Who Is Peregrine Pearson, Sophie Turner's Reported New Beau?

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas' relationship garnered much public interest when they announced their divorce in 2023. Plenty of drama swirled around the divorcing couple, including nasty accusations of neglectful parenting. The news cycle surrounding the pair has since died down, and things currently seem amicable between Jonas and Turner. Now, enjoying freedom after a messy divorce has allowed Turner to start dating again.

The "Game of Thrones" star has reportedly found herself in a private whirlwind romance with aristocrat Peregrine "Perry" Pearson. The reserved individuals haven't disclosed much about their relationship. Nonetheless, they were first seen together publicly in October 2023, a few months after Jonas and Turner's separation. In December 2023, the Daily Mail reported that the couple was blissfully in the "honeymoon stage" of their new relationship.

According to a close source, the outlet reported that Turner initially only wanted a "fling" with Pearson, but things grew into something more. He made the actor very happy and took her mind off her devastating divorce. And Turner's new beau friend isn't just some random guy she met on the street. Pearson has an interesting history ... he will be a Viscount, after all.

Peregrine Pearson will inherit Cowdray Park

Peregrine Pearson is heir to Cowdray Park, an over 16,000-acre estate with 22 bedrooms, a farm shop, cafe, wellness center, garden, pool, tennis court, and lots more. It is mainly known for the Cowdray Park Polo Club, which hosts more than 450 matches annually. William, Prince of Wales, and Harry, Prince of Sussex, have even played there.

Pearson, however, hadn't started playing the noble sport until 2018. "I'm getting lessons," he told the Telegraph. Pearson will also inherit some of the estimated $273 million that his family is worth. His family also owns a large portion of the Pearson Media empire, one of the biggest producers of educational products and books around the globe. Pearson is the eldest son of the Lord and former Lady Cowdray, Michael Orlando Weetman Pearson and Marina Rose Cordle. Michael is the fourth Viscount Cowdray, and Pearson's birthright will make him the fifth Viscount Cowdray.

Pearson has four siblings, three older sisters — Eliza, Emily, and Catrina Pearson — and one younger brother, Montague "Monty" Pearson.

Peregrine Pearson works in property management

With such a big estate like Cowdray Park to look after, it makes sense that Peregrine Pearson focuses on property management. So, he currently works as a director at Weetman Developments, and his job requirements involve handling tenets and landlords. Pearson also works with the strategic side of the company, including housing development while still being involved with the management of Cowdray Park. Previously, he worked as an assistant site manager for a London-based contractor.

Pearson became the director of Cowdray Park in 2016. In a Telegraph interview, Pearson expressed no desire to reside in the big house on the estate. "Having heard the stress of managing these types of houses, it's the perfect compromise. The house is still an important part of the community and a valuable employer, without costing us money to run. And I still have the luxury of using it when I like," shared the future Viscount.

Peregrine Pearson used to date Princess Maria-Olympia

As British nobility, he's no stranger to royal families. He used to date King Charles III's goddaughter, Princess Maria-Olympia, part of the Greek royal family. She is one of the five children of Prince Pavlos And Princess Marie-Chantal. Peregrine Pearson and Maria-Olympia went public with their romance when she posted a photo of them on the Greek island of Spetses in 2020. They dated from 2020 to 2023.

Fans noticed that the couple likely split when Olympia stopped posting pictures of them together. According to the Daily Mail, they were last seen publicly together in November 2022. Olympia and Pearson's breakup came to the forefront when he was noticeably absent from her July 2023 birthday celebration. Daily Mail confirmed their breakup in September 2023, citing that they simply "grew apart" as the reason. The insider source further added, "Their friends and family were hoping their union would lead to marriage, but it wasn't meant to be."