Hallmark's Made For Each Other: Which General Hospital Star Plays David?

"Made for Each Other" premiered on the Hallmark Channel in February 2023. In a sneak peek of the romantic drama on IMDb, the protagonist, Rachel's, friend Doris tells her all about golems from Jewish legend, otherwise known as clay men that are magically brought to life. Rachel (Alexandra Turshen) is an artist who has sculpted a dream boyfriend, and an amulet from Doris (Illeana Douglas) breathes real life into him. However, when a fully human love interest makes his way into Rachel's heart, a love triangle quickly unfolds (via Hallmark).

The human man in said love triangle is a character named David, played by Matt Cohen. According to another sneak peek, shared by Entertainment Tonight, his character is laser-focused on his stand-up comedy career and consistently rebuffs the idea of love as a result. Of course, like any Hallmark protagonist who prioritizes work over everything, that changes by the end of the movie.

Any fans with an interest in both soap operas and Hallmark movies will likely recognize Cohen from his role on "General Hospital." The actor's fan favorite "GH" character, Griffin Munro, worked as both a priest and neurosurgeon — a career combination that's really only viable for people living in the world of a soap opera. 

Cohen could still return to Port Charles someday

Matt Cohen started on "General Hospital" in 2016 and left in 2019. During his relatively short time playing Griffin Munro, the actor got to be a part of many dramatic storylines, such as his familial ties to the character of Duke Lavery (who didn't know Griffin existed), a kidnapping, and the murder of a lover.

Cohen spoke with TV Insider following the news he was leaving the soap opera in March 2019. He said, "It was a great time and I had great fun playing the character, but I'm a guy who gets uncomfortable when he gets comfortable." He was happy that Griffin survived his time in Port Charles, meaning that he could return to the show at a later stage. 

The Hallmark star also thanked fans for their support, promising, "I will touch my feet on the 'GH' set again. There's too much love there for that not to happen." Prior to the release of "Made for Each Other," Cohen also spoke about his role and the positive benefits of working on a soap opera in preparing for it.

Cohen learned a lot from working on the soap

Speaking with Digital Journal about how his time on "General Hospital" helped him as an actor, Matt Cohen shared, "Soap operas are not only a great training ground but also a great creative ground." He continued, "In a short period of time, you need to deliver a lot of information and it would need to mean something to you so that it can mean something to somebody else. [...] You carry the lessons from working on a soap opera to everything you do, especially work ethic and showing up on time."

After exiting the long-running soap opera, Cohen began working for Entertainment Tonight as a weekend co-anchor. In December 2019, the outlet aired a segment (hosted by Cohen) about his temporary soap opera return when he guest-starred on the show. Cohen also interviewed his friend and fellow cast member, "GH" staple Finola Hughes.

Fans wondered in 2022 if Cohen was bringing Griffin back to "General Hospital" after he posted an Instagram video hinting at a return. However, Cohen's appearance that year was only a cameo as a picture on a phone screen. Fans buzzed about Cohen potentially returning again when he was let go from his job at Entertainment Tonight, in 2023. As of this writing, he has yet to do so, but clearly, the door is always open.