Relationship Expert Tells Us King Charles' Cancer Could Make Or Break Harry & Meghan's Future

All eyes are on the royal family as the upsetting news of King Charles' cancer diagnosis continues to sink in. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in particular are drawing much interest from royal fans. The famous couple have long been ostracized from the rest of the royal family, including Harry's father King Charles, ever since they stepped down as senior royals and made a new life for themselves and their budding family in the United States. But with King Charles' health in question, everyone's wondering if the black sheep of the royal family will let bygones be bygones and seek to restore the severed relationship. 

According to Susan Trombetti, matchmaker and CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking, this decision will prove pivotal to the outcome of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's future together. "When it comes to King Charles' recent diagnosis, it has the potential to bring him closer to his son but drive the Duke and Duchess apart whether or not it's immediate, or in the aftermath and fallout of his condition," was Trombetti's harrowing prediction. She exclusively tells The List, "[Harry] could blame her when the dust settles."

Meghan's reaction to the diagnosis will be important

With King Charles' health at risk, matchmaking expert Susan Trombetti believes that Meghan Markle's behavior during this critical time will be crucial in determining if the broken bond between Prince Harry and the rest of the royal family will heal. In a January 2023 interview with Anderson Cooper, Harry even admitted that he hadn't been on speaking terms with his father or brother Prince William for a long time. He also expressed a willingness to mend those relationships. If Meghan doesn't reciprocate his desire to reconcile with his family, it could spell disaster for the royal couple's future together. "Depending on how Meghan feels about a reconciliation, it will determine the effects on their relationship," Trombetti explained to The List. The love aficionado went on to state, "That said, I am sure there's too much tension in the air with her there, anyway. She has made it clear [the royal family is] the enemy."

Harry quickly flew to the UK to be with his father following the cancer diagnosis, and Trombetti believes there's a possible reconciliation in the works. Meghan, however, is currently in the States with her and Harry's two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. Her distance from the situation could prompt feelings of resentment within Harry. "He is alone in the UK, so how much can she support him and have his back when he knows how she feels? The rift needs to heal," Trombetti declared.

Harry could grow to resent Meghan

Just as likely as Prince Harry's relationship with Meghan Markle can flourish through the trial of a family member facing a health scare, things could just as easily go south for the royal twosome. Susan Trombetti tells the List that there could very well be consequences for Harry and Meghan's royal romance, especially if King Charles' cancer turns out to be far more serious than initially believed, and if Meghan doesn't do her best to patch things up with the royal family. "Notice, [Harry] is right there for his father no matter what has transpired because this is his dad," the relationship expert pointed out. "He has already lost his mother. I don't see the Duchess as someone who has tried to heal the rift." Trombetti went on to note that Meghan's apparent sway over Harry will weaken as the prince rebuilds his relationship with his father.

The matchmaker can foresee Prince Harry taking a very serious look at his marriage with Meghan in the near future if his father's health declines. "The thought of losing your father under these circumstances will cause serious reflection, and that might mean him reflecting on his relationship with Meghan, too," Trombetti predicted. "Resentment could build over time, driving a wedge between them." While the royal family rushes to make amends in light of the harrowing health news, we can all only hope that the one good thing to come out of all this is that Prince Harry makes amends with his estranged family members.