Why Brad Pitt's Romance With Ines De Ramon Is Different From His Past Relationships

Brad Pitt's dating history is chock full of some of the biggest names in Hollywood. However, after having committed relationships with Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina Jolie over the years, Pitt seems to have given up on dating A-listers. Following a reported brief fling with Emily Ratajkowski, Pitt broke his cycle of dating models and movie stars and got a relationship with jewelry designer Ines de Ramon, who previously had a 3-year marriage to "The Vampire Diaries" star Paul Wesley. 

"The Se7en" actor and de Ramon first sparked dating rumors after fans saw them enjoying a Bono concert in November 2022. A day later, a source told People that their relationship had started a few months ago, and common friends had introduced them. Another insider said, "It's not an exclusive relationship. Ines is cute, fun, and energetic. She has a great personality. Brad enjoys spending time with her." 

However, it seems like their romance took a more serious turn in December 2023 when de Ramon joined Pitt at the premiere of "Babylon." Shortly after that, an insider told Us Weekly that de Ramon and Pitt still hadn't decided to get into a committed relationship, but things were looking up because the "Fight Club" actor had fallen for her after spending loads of time together. They added that Pitt "wasn't expecting to find someone so extraordinary like Ines." While de Ramon might have tons of extraordinary qualities, few attracted Pitt quite as much as her normalcy, which might be the reason why she's been his first serious relationship since Jolie. 

Brad Pitt loves that Ines de Ramon isn't starstruck by him

In January 2024, an insider shared the secret to Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon's thriving year-long relationship with OK!. "He appreciates that Ines isn't in the industry," they explained. "And she seems totally unfazed by his celebrity." They also said that Pitt and de Ramon found it easy to bond over their shared passion for art and ignited each other's creative spark. As a result, they have an uncomplicated romance, which is which is just what the doctor ordered after their previously messy marriages. 

Another source shared similar sentiments with OK! in 2023, revealing that de Ramon came as a welcome change to Pitt's dating life. They revealed that de Ramon had been a terrific support system for Pitt as he went through a highly-publicized divorce and dealt with his strained relationship with his six children. De Ramon reportedly found it easy to relate to Pitt's struggles because she had been in the same boat with her ex-husband. 

However, it seems like they both learned from their past experiences, as the source claimed that Pitt and de Ramon never get into explosive fights and instead have calm discussions to iron out conflicts. Given how well things are going, it's possible that the couple could end up getting married in the future, but the insider clarified that the couple isn't rushing into things. That makes sense, especially given that neither will want to make the same mistakes again that they made in their previous marriages 

Brad Pitt doesn't want another messy divorce

A separate source close to Brad Pitt shared his plans with Ines de Ramon for the future, telling RadarOnline, "Brad is head-over-heels in love with Ines and wants to marry her. He isn't taking any chances this time. Brad is going to insist that Ines sign a rock-solid prenup to protect as much as $650 million in his assets and future holdings." The insider was, of course, referring to all the drama surrounding Angelina Jolie and Pitt's winery, which has cost a fortune in legal fees and payments. 

Although the divorce scarred Pitt and Jolie, the "Bullet Train" actor seems to be taking small steps towards creating a long-lasting relationship with de Ramon. In October 2023, an insider told Us Weekly that Pitt's nearest and dearest had grown closer to de Ramon because the couple didn't want to spend their limited free time apart. However, the Pitt didn't want to jump the gun and introduce de Ramon to his kids right away because he wanted to ensure the relationship was built to last.

As of May 2023, the couple had already professed their love, per Us Weekly. While Pitt hadn't sworn off marriage at that point, they still had a long way to get to that point because they didn't feel ready to live together at the time. Still, that doesn't mean that "The Big Short" actor isn't taking the relationship seriously because he has continued to prioritize de Ramon despite his packed schedule.