Page Turner's Daughters Look Just Like Their HGTV Star Mom

If you're a fan of interior design, landscape design, or home renovation, then you're probably well acquainted with HGTV — which, believe it or not, stands for Home and Garden Television. You wouldn't be alone either, as HGTV was the fourth most-watched cable network channel in 2023, falling just behind juggernauts like Fox News, ESPN, and MSNBC. Whether you're an aspiring house flipper or someone who just loves a good comfort watch, HGTV has something for you.  

Since it first launched in the '90s, HGTV has become synonymous with engaging home and garden related content as well as featuring incredibly charismatic TV personalities. One such personality is house flipper and real estate icon Page Turner, who has been featured in the hit HGTV show "Rock the Block" and has also hosted her own star-vehicles in "Flip or Flop Nashville" and "Fix My Flip." 

While viewers most likely associate Turner with her handiness with tools and wise real estate investments, a lesser-known fact about the host is that she is also the mother of three adult daughters. Not only is she the mother of three girls, but she's also the mother of twins. After her eldest, Zaire Kizito, was born, the single mother welcome twin girls Quincy and Qai Turner. Although her three daughters have not decided to follow in their mother's HGTV footsteps, they all resemble her in various ways. In honor of Page Turner's tribe of strong women, let's explore how Zaire, Quincy, and Qai favor their magnetic mother.

Page's eldest daughter also worked in real estate

Just like many famous stars who find their children following in their footsteps in the arts, it seems that Page Turner's eldest daughter, Zaire Kizito, has taken after her mother by entering into real estate. On her LinkedIn page, Kizito has listed that she has job experience working as real estate assistant, loan advisor, and a mortgage loan originator. 

One can only imagine that the years of witnessing her mother successfully invest, renovate, and flip previously abandoned homes inspired Kizito to jump headfirst into the housing sector herself. In a photo posted to her professional Facebook page, Zaire can be seen posing in the kitchen of an empty home, ready for buying or renting. Sporting a fitted long-sleeve blazer, black shirt, and glittery hoop earrings, the business casual queen is the spitting image of her mother. Fit with a sleek, tight bun, Kizito looks like she just stepped off the set of Turner's hit show "Fix My Flip." 

During a Q&A session hosted by The Washington Post, Turner was asked about her experience working in the field and what advice she might have for hopeful flippers. To one questioner, she advised that "starting out as an intern or shadowing someone who is already successful" is a great way "to see if this truly is a business you want to start in." When looking at who Kizito's mother is, there's no question as to who her first mentor might have been.

Quincy is an Angelino just like her mother

Although Page Turner first appeared on our screens flipping homes in the Tennessee capital of Nashville, she has since relocated to her original hometown of Los Angeles, California. It's there where she has grown a new branch of her HGTV empire, now starring in the LA-based show titled "Fix My Flip." Page's daughter, Quincy Alexis Turner, also seems to be living it up in Los Angeles, and, according to her Instagram, is pursuing a career in modeling.

In an interview with Fox 5 Atlanta promoting "Fix My Flip," Page detailed her decision to change coasts. "I loved Nashville," she admitted, "but LA is home." It seems Quincy agrees, as her social media presence is filled with shots of the aspiring model posing at popular LA hotspots, such as Santa Monica Pier, the Grammy Museum, and the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang lounge bar. She even dressed up for Los Angeles Comic Con. 

The curly-haired beauty resembles her mother in more ways than one, though. In addition to their similar looks and zip codes, Quincy also credits her mother with helping her career. In an interview with Shoutout LA, the young model is quoted as saying, "I would like to dedicate my shoutout to my mom Page Turner! She has always been my biggest supporter and without her I don't know where I would be. She has sacrificed a lot for my success and I am forever grateful for it, I love her so much."

Qai is a proud New Yorker

Like her mother, whose career has carried her to all corners of the U.S., Page Turner's daughter Qai Turner seems to also be racking up the airline miles. After being born in Los Angeles along with her twin sister Quincy Turner, Qai was raised in Nashville, and now seems to be living among the bright lights and sounds of New York City. 

If you take a peek at her Instagram page, you'll see that's Qai's chosen vibe screams "New Yorker," with shots of her in smiling in the Harlem sun and strutting past the headlights of yellow cabs. Although she admits in one caption that, "everything in this city is so chaotic," it looks as if this East Coast twin won't be leaving the Big Apple any time soon. 

