Body Language Expert Reveals How The Sister Wives Really Feel About Kody Brown

Lots of changes have occurred within the family at the center of TLC's "Sister Wives." The end of one relationship seemed to have a domino effect on the Brown family, and now patriarch Kody Brown is left with just one wife, Robyn Brown. The drama has unfolded in front of cameras, and Season 18 of the series was especially eye-opening for viewers. From conversations with each other and with Kody, as well as discussions with their children and interviews with producers, the audience was able to paint a partial picture of how each sister wife feels about Kody.

However, because we were only able to glean so much information from what the sister wives said about Kody, we spoke exclusively with Jess Ponce III, body language expert, communication coach, and author of the book "A.W.E.S.O.M.E.: Seven Keys to Unlocking the Speaker Within" to get even more information on each sister wife's thoughts about their ex or current husband. Here's what the body language expert revealed about how the sister wives really feel about Kody Brown.

Meri Brown has chosen to move on

Meri Brown and Kody Brown have been through a lot together throughout "Sister Wives." The former couple's relationship officially ended during a scene in Season 18, which aired in 2023. Kody and Meri sat at a picnic table on their Arizona property with Robyn Brown, and Kody told Meri that the romantic part of their relationship was over. From the start of Kody and Meri's conversation, it was apparent from their body language that these two do not share the love for one another that they once did, and Robyn's position at the table made an impact, too. "Considerable distance separates Meri and Kody, as they sit at diagonal ends of the table, a choice typically made by strangers. Robin serves as a buffer between them, both physically and emotionally," Jess Ponce III said.

While Kody was clear with his words, Meri's body language told much about her feelings toward her former lover. "Meri's body is squarely positioned at the table, with only her eyes and a partial shoulder turned toward Kody ... Meri, emotionally distant, maintains a resolute posture, suggesting she has carefully considered her stance. While not currently open to change, she remains committed and determined," Ponce said. Still, Kody wasn't totally closed off; despite their strain, he was willing to hear what Meri had to say. Per Ponce, "Despite Kody's crossed arms signaling caution, his angled posture indicates openness and engagement."

Janelle Brown has unresolved issues with Kody Brown

Janelle Brown and Kody Brown's relationship seemed to weather storms better than Kody's other former marriages, but that's not to say it didn't see its fair share of trouble. Issues became especially prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic when Kody disagreed with his and Janelle's sons over protocols regarding the virus. The differences in opinions caused what ended up being an irreparable rift between Kody and Janelle, and Janelle's negative feelings toward Kody became increasingly apparent during "Sister Wives" Season 18. It all came to a head during an argument at Janelle's apartment. Ahead of Christmas, Janelle told Kody her plans with their children for the holiday, and it didn't go well. "Janelle faced challenges during the conversation, grappling with unresolved feelings and thoughts she hadn't fully sorted out for productive engagement," Jess Ponce III said about the argument. "Unlike initiating a conversation with a 'let's talk' declaration, she proceeded without contextualizing her concerns, contributing to the heated nature of the discussion."

During the conversation, Kody moved around the apartment while Janelle remained firmly on the couch. Per Ponce, Kody being in constant motion made Janelle feel as though she had to stay in one spot, and it contributed negatively to the conversation. "Her static position on the sofa hindered effective communication, leading to heightened emotions, verbal attacks, and personal remarks. Ultimately, she resorted to aggressive language, escalating the conversation with no resolution," Ponce said. Janelle and Kody did not speak to each other for months after that argument.

Christine Brown has embraced her new chapter

Christine Brown was the first of the sister wives to formally end her relationship with Kody Brown. Christine left after Kody told her he wasn't interested in having an intimate relationship with her any longer, and throughout most of "Sister Wives" Season 18, Christine rejoiced in no longer being married to Kody. Near the beginning of Season 18, the former couple met for lunch, and it was the first time Kody and Christine had seen each other since Christine had moved back to Utah. The lunch date was a very telling meet-up for the two regarding their feelings toward each other post-breakup.

According to Jess Ponce III, Christine's body language indicated freedom and acceptance within herself. "Christine appears to have moved on from the relationship, displaying a spirited and realistic outlook on Kody and their past," Ponce said. "Christine, seated across from him, maintains comfort and familiarity through her body language, including leaning in and occasional smiles." Kody, however, did not have the same comfort while at lunch with his ex-wife. "Kody's sensitivity prevents him from accepting Christine's ease, manifesting in uptight and judgmental behavior," Ponce said. "Kody, displaying unresolved issues, contrasts with Christine's composed demeanor."

Robyn Brown seems to harbor some resentment for Kody Brown

Robyn Brown is the last of Kody Brown's four wives to still be married to him, and she made it clear throughout "Sister Wives" Season 18 that she is not happy about what has transpired within her family. Robyn's emotions were made especially clear at the family's property in Arizona when Kody officially ended his relationship with Meri Brown. During the conversation, Robyn burst into tears and excused herself, telling Kody and Meri that while she wanted to support them, she needed to leave for a moment. "Robyn makes the situation about herself, visibly distraught and unable to remain seated during Meri and Kody's exchange. Her emotional response seems disproportionate, contrasting with Meri and Kody's focus on their situation," Jess Ponce III said of Robyn's reaction to Meri and Kody's conversation.

Robyn excusing herself from the conversation hinted at how she feels about Kody, too, not just his relationship with Meri. "Robyn's intense reaction to Meri leaving Kody implies a personal sense of abandonment, potentially stemming from a lack of support and love from Kody," Ponce said. "The impact on her relationships with the other sister wives remains to be seen." Robyn has been open about how Kody's divorces from his other wives have affected their own marriage. What's more, Meri is the only other sister wife who still talks with Robyn.

Where the Brown family sister wives are today

The Brown family structure has shifted massively, and now the sister wives are spread throughout the United States about as far as their children. As of this writing, Christine Brown is living in Utah with her new husband. Christine married David Woolley in October 2023, and she has expressed her joy over her new relationship on social media. On "Sister Wives," Meri Brown shared her intentions to move back to Utah to run her bed and breakfast, and since wrapping filming on Season 18, she has done just that. However, a number of reports have indicated that Meri does not spend much time in Utah as she travels often.

Two of the Brown sister wives continue to reside in Arizona. Although she no longer considers herself married to Kody Brown, Janelle Brown still lives in Flagstaff, Arizona, the same town that Kody lives in. The reality star shared that she intends to stay there because three of her six children live in Flagstaff. Robyn Brown is lives in Flagstaff, too, as she is still married to Kody. In late 2023, Robyn and Kody sought permission to make changes to the home they own in Flagstaff, so it seems the couple intends to remain in Arizona indefinitely. We'll have to wait and see whether the family ever builds on their property, Coyote Pass.