Inside Reneé Rapp And Christopher Briney's Close Friendship

In the 2024 "Mean Girls" movie musical, Reneé Rapp and Christopher Briney play Regina George and Aaron Samuels — exes with a tumultuous past. Off screen, however, the actors are great friends. When the duo was paired up for a "Mean Girls" interview, Rapp made it clear that she would always be in Briney's corner.

During a Buzzfeed UK interview, the cast of the new "Mean Girls" read memes inspired by the original film. One of the memes used one of Regina George's iconic lines and twisted it into something more positive: "Get in loser, we're moving with kindness this year." Immediately, Rapp and Briney disagreed. "Nah, this is a mean year," Briney said (presumably joking). He added, "Bring back bullying."

"I love that!" Rapp said, and Briney continued, "Specifically cyberbullying." When he offered himself up as the target of any potential cyberbullying, Rapp said, "No! I don't wanna — no! If anyone cyberbullied you, I'd be so angry." Later in the interview, Rapp told Briney she loved him even when he didn't seem to know the song "Telephone" by Lady Gaga and Beyoncé. She offered to educate him on pop culture and introduce him to the music video later. Good friends support each other (and bring them to the Beyhive).

Rapp wants Briney in a music video

Tina Fey agreed to reprise her "Mean Girls" role under one condition: no singing required. Christopher Briney was in the same boat and didn't audition for "Mean Girls" when the audition required singing. After it was changed so his character wouldn't sing, Briney said that worked better for him. "The level that the people in this movie are singing at isn't something you can just pick up," Briney told Entertainment Weekly. "They were born to do that and I wasn't born to do that."

That doesn't mean Briney couldn't act in a music video — which is something Reneé Rapp wants him to do. In an MTV interview snippet uploaded to TikTok, Rapp said she'd want "My friend Chris" to star in one of her music videos. She clarified that was Briney and called him her "favorite." Rapp continued, "He's such a conglomerate of many things. I've never met somebody who confuses me more, like, I'm just so puzzled every time I'm around him. I'm like, 'You are such a little cutie. What is going on? Like, what is it?' I don't, I love him. I love him."

Rapp isn't going to let Briney get away with no singing anytime, however. In a People interview for "Mean Girls," she stated Briney would sing karaoke at her 24th birthday celebration. "He's going to do 'Night Changes' by One Direction for my birthday on Wednesday, at the club," Rapp said proudly.

Both Briney and Rapp are glad he got the part

In an Access Hollywood interview excerpt on TikTok, the actors discussed how Christopher Briney almost didn't do "Mean Girls." Briney was thankful that it happened the way it did and said, "I'm grateful that they didn't find someone else for Aaron." Reneé Rapp showed support when she said, "Me too! I'm glad you're here."

You may also recognize Briney for his role as Conrad in "The Summer I Turned Pretty." Being in an uber-popular television show comes with lots of attention, which can be draining. Rapp got emotional during the "Mean Girls" press tour when Briney talked about keeping his personal life off social media. In a People interview, Briney said he's thankful people pay attention to his projects, "But I also just, I don't know. I try to hold the things in life that are close to me closer" (via TikTok). Briney keeps some things for himself and is intentional about what he lets the world see.

"Oh my God, it's making me emotional," Rapp said. When asked if she was "Team Conrad" from "TSITP," Rapp replied, "I'm Team Chris in anything Chris does." She also said she understood his sentiments about social media before adding, "And yeah, people are s***ty, but you do a really, really good job of keeping your s*** to you, which is so cool." It seems no amount of meanness between their fictional counterparts bleeds into their fun, supportive friendship!