Emma Stone's Star-Studded Relationship History

While Emma Stone's illustrious Hollywood career has been the center of her media presence, the "Poor Things" star is known for tightly guarding her personal life, making her star-studded relationship history quite intriguing. Over the years, Stone was rumored to have dated numerous co-stars, including musician Teddy Geiger and fellow actor Kieran Culkin. Her most extensively documented romance was with "Hacksaw Ridge" star Andrew Garfield before she ultimately married her current partner, comedian and Saturday Night Live director Dave McCary.

According to a report from Page Six, Stone and McCary began dating in 2016, after initially crossing paths during Stone's guest appearance on SNL that same year. The pair have kept mostly to themselves, reiterating Stone's penchant for privacy when it comes to her love life. They quietly tied the knot sometime in 2020, as per the New York Post. The following year, as reported by People, the pair welcomed their first child.

Interestingly, Taylor Swift fans are convinced that Swift referenced Stone's love life in a song written in 2009. The track, titled "When Emma Falls in Love (Taylor's Version)," remained unreleased until 2023 but was initially intended for Swift's 2010 album, "Speak Now." In the lyrics, Swift sings, "'Cause when Emma falls in love, she's in it for keeps / She won't walk away unless she knows she absolutely has to leave." While the sentiments expressed in the song remain speculative, it adds a curious layer to Stone's star-studded relationship history.

Emma Stone reportedly dated Teddy Geiger from 2007 to 2009

After securing one of her first bigger roles in the 2008 movie "The Rocker," Emma Stone reportedly struck up a romance with her fellow co-star, retired actor and musician Teddy Geiger. The pair's relationship is reported to have lasted from 2007 to 2009, but due to the couple's low-key approach, the precise timeline remains unclear.

According to PopSugar, Stone and Geiger first crossed paths on the set of "The Rocker," where they portrayed Curtis and Amelia, bandmates who start dating and ultimately break up. Despite no particular on-screen action, their evident chemistry turned into a real-life romance, and while they never directly addressed their rumored relationship, their promotional interviews speak for themselves. During a conversation with MovieWeb, the interviewer alluded to the "never date the lead singer" rule in bands, to which Stone asked, "What, the Amelia-Curtis thing?" There was a simultaneous thing happening if she needed clarification, if you ask us.

The reasons behind Stone and Geiger's breakup remain unknown, as both parties chose not to publicly discuss it. Notably, Geiger publicly came out as a trans woman in 2018. Reflecting on her transformation in a 2020 interview with Billboard, Geiger shared, "That image of who I was publicly was so solidified. You're that person. And it wasn't even close to a true representation of where I was in my life."

From 2010 to 2011, Emma Stone was in a relationship with Kieran Culkin

In 2010, Emma Stone started dating actor Kieran Culkin, at the time known for his role in "Igby Goes Down." According to People, the two first met on the set of the 2009 comedy "Paper Man," where they played a couple, Abby and Christopher. While speaking to Artisan News Service about filming the movie in Montauk, Stone described the experience as isolating and lonely, making it unsurprising that a connection blossomed between her and Culkin during the project.

Despite their popularity, Stone and Culkin managed to keep their relationship private, and details about their time together remain scarce. They reportedly ended their relationship in 2011, after about two years of dating, and the reasons for their split remain undisclosed. In a twist of irony, a scene featuring Stone and Culkin in the 2013 film "Movie 43," filmed in 2010, depicted their characters breaking up, as noted by The Columbus Dispatch.

Interestingly, post-breakup, the former couple has been more visible in public together than during their time as a couple. In 2022, as reported by the Daily Mail, they were spotted boasting smiles next to each other at the Met Gala, and in 2024, both Stone and Culkin secured Golden Globe awards — Stone for her role in "Poor Things" and Culkin for his performance in HBO's "Succession."

Emma Stone went on to date Andrew Garfield for four years

While Emma Stone was still with Kieran Culkin, she met Andrew Garfield on the set of "The Amazing Spider-Man." Although the exact timeline of Stone's separation from Culkin in 2011 is unclear, she began dating Garfield later that same year, per People. After being spotted on various outings together, the couple went public with their love.

Stone and Garfield's relationship marked her first highly public romance, but the "Easy A" star mostly discussed their professional collaboration rather than their romance. "It's like a dream to work with him. He's obviously one of the greatest actors I think we have alive today, and he's also just a remarkable human being," Stone shared in an interview with ABC News discussing "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." She added, "I love him very much."

In April 2015, the couple took a break, as per an insider cited by People, but reconciled the following month, when they were spotted back together. However, by the fall of 2015, E! News reported that the actors had broken up for good, leaving the reasons why private. Despite the split, they remained on excellent terms, with Garfield referring to himself as Stone's "biggest supporter" on Vanity Fair's "Little Gold Men" podcast. "We care about each other so much, and that's a given; that's kind of this unconditional thing," he shared.