 million training club in June 2022. This stadium and facility set a new bar for the league. It's shaping up to be, as ESPN wrote, "one of the crown jewels of the NWSL." Assuming everything goes to plan, the stadium will open in the spring of 2024. It's good timing, too: Kansas City has been chosen as one of the host cities for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

Brittany's husband Patrick Mahomes joined his wife and the Longs as a co-owner of the team in January 2023. In a statement to KMBC, Brittany said, "We are so thrilled to make this a family affair and have Patrick join as an owner. He has been a huge supporter behind-the-scenes. His passion for the Current is undeniable, and I am glad that he will be with us as we continue on our journey to become the best in the NWSL."

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes have two children together

Brittney and Patrick Mahomes announced that they were engaged in September 2020. A few weeks later on September 29, 2020, the couple revealed that they were expecting their first child together as well. Patrick shared the news on Instagram, where he posted a photo of the pair holding a photo of a sonogram and captioned it simply with a red heart.

Sterling Skye Mahomes was born on February 20, 2021. Brittany and Patrick chose to keep photos of Sterling private for the first few months of her life. "We will share photos of her when we [feel] the time is right," Brittany explained in an Instagram Story (via People). "I know the internet will instantly take the photos of her and share everywhere so just preparing myself for my newborn baby girl to be shared to the world." The proud parents shared the first public photos of Sterling in June 2021.

On November 28, 2022, Brittany and Patrick's son, Patrick Lavon Mahomes III, was born. The two shared that they have nicknamed their son Bronze, which complements both their daughter's name and even the names of their dogs, Steel and Silver.

Brittany Mahomes has encountered a lot of negativity online

Despite having been at the forefront of Patrick Mahomes' entire football career, Brittany Mahomes hasn't always been popular, especially with some internet denizens. In January 2022, Brittany enraged some after she sprayed champagne on fans following a Kansas City win over Buffalo, and not everyone thought the act was funny.

As tabloids like The U.S. Sun reported, Brittany was knowingly recorded gleefully opening the bottle of champagne before dousing fans below the balcony she was standing at. While some got a kick out of the clip — one person even pointed out that Brittany said she asked the fans if she could spray them before doing so — others were quick to condemn her. As one X user wrote, "As a part owner of a major sports team, you should probably behave as such, not a good look."

It seems that the attention didn't do a lot of good for Brittany, who took to X the next day to lament the treatment she received from the internet. She wrote, "I just wish I could do what I want without getting attacked every week." The incident inspired her to start selling a "Team Brittany" shirt and donate the proceeds to anti-bullying organizations. 

Brittany Mahomes has defended her brother-in-law

Brittany Mahomes isn't the only member of the family who attracts a lot of internet hate. While speaking to Balance Athletica (now known as Vitality), Brittany noted that Patrick Mahomes' brother, Jackson Mahomes, has been in the same boat. "I will say that Patrick has been a huge help in this aspect and his brother Jackson deals with it on a whole other level too," she said. "So just him and I being able to get close and bond for this thing like, you know, me and him talk about it everyday, like who cares what that person says. Like ignore it."

Over the years, Jackson's reputation hasn't exactly been pristine, but things took an even rougher turn in early 2023. In March of that year, The Kansas City Star reported that Jackson had been accused of assaulting a local restaurant owner and a server. When someone asked her about her brother-in-law during an Instagram Q&A a few weeks later, Brittany was quick to dismiss his detractors (via People). "They are ignorant," she replied. "He is a human just trying to live his life and find his way and until you walk a day in his shoes (which no one ever will) you have no right to say sh** about him." Jackson pled not guilty to the charges, and as of this writing, his hearing has been postponed until October 24, 2023.

Brittany Mahomes's stepfather died at a Kansas City Chiefs game

While Brittany Mahomes certainly enjoys a lot of privilege as the wife of Patrick Mahomes and as a business and soccer team owner in her own right, this doesn't mean that everything in her life has been smooth sailing. 

In November 2018, Brittany's stepfather, Paul Massey, was about to enter the stadium before a Kansas City Chiefs game when he passed out. Brittany shared on social media that after she found out he had collapsed, she "sprinted" to the entrance of the stadium before going with her family to a local hospital. Sadly, her stepfather died in the hospital before the game was finished.

Patrick Mahomes didn't find out about Massey's death until after the game. According to Yahoo! Sports, he later told reporters, "Coach [Andy] Reid actually told me in the tunnel after the game and it was shocking. He was a great man and he was a great stepdad for Brittany."

Brittany Mahomes is friends with Taylor Swift

In 2023, the world went wild over the news that Taylor Swift began dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. In September of that year, Swift attended a home game and sat in the Kelce suite with Kelce's mother, and Swift and Brittany Mahomes reportedly became friends that same night while hanging out at a private afterparty. The following weekend, Swift followed Kelce and company to New York City to watch them face off against the Jets, and the night before the game, she got dinner with a group of old friends including Blake Lively, Sophie Turner, and Mahomes.

"They dined in a private room. Everyone had a blast. They all got along and were just laughing all night over drinks and delicious food," a source told People of the famous friends' outing. The two sat next to each other at the game the following day, and a filmed interaction of the new friends quickly became a viral meme.

She seemingly had a falling-out with another friend

Not everyone was excited to see that Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift had struck up a friendship. Prior to dating Swift, Travis Kelce was in an on-again, off-again relationship with Kayla Nicole, a sports broadcaster. While with Kelce, Nicole became close friends with Mahomes, and Nicole even served as a bridesmaid at Mahomes' wedding. Nicole and Mahomes reportedly remained friends after her split from Kelce, but it seems that their bond wasn't strong enough to handle everything thrown their way. After Mahomes' budding friendship with Swift became highly publicized, Nicole unfollowed Mahomes on Instagram, leading fans to believe that Mahomes becoming friends with Swift had caused a rift in her friendship with Nicole.

After unfollowing Mahomes, Nicole posted a cryptic message on Instagram. "For the ones JUST watching to see if I'm going to make it.. I AM," she wrote, according to The Sun. Naturally, many fans wondered if the post had anything to do with her and Mahomes. As of this writing, neither woman has commented publicly on the status of their friendship.

Brittany Mahomes has been invited to some of the most exclusive parties

Being an all-star athlete can get you and your spouse invitations to some pretty swanky parties. In 2023, Brittany Mahomes accompanied her husband to some of the most exclusive events of the year. The couple was seen at the ESPYs over the summer, the Barnstable Brown Gala the evening before the Kentucky Derby, and the derby the next day. But just before those events, the Mahomes walked the carpet at the Met Gala.

Attending the Met Gala is no easy feat. Guests have to be invited by Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, and there are hundreds of celebrities each year that don't make the cut. 2023 was the first time Mahomes had attended the Met Gala, and she arrived at the Karl Lagerfeld-themed event wearing a white dress with silver detailing and platform heels to match. And, of course, she had her beloved husband on her arm. "The best time with my guy," she wrote on Instagram after the event. Not bad for a pair of high school sweethearts.