What Steve Harvey's Relationship With His Daughter Lori Is Really Like

Steve Harvey is a parent to seven children. With his first wife, Marcia Harvey, he has twin daughters and a son. Harvey is also dad to a son from his second marriage to Mary Shackleford. After Harvey married Marjorie Harvey in 2007, he adopted her three children, including her youngest child, Lori Harvey. While the kids had some reservations about combining their families, Marjorie later explained to People: "Everyone is included. Everyone has access to their parents."

Steve takes parenthood very seriously and believes that taking care of his kids is an important part of his life's work. In addition, Steve even draws distinctions between the words "father" and "dad." In his opinion, the TV host equates being a dad as a more connected, hands-on experience. 

Lori was 10 years old when her mom remarried, and Steve has played an influential role in her life ever since. As a child, Lori had a passion for horses and dreamed of being an Olympian. At age 18, she injured her back in an equestrian competition. Due to the seriousness of her injury, Steve and Marjorie were concerned for Lori's safety, and they motivated their daughter to consider new career alternatives.  Lori's gone on to become a successful model and launch her own skincare line, "SKN by LH."  As an adult, Lori continues to rely on her close bond with Steve, especially her celebrity dad's guidance for life and love in the spotlight.

Steve loves and supports Lori unconditionally

In honor of Steve Harvey's 58th birthday in 2015, Lori Harvey and her siblings appeared on Steve's talk show, "Steve Harvey," to share special memories they had of times with their dad. When it was her turn, Lori talked about a special father/daughter outing that happened when she was around 15. At the time, Lori explained to her dad that she wanted to start dating. During a meal at Lori's favorite Japanese restaurant, Steve and his adopted daughter had a heartfelt chat. "You just told me ... you always supported me, and you'd always be there for me no matter what, and you loved me unconditionally," Lori reminisced to Steve.

Since then, Lori's dated some high-profile individuals, including actors Michael B. Jordan and Damson Idris.  Steve had praised Jordan in particular, and while he had no hard feelings towards the actor, "I'm team Lori one thousand percent," he affirmed on his radio show (via Today). "I love her, I support her." Steve also empathized with their situation, noting the adding difficulty of a romance between two public figures.

Steve didn't become famous until he was in his thirties,  and he worked to give Lori and his other kids a childhood free from media scrutiny. Since Lori's career took off when she was still a young adult, Steve has used media appearances to compliment his youngest child on her ability to make mistakes and grow personally and professionally while the world is watching. 

Lori takes Steve's mantra about self-confidence to heart

To get through heartbreak, Lori Harvey relies on confidence-boosting counsel from her dad, Steve Harvey. "Just remember that you're the prize, always," Lori informed E! (via Essence). Lori then elaborated that this wisdom is encapsulates "not compromising my values, my happiness, my peace, not settling for less than what I know I deserve and not being afraid to walk away from a situation." Lori's also looked to her parents' relationship as she decides what she wants out of a partner. She's impressed by their ability to communicate as well as their ability to enjoy each other's companionship. 

As a parent, Steve's taken inspiration from his own dad. When Steve was in sixth grade, his teacher was incredulous about his desire for a TV career. To encourage him to keep pursuing his dreams, Steve's dad told him to look at the paper with his goal written on it twice daily. Steve credited his dad's confidence with helping him achieve success on TV as a comedian and host. 

In 2021, Steve got to combine career and family in a very special way when he and Lori worked together on the Miss Universe Pageant. Steve hosted the show, and Lori served on the pageant's selection committee. The TV host informed People that the competition allows participants "to show the world what you can do, if you put your mind to it." He then added that Lori "embodies that ideal every day."