Qai has also opened up about how it has always been her goal to live in New York City. In a dreamy video compilation of shots of the city, she writes, "In high school my mom encouraged (made lol) me and my sisters create vision boards for each new year. On my last vision board in ~2013/2014, I put a cut out of the city and I didn't know how or when I'd get there, I just knew it was for me!! fast forward 10 years later (omg???) & I know younger me has been liviinngggg since I finally made that move in 2020." Adding a string of emojis, she finishes with, "Love this city so much."

Page's daughters are supportive of her new show

Page Turner made her debut on the small screen in 2018 with the premiere of "Flip or Flop Nashville." The home renovation show was an spin-off from the original HGTV series, "Flip or Flop," but this time, there was a new location in Music City and two new fresh faced hosts — Turner and her former partner DeRon Jenkins. The series put Turner's star on the map and ran for two seasons before being cancelled by HGTV. 

Fans of the charismatic host wouldn't have to wait too long until she was back in action, though. Luckily, in 2022, Turner's LA-based follow up to "Flip or Flop Nashville" premiered on HGTV. "Fix My Flip" follows the real estate mogul, who has now relocated to Los Angeles, as she mentors flippers who may be a bit in over their heads when it comes to their latest project. 

The series was such a hit that it came back for a second season, which wrapped filming in April 2023. On the last day of filming for the Season 2, Turner invited her daughter Quincy Turner to set. The HGTV star took to Instagram to share a video of herself and her crew dancing, alongside a sweet photo of her and Quincy with their arms around each other. It seems like Quincy was also there to lend a helping hand when needed, as Page thanked her "baby Quincy" for " working soooo hard on our last day."

Zaire made a beautiful bride

From tears, dancing, and speeches, weddings are a momentous occasion for any family. Considering how close Page Turner and her three daughters appear to be, one can guess that the nuptials of the eldest in the tribe — Zaire Kizito — was no exception. The brunette beauty took to Instagram in 2021 to share the good news of her marriage to her friends, family, and followers. 

Sharing that the ceremony took place on October 10, 2021, Kizito went on to write, "We had a full 3 day wedding weekend full of party busses, karaoke, rooftops and a yacht! It was the best weekend of our life and this is just the start." From what we've seen from Page Turner on our televisions as well as Quincy and Qai Turner's social media presence, it wouldn't be hard to imagine the family of four busting a move and having the time of their lives at Kizito's wedding. 

In the weeks following her nuptials, Kizito continued to post photos of herself and her new husband, Dr. Rodney Moses Kizito, to social media. With her long, flowing veil in place and figure-hugging lacy white gown, Kizito was the perfect image of a blushing bride. Not only did she cut a dazzling figure in her bridal ensemble, but her dark hair and bright smile made her the spitting image of her TV star mother. Although she might have changed her last name to Kizito, Zaire will always be Page Turner's daughter.

Nashville holds a special place in their hearts

Nashville, Tennessee came to hold a special place in Page Turner's heart. The "Fix My Flip" star grew up in Los Angeles and gave birth to all three of her daughters there, but she is also quick to clarify that all of her daughters were "raised in the South." Although this west coast girl grew up among the palm trees and surf, she chose to raise daughters among country music and soul food of the south. 

It wasn't just any southern city that won over the Turner matriarch, however, but specifically Music City — the capital of country music. Not only was Nashville the location of her first HGTV venture, "Flip or Flop Nashville," but Turner has also gone on record saying to HGTV that the city played an important part in her personal evolution: "Nashville, I always say, grew me as a woman."

"I moved there when I was 27, I left when I was 46," she went on to say. Alluding to her three daughters, Turner said, "That's where I raised my family and watched my girls grow into these amazing women. I give a lot of that credit to Nashville and the support and stability that it gave me as a single mom and small-business owner." While Zaire, Quincy, and Qai Turner have all moved away from Nashville, there's no question that the city shaped their lives in important ways, too.

Page called Quincy her 'hip baby'

While Page Turner is not shy when it comes to sharing her real estate tips and tricks, she is selective about how and when she shares information about her three daughters with the world. However, when the HGTV star does decide to go live with her daughters on social media, her fans are often treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the family's loving dynamic as well as adorable anecdotes from the girls' childhoods. 

