Who Is Nikki Haley's Son In Law, Joshua Jackson?

When many people hear the name Joshua Jackson, the first person they probably think of is actor Joshua Jackson, who is best known for his role on the television series "Dawson Creek." But there's another Joshua Jackson that is turning heads these days: Nikki Haley's son-in-law. Because of Nikki's bid for the White House, her family is getting a little attention in the spotlight as they have been supporting her on the campaign trail, too.

Jackson is married to Nikki's daughter, Rena Haley. Along with Rena, Nikki and her husband Michael Haley are also parents to their son, Nalin Haley. But unlike the Trumps, the Bidens, or even the Obamas, the Haleys and Jacksons are not your typical glitz and glamour kind of political family. That's because they stay true to their South Carolina roots. Jackson and Rena are an example of how they put their love and support for their family, their marriage, and even their favorite football teams above everything else. The couple tied the knot back in April 2023 and their first year as a married couple has been anything but normal.

Joshua Jackson is all about football and family

Rena Haley and Joshua Jackson got married in a lavish ceremony fit for South Carolina royalty. On his Instagram account, Jackson called their wedding day "the most perfect day" adding, "We are so blessed God brought us together and we can't wait to see what He does through us as a team!" Aside from being the love of Rena's life, Jackson is also an educator, former Clemson football player, and Christ Church High School cornerback coach. Jackson helped Clemson University win the ACC Championship in 2020. He wrapped up his college career in 2022 with nothing but love for the experience he had and the people who helped him accomplish his dreams. Sharing a throwback photo of his football team, Jackson wrote, "As my time in college has come to an end, I think about how grateful I am for the experiences and the people that God has let me cross paths with!"

Jackson's team at Christ Church even won the 2023 State Championship title, which Joshua is very proud of. He's shared multiple photos of his team, the state ring, and the trophy on social media. In one post he even wrote, "When they ask me how it happened, I just tell em, 'God Works,'" to which his mother-in-law Nikki Haley replied with three heart emojis. 

Joshua's connection to his mother-in-law Nikki Haley

Both Joshua Jackson and Rena Haley were on hand to support Nikki Haley during a rally in Concord, New Hampshire in January 2024. Unfortunately for Nikki, she lost the primary to her opponent, former President Donald Trump. But that didn't stop Nikki from keeping upbeat when her family joined her on stage as she vowed to fight on.

Now, as far as how Nikki feels about her son-in-law, it seems like he's very much a part of the Haley family. Not only has he shown his support for his mother-in-law's presidential campaign, but it seems like Jackson is very close with her as well. In April 2023, Nikki shared a family photo on Facebook from her daughter Rena Haley's wedding. In the pic, Nikki has her hand on Jackson's arm and captioned her post with, "We had the sweetest weekend celebrating Rena and Josh. Thankful for our sweet family and friends who joined us in supporting and celebrating them. Rena and Josh, we could not be more proud of both of you!"

Rena, meanwhile, has made it no secret that her first year as a wife has been anything but uneventful. She wrote on Instagram, "This year, my mom announced her run for president. Josh and I planned a wedding, got married, went on our honeymoon, and bought our first home," adding, "We traveled to many debates and campaign events. [...] Josh's football team won the state championship... and the list goes on."