Meet The Princess Peregrine Pearson Dated Before Sophie Turner

Following her split from boybander Joe Jonas, Sophia Turner's reported new beau is Peregrine Pearson. In January 2024, she shared him on Instagram for the first time when she tagged him in a collection of ski trip photos. Although Turner's relationship history includes the famous Jonas Brothers musician, Pearson may have her beat as far as famous exes go — he used to date royalty.

Pearson and Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark dated from 2020 to 2023. The abolition of the Greek monarchy in 1974 means the royal family's titles hold no political power. However, they still have lavish lives. Maria-Olympia is the eldest of Prince Pavlos and Princess Marie-Chantal Miller's five children. She was raised in London for most of her life. Due to a familial connection between Maria-Olympia's grandfather King Constantine II and Prince Philip, her godfather is none other than King Charles III. 

Maria-Olympia is a model. Her passion for fashion started when she was a child, and she recounted early memories of her love of couture in a 2020 interview with British Vogue. The princess divulged that she attended her first couture show when she was 10, almost 11, years old. She told the outlet, "I went to a Valentino show with my mother and father in Rome and I remember sitting on my father's lap and thinking this is unbelievable."

Maria-Olympia interned with a big-name fashion brand

Another formative, fashion-related experience that Princess Maria-Olympia spoke with British Vogue about was her Christian Dior Couture internship. "I found it incredible," the princess said, "seeing the step-by-step process behind it all, and how hard everyone works." 

Maria-Olympia had not yet gone to college at the time of the internship and was younger than the other interns. "I was just putting the shoes on the models," she said of her responsibilities. "Backstage at the show, I had to make sure that look 37's train looked perfect." Maria-Olympia later studied fashion (along with business and marketing) at New York University.

In a Teen Vogue interview from 2014, just a year after she had interned with Christian Dior but prior to going to college, Maria-Olympia described the internship as an enjoyable, educational experience. She also revealed that she and her mother Princess Marie-Chantal Miller have the same shoe size, so they share shoes and other clothing items. Sharing clothes with the women in her family is something Maria-Olympia has done since childhood.

A moment with a Louis Vuitton bag came full circle

Princess Maria-Olympia still remembers the first designer handbag she ever carried. It was a Louis Vuitton purse lent to her by her grandmother, Queen Anne-Marie. "I was chic for that one meal," Maria-Olympia told Harper's Bazaar in 2022. She laughed and added, "I was only 10 years old, but I felt so empowered." The lending perhaps foreshadowed modeling work an adult Maria-Olympia would eventually do for the Louis Vuitton brand and their Capucine bag. 

Maria-Olympia told Harper's Bazaar how her most meaningful clothing items are ones her mother and grandmother passed down. The princess has a goal to have her own fashion company at some point, but at the time of the interview, she was keen to keep working with others and soaking up the knowledge. Maria-Olympia expressed her opinions on true elegance as well: "Elegance is more than what you wear. It's how you are as a person and how you treat others. Maybe it's cheesy, but that's how I feel."

Maria-Olympia seemed to bounce back after her Peregrine Pearson split, having been spotted leaving her house with social media star and chef Thomas Straker not long after. The married Straker was reportedly kicked out by his wife after she learned of the rumored relationship between him and the princess (via the Daily Mail). However, Tatler included Maria-Olympia in their December 2023 Little Black Book, and at that time she was single once again.