In one festive video Turner posted to her Instagram page, the bond she shares with her twin daughter Quincy Turner is in full display. In the video, the mother and daughter enjoy music together while bopping their hands to the beat, and showing off their matching pale pink manicures. It seems Barbiecore was the name of their holiday game, as viewers can see a large Christmas tree in the background dotted with sparkly pink and gold ornaments. Ever the fashion icons, you can see that Page and Quincy also have Gucci bags lying under the tree. 

Underneath her lighthearted video, though, Page added quite a sentimental caption. The flipper extraordinaire called Quincy a former "hip baby." According to Page, even "when she was too big for me to hold on my hip she would grab my leg and drag & I always told her to "cut the cord!" Page was feeling all the love when she ended her caption by writing, "Well at 26, I'm so glad she didn't."

Like her mother, faith is an important part of Zaire's life

It's no surprise to any hardcore Page Turner fan to hear that the HGTV star is a devout Christian. Speaking with Patheos, Turner opened up about how she derives much of her strength from her relationship with God. Although the LA-born star was raised agnostic, she says that, today, Christianity is her "daily discipline." 

She doesn't leave her faith at the door when it comes to her job, either. "Even on the show," she says, referring to "Fix My Flip", "I carry myself as such." Turner goes on to say, "I'm not afraid of the gospel. I'm not afraid to share my faith [...] I've always walked in the discipline of faith in because faith is a discipline and the discipline of professionalism."

More than her mother's good looks, it appears that Turner's eldest daughter has also inherited her mother's faith. Like her mom, Zaire Kizito also openly speaks out about her Christian faith. In October 2023, Kizito took to Instagram to share a loved up snap of her and her husband, Rodney Kizito, alongside a sweet caption that explained how Christianity has played a role in their love story. Underneath a photo of Rodney staring adoringly at his wife, Zaire wrote, "On this day 6 years ago we were partnered up to pray with each other at Bible study and today we are celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary. We were absolutely created for each other," alongside a heart emoji. 

They match each other's energy

If you were to ask the HGTV casting directors what is one quality they look for in a host, they would probably scream, "Personality." From "Fixer Upper" to "Love It or List It," the one thing all HGTV titles have in common is that they have a truly original host at the helm. Real estate mogul and host of "Fix My Flip," Page Turner is no exception. 

The mom of three is no stranger to a good time, and is able to banter with the best of them — as seen on HGTV's "Rock the Block," which pits some of their most beloved home renovators against each other in a game of friendly competition. However, not only can Turner kick back with her fellow television superstars, but social media has also shown that she and her daughters bond over some goofy antics and a shared offbeat sense of humor. 

In a video posted to her Instagram, Turner showed her followers just how goofy it can get in their household. With Justin Bieber's throwback hit "Baby" playing in the background, Page and her daughter Quincy Turner can be seen performing a choreographed dance in matching colorful sunglasses. In the caption, Page writes, "It's been a minute for this Mama-Daughter Duo." She goes on to jokingly apologize to her daughter for taking "it too far," referring to her enthusiastic dance moves. It seems that not only does this duo resemble each other in looks, but youthful energy as well!

The sisters call themselves the Page-ettes

It isn't easy being an empty nester — a parent whose children have left home. Page Turner knows this all too well, as all three of her daughters are living in different parts of the United States. Because of this, it's rare to see Zaire, Quincy, and Qai Turner together once again and hanging out with their HGTV star mom. However, when the foursome do manage to join forces, the love they share for each other is clearly on display for all to see.

These days, twin sister Qai's Instagram is all about her travel adventures. However, many of her earlier posts give fans a sneak peak at just how close she is with her two sisters and famous mom. In one photo, all four are nearly indistinguishable with their bright smiles and matching ensembles. 

The most telling part of Qai's post, though, is the tongue-in-cheek caption she added. With the addition of a heart emoji, the New Yorker simply wrote, "Page and the Page-ettes." The adorable caption not only acts as wink at her audience, with Qai acknowledging just how intensely she and her sisters resemble their mother, but it also shows just how closely her sense of humor resembles that of her charismatic mother. With her good looks and social media savvy, it seems that Qai truly is one of "Page-ettes" in more ways than one.