Taylor Swift's Dad Scott Has An Unexpected Connection To Travis Kelce

Surprisingly, Scott Swift and Travis Kelce's connection began years before his romance with Taylor Swift because the "Lover" singer's dad knew an important Kansas City Chiefs family member well before the NFL star. During an episode of Travis and his brother, Jason Kelce's, "New Heights" podcast, the tight end revealed that Scott also shares his love of football and even played in college. Jason was particularly pleased when Travis confirmed that Scott started out as a linebacker but ultimately ended up playing as a center, the same position as him. 

Jason jokingly urged Scott to rethink his decision to switch to a Chiefs fan because the Swifts were once avid supporters of his team, the Philadelphia Eagles, long before Travis swooped in and apparently changed their loyalties. When Travis and Scott showed up to Argentina to cheer Taylor on from the sidelines, the proud dad even sported a Chiefs lanyard. To add more salt to Jason's wounds, Scott attended the Chiefs vs. New England Patriots game, in December 2023, wearing a red sweater with "Chiefs" written in big, bold letters. 

Nonetheless, Jason took it like a champion. During another episode of the "New Heights" podcast, he noted that the sweater suited Scott perfectly but joked that Eagles green would look better on him. Travis gushed, "He's rocking it, man. And he seems to be enjoying himself — everybody seems to be enjoying themselves." His Eagles star brother then quipped, "It's the wrong team but it's a nice sweater." Scott might've switched favorites after Taylor and Travis' relationship started but his association with Chiefs coach, Andy Reid, likely further swayed his opinion. 

Taylor Swift knew Andy Reid before Travis Kelce

When Andy Reid appeared on the "Let's Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald, and Jim Gary" podcast, in January 2024, he corroborated knowing Scott Swift since he was a college football player. Reid happily detailed how Scott introduced him to his daughter, Taylor Swift, before her relationship with Travis Kelce started, too. The beloved coach also revealed Kelce's reaction to learning this information. "That was the last thing Trav wanted to hear, that I knew her before him," Reid acknowledged. "She told him, 'I know your coach, and he went, 'Oh, God, come on!'" 

The longstanding Swift family friend added that he couldn't be happier about Taylor and Kelce's romance. After the couple went public, some Chiefs fans were concerned that Taylor would throw the tight end off his game, but Reid stressed that wasn't the case. We saw the Chiefs head coach and Taylor's rapport live in action when she joined the team on the field to celebrate their AFC Championship win, and they pointed to each other. 

ESPN posted a photo of the sweet moment on Instagram and Kelce shared the love by liking it. During a subsequent episode of the "New Heights" podcast, Kelce noted that he had discussed the connection with the "Blank Space" songstress. We can also see that Kelce has grown close to Scott because he previously respectfully referred to him as Mr. Swift but, in the newer episode, the pro-athlete endearingly called him "Big Scott" instead.

Scott Swift is stoked about his daughter's relationship

When paps caught Scott Swift at LAX, they asked him outright why he'd changed his loyalties from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Kansas City Chiefs. Taylor Swift's dad pointed out that his longtime friend, Andy Reid, previously acted as a coach for the Eagles, too. Scott also clarified that he loves the game more than the specific players and teams (via Page Six). But he's definitely a fan of the Chiefs' tight end. There was video proof showing that Travis Kelce had completely won over Taylor's dad and body language expert Judi James cemented the idea with The U.S. Mirror. 

She started by noting that the pop sensation's father had worn a Chiefs lanyard to subtly indicate his liking for the NFL player. James also argued that Scott's admiration was particularly noticeable when his daughter changed the lyrics to her smash hit "Karma" as a tribute to her beau. James explained that as the change happened, a pleased Scott immediately turned his attention to Kelce to playfully tease him, asserting, "For the dad of a daughter, Scott shows no signs of being anything other than delighted here." 

She continued, "It's traditional for a dad to be wary and a little protective and possessive but Scott's non-verbal signals here look nothing but delighted that his daughter is dating a leading sporting star." The duo seemingly got along perfectly during their first public interaction even though Kelce later admitted that he felt bad after an awkward moment with Scott went viral.