Meet General Hospital Star Maurice Benard's Three Adorable Grandkids, Eloise, TT, And Milo

Sonny Corinthos has always put family first on "General Hospital." The powerful organized crime boss has always protected his family. His portrayer, Maurice Benard, also cherishes his family and often discusses his personal life on social media, opening up about his dealings with bipolar disorder, as well as sharing fun videos he's made with friends and family.

He and his wife Paula Benard have three biological kids: two daughters, Cailey and Cassidy; and their son Joshua — who currently co-stars on the show as Adam, a neurotic college student that might spoil Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) and Dex Heller's (Evan Hofer) romance. After Paula's mother passed away, the Benards adopted her little sister, Heather. Benard has documented quite a bit of his children's lives on social media, and we have literally watched them grow up throughout the years, primarily through Instagram. 

On October 4, 2020, Benard posted an episode of his YouTube series "State of Mind," in which a pregnant Heather was the guest. "I'm gonna be a grandfather which is amazing," he stated, adding, "I love babies. I love kids. I love animals. I love, you know, life." Eloise Rose Andresen was born soon after, and on October 22 he posted a picture of himself holding her, captioning it, "Someone once told me life doesn't start till you're a grandfather. Thank you Eloise Rose Andresen for jumpstarting my life." The Benards would later have two more grandchildren, TT and Milo.

His daughter Cailey also had a daughter

On August 3, 2021, Maurice Benard shared a video on Instagram in which his precious granddaughter Eloise sat in the passenger seat of his parked car. From the driver's side, he sang to two tunes: the "Ghostbusters" theme, and "Don't You Want Somebody to Love" by Jefferson Airplane, all while Eloise seemed unimpressed. One fan gushed, "We all loved Sonny from the soaps. This just made him even more lovable, if that's possible."

Two years later, he posted a video of him and Eloise — now a toddler — on September 14, 2023, in which he's showing her a video of him from "GH" on his phone, and asks, "Do you like Sonny?" to which she sheepishly nods. He hilariously continued, "He's cute ... Sonny's cute, right? Look at him, he's a good actor, too." He captioned it, "My granddaughter, Eloise is literally an angel. She didn't want to watch 'General Hospital' but she's so polite and sweet. She acted like she did. It's very rare [that] I get her on camera."

Cailey and her husband Carlos Avila had his next granddaughter, Tiana (aka TT), and in January 2022 he hadn't seen her in three weeks. On the fifth, he delightedly posted a video of their reunion on Instagram. Upon seeing him, little TT excitedly ran into her grandpa's arms. He captioned the post, "What happens when granddad hasn't seen grandchild in three weeks?" illustrating that he clearly adores all of his grandchildren.

In July 2023, a third grandchild came along

A December 17, 2022, Instagram post hilariously showed "General Hospital" star Maurice Benard having the funniest reaction to finding out about grandbaby number three. While holding TT, someone said, "Cailey's pregnant. Say Cheese!" Benard paused and then said, "Cailey's pregnant? Again?" Paula explained to him that she had never been pregnant before, and everyone burst into laughter. He excitedly wrote on the post, "CAILEY IS PREGNANT. This is what confusion, [happiness] and shock looks like [with] another grandchild. What more can any grandfather ask for?"

Some time later, on July 5, 2023, Benard happily posted a video on Instagram of TT meeting Milo for the first time. As he approached the newborn who was in a baby carrier, his granddaughter ran in and scolded him with, "Hey! Grandpa don't touch him!" while waving her finger. Benard lovingly wrote, "Watching my granddaughter, TT meet her new baby brother Milo, brought incredible joy to my life!!! It didn't matter that she didn't want me touching her baby brother." He added some advice that a child or puppy can help anyone who feels sad, and acknowledged that, "@cavila628 and @cailey_avila are now gonna be parents of two beautiful kids. and I'm gonna have so much fun enjoying the ride."

In December, he also shared a pic of TT and Milo together, noting, "I truly believe at the end of the day in times of need your family will always be there!!